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Using terracotta flower pots differently: 20 ideas for home and garden

Flower pot made of terracotta jar kitchen-candy-storage-lid-cork

Do you like it as much as we do when certain objects are used for purposes other than those for which they are actually intended? No wonder, because in this way you get an interesting and useful decoration that quickly turns into a real eye-catcher. In this article in particular, we would like to show you what the Mediterranean-looking terracotta pots for flowers and plants can be used for. You will be amazed at how practical they can be not only on the terrace and in the garden, but also indoors. Take a look at the following ideas for using the terracotta flower pot and use them right where you need them.

Old plant pots can also be used for some projects. However, you should then thoroughly clean the terracotta flower pot. But if you want to stow food or hygiene articles in it, just use new pots, which you can disinfect as a precaution.

Design the interior with a flower pot made of terracotta

Terracotta flower pot kitchen utensils-storage-holder-cutlery-cooking utensils

There are certainly many different types of containers for cutlery and kitchen utensils available. But who would come up with this idea and create some Mediterranean flair in the kitchen in this way. The kitchen containers are not only useful, but also nice to look at and therefore the perfect decoration. You can use different types and sizes of pots, depending on what you want to store in them and how much space you have on the worktop.

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You also have a free choice when it comes to the design. You can paint any terracotta flower pot or use various decorative elements such as thread, rope, artificial flowers and even spices. You can enhance the Mediterranean flair with a few sprigs of lavender, for example. Lettering can also be used just as well. If you are planning a party, you can also put the cutlery in separate containers on the dessert or buffet table in this way so that the guests can help themselves.

terracotta flowerpot pen-holder-colored pencils-children's desk utensils

In the same way, the terracotta pot can also be used for other things such as crayons, scissors or other handicraft tools. The so-called blackboard paint, which is available in different colors, has proven to be particularly practical. It can be used to paint a wide variety of surfaces, including terracotta. In this way, the containers can be easily labeled with chalk and should they one day be used for something else, you can simply wipe the chalk away and write something else on it.

Crayon and felt pen holders are particularly useful on the desk in the nursery. But there should not be a lack of bright colors. Combine the blackboard color with some colorful accents or design a very colorful pen holder. You can just as easily match this accessory to the other main colors of the room so that everything fits together wonderfully.

Flower pot-terracotta-wall-bathroom-ideas-ear sticks-cotton pads-soap-holder

What is practical in the kitchen and children’s room can also be very useful in the bathroom. Terracotta flower pot for the wall. The way in which you use the terracotta pots here is up to you. On the one hand, they can be attached to the wall with the help of a board. Any terracotta flower pot can be hung in a board with holes, for example. But the containers also look very good on other surfaces. The plates are suitable for soaps, while the pots themselves can store cotton wool, ear swabs, toothbrushes and other things and keep the bathroom tidy.


For everyone who likes to sew a lot, a pin cushion is worthwhile as a project. Not only is it useful, but it also adorns the room. Again, you can play with the design again. You don’t necessarily have to sew a pillow either. It is also sufficient if you simply fill the potty with polyfill and then cover it with any material. The edge of the clay pots can be nicely decorated with ribbons. You are also welcome to use thematically appropriate things, such as a measuring tape, buttons and the like for designing.

Flower pot-terracotta-dessert-idea-party-tub-flower-straw

Let’s come to an edible variant for which you can use small terracotta pots. You can bake delicious cupcakes in it. Yes you’ve read correctly. Instead of the classic muffin tin, simply use clay pots of any size. You can then turn the finished muffins into cupcakes, choosing a brown chocolate color for the cream. In this way, you are wonderfully imitating potting soil. You then insert straws into the finished cupcakes, which in turn are provided with real or artificial flowers. That’s an interesting way to serve dessert, isn’t it? You can also find delicious recipes for muffins and cupcakes on our website!


All the ideas that we have already shown and that are still to come are of course also perfect as gift ideas. Such a flower pot made of terracotta, which is provided with photos, is particularly good for every occasion. These can be family photos if the gift is intended for mothers, grannies or aunt’s birthday, for Christmas, Easter or for Mother’s Day. If it is addressed to the best friend, memories that are recorded can be selected accordingly.

flowerpot-terracotta-jars-yummy-dog-candy-chewing gum-machine-optics

You can even make cans. Cans need lids and you can get them with the help of the saucer. You can design a handle from either cork or cabinet door handles, which you can easily glue onto the lid. Again, don’t forget that colors can be played with. Use the cans in the kitchen or living room for sweets, dog treats and anything else.

The models that are reminiscent of the retro chewing gum machines are particularly delightful. It is best to get the glass ball first, which should of course be open at the top. Depending on their size, you then choose the pot size. The pot is turned upside down. Glue a saucer into which the ball fits. A saucer with a knob also serves as a lid. Now you can fill your personal “machine” as you like.

terracotta flowerpot wine bottles-wine rack-idea-stand-instructions

What wine lover doesn’t dream of having their own wine rack. Sure, there are plenty of DIY projects out there that are suitable for construction. But you have certainly not seen this idea made from clay pots. The way the shelf is made is the same as for the garden decor you may even know. Use a metal rod onto which you will thread each terracotta flower pot. This should create a weird look. You can of course leave out the potting soil for the wine rack. Then decorate the original shelf with different wine bottles and artificial grapes.

Terracotta flower pot – ideas for the garden and terrace

terracotta flower pot terrace-side table-just-paint-rope-glue

Large flower pots can easily be transformed into side tables for the terrace and the garden. A single bucket is sufficient. The table top forms the saucer, which is simply placed on the opening. Try everything out before you buy, so that you really choose the right plate size. The flower pots for the terrace can not only be designed with color. How about you highlight the bottom or top with a few rows of rope?

flower pot-terracotta-varnish-storage-box-handles-table-planter

The planter as a side table does not have this advantage. A cavity is created inside and if this is not used, that is actually too good. Because there is enough space to stow a blanket, a small pillow, garden tools and other things. If you would like to use this storage space in the pot more comfortably, you can also provide the terracotta flower pot coasters with handles so that they are easier to lift.


If you combine terracotta pots in different sizes, you can also build higher side tables yourself. The pots are simply stacked on top of each other. If you alternate the colors, the result is a particularly cheerful look. When you look at this table, what does it remind you of? Right, a bird bath! And that’s exactly what you can use this DIY project for as well. Not only the birds will have fun with it. You are guaranteed to enjoy watching the birds as they take a refreshing bath.

Flower pot-terracotta-flower-pots-chairs-stools-mosaic-mushrooms-garden

Once you’ve made your table, you may also want some matching chairs or stools. Or are you perhaps still looking for suitable seating options for the children’s play area in the garden? Let the terracotta flower pot help you again. Whether you then design a mushroom or design the flower pot made of terracotta with a mosaic, you can decide for yourself, depending on your preferences and use. Either way, these seats will be an eye-catcher in the garden.

Flower pot-terracotta-varnishing-wind chimes-colorful-easy-make-yourself

Wind chimes are among the most popular garden and patio decorations. And if they are also homemade, the joy in them is all the greater. If you have several flower pots available and also in different sizes, you have the choice between the most diverse variants. You can use two or more pots, whereby they get smaller and smaller towards the bottom, or you can use a larger flower pot made of terracotta, on which you then hang many small pots at different heights. These then hit each other in the wind and fill the garden with music. In very strong winds, however, you should remove the wind chime, otherwise the potty could break.


How about a self-made fountain in the garden, which provides relaxation with its splash? Build it easily using terracotta pots of different sizes. How many you use depends entirely on how big you want the fountain to be. For this model you need 5 pieces: one with 45 cm diameter, one with 35 cm, two with 25 cm and another with 20 cm diameter, as well as a pond pump, a flexible hose, any pebbles and construction glue. You also get a saucer with a diameter of 30 cm and one with a diameter of 20 cm. You can find more detailed instructions in the link at the end of the article.

1. Set up the largest bucket normally.

2. Plug the drain hole at the bottom. You can use synthetic resin or a similar material for this. It is important that the hole is well sealed.

3. Connect the hose to the pump and place it in the large bucket.

4. Glue the 25 mm pot onto the 30 mm saucer. This pot is meant to lift the next one so that the tiered look can emerge.

5. Grind the edge of this pot a little bit in one place so that the cable of the pump can run along.

6. Place the support pot with saucer upside down and drill a hole through the center through which you put the hose.

Flower pot-terracotta-fountain-instructions-pump-water-water feature-garden decoration

7. Repeat the process with the other supporting terracotta flower pot. If necessary, you can widen the holes for the hose a little.

8. Now alternate the correctly positioned flower pots with the supporting ones. Put the hose through all the holes and create a stepped cone.

9. If the hose is loose in some of the holes, secure it with construction adhesive.

10. If you set up the fountain in the garden, use a spirit level to check that it is on a level surface.

11. Fill the individual layers with pebbles and then fill the entire well with water.

12. Connect the pump and look forward to your new and self-made garden decoration!


You can also use a terracotta flower pot of any size for making lanterns. You choose the right size yourself, of course, but we particularly like this group of many small potties. The next time you want to pour candles or make lanterns, be sure to consider this idea. It is also anything but difficult. Candles are again a great gift idea, whereby the outer surface can be painted, glued or varnished again.

Flower pot-terracotta-feeding-place-birds-bird food-wire rope-garden decoration-ideas

A bird house is also made very simply. You need two coasters, which can also be of different sizes, a clay pot and a wire rope.

  1. Place the pot in the middle of one of the plates. You can now use the pot’s drip hole as a template. Mark this point with a pencil.
  2. Drill a hole through your marking and repeat with the other coaster. The hole should be big enough to thread the wire through.
  3. If your clay pot doesn’t have holes on the sides, you’ll need to add them too.
  4. Thread the rope through the plate and pot as shown, with the larger plate at the bottom, and hang up the bird feeder.
  5. Lift the lid slightly to fill the pot with food. This falls through the side holes of the flower pot. The birds can then stand on the edge of the lower plate and comfortably nibble on the birdseed.

Flower pot-terracotta-decoration-door-wreath-wall-moss-succulents-idea-fence-design

The wreath often adorns the front door and other areas. But if you want something really unusual, you can make a door wreath out of flower pots. You decide for yourself whether you paint them brightly or design them with succulents or moss. You can also plant some of the flower pots with any flowers and welcome your guests in a special way. Even fences and trellises can be decorated in this way for any occasion.


And since you can’t do without suitable lighting both indoors and outdoors, we finally have a few ideas for lamps. For indoor use, pendant lights can easily be made from a terracotta flower pot. Just get any number of sockets with cables from the hardware store. The cables are simply pushed through the drip holes. To do this, the connector must be removed and then reattached to the cable. This work should be done by someone who is familiar with electricity.

The other variants are very suitable for the garden. If you do not want to poke holes in the lawn or bed with the solar lamps you have bought, or if you are simply looking for a more original idea, use the clay flower pots again and design them in bright colors. Check beforehand whether the lamps fit through the holes. If not, expand it a little. Then simply put the finished decorations in the garden.

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