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Trolls tinker with kids – 12 creative ideas inspired by the trolls

Trolls do handicrafts with-children-easy

The trolls from the film of the same name are a very special people who are infinitely happy and constantly dance, sing and cuddle. These fabulous creatures have brightly colored body colors and funny hair that always stands tall. The trolls and their predecessors – the magic trolls are particularly popular with children and are increasingly being chosen as the motto for children’s birthdays and parties. If you are looking for fun handicraft projects for you and your children, then you can make the cute trolls together. We have collected some kid-friendly craft ideas with instructions that are inspired by the happy trolls from the troll tree.

Cute trolls tinker with Christmas balls


The colorful trolls are lovable creatures that are very popular with children. Since the film was released in 2016, more and more toys have been made with the trolls. However, you can also make friendly trolls at home, which are perfect as toys for the children or decoration for the nursery. In the following you will find creative handicraft projects made from various materials that you can imitate with the children. In the first handicraft projects, the trolls Poppy and Branch are made from Christmas balls. Here you can find the list of all the materials you need.

  • 2 transparent Christmas balls made of glass
  • Acrylic paint light green and pink
  • Craft felt in pink, light green, dark green and blue
  • Pink and gray yarn
  • pencils
  • Claw for dry felting needle
  • Glue
  • scissors


If you make the trolls with Christmas baubles made of glass, you should paint the baubles first. Remove the crown and pour some of the appropriate paint into the ball. Then shake the ball until it is completely covered with paint. Place the ball on kitchen paper with the opening facing down so that the leftover paint drains off. Repeat these steps for the other troll.


While the paint dries, you can start crafting the fun hair. For this you need yarn in pink and gray accordingly for Poppy and Branch. Cut about 2 yards of yarn for each hair. Put the two ends of the string together and cut in half several times until the length of hair you want is the result. Knot the middle with a second piece of twine and cut the ends off. Using the dry felting needle claw, brush the pink yarn to style Poppy’s luscious hair. Tuck the knot in the ball and place the crown on it. Now pull the “hair” around the crown so that it is no longer visible.


Now you can make the faces of the trolls. The easiest way to paint the eyes, mouth and nose with permanent pens and thus design the faces. The ears are super easy to make out of felt and stick to the sides. Princess Poppy also has a special flower headband that adorns her hair.

Trolls make handicrafts out of paper with children


The lovely trolls can also be made out of paper with children. You can use ready-made templates as well as design the trolls yourself. With paper plates and a print template for Poppy and Guy Diamond you can make these funny figures for the desk yourself. Simply fold the paper plates in half and glue the template painted by the children onto one half of the paper plate.


Another great idea for making trolls with children are handprints. Children just like finger paints and they can be used to create great pictures. The hand print is perfect for painting the trolls, with the palm representing the head and the fingers representing the funny hair. All the kids have to do is paint their ears, design the faces and the trolls are done.


If your children enjoy working with paper, you can make and decorate these simple trolls together. For this you need colored paper in the colors of the trolls, as well as scissors, glue and pens. Have the children first cut out a rectangle for the head and then cut out suitable shapes for the ears and hair. Then the different parts are put together and thus the trolls are tinkered. This craft project is very simple and is perfect as a game at a Trolls theme party.


Different props for funny party photos at the Trolls theme party can also be made from colored paper. The props are designed on stems and held in front of the face with a photo. This is a good idea when designing a photo booth for the kids. Make the hair and the noses of the trolls out of colored paper and take funny souvenir photos with the children.


If you don’t have colored paper at home, you can use a simple paper bag to make the trolls. This can easily be painted with paint and transformed into your child’s favorite troll. In this project, artificial fur is used to make the hair and cut out in the appropriate shape. The details are then tinkered with foam rubber and the fabulous troll is ready.

The popular trolls make handicrafts from toilet paper rolls


The toilet paper rolls are one of the most popular materials for handicrafts with children and many wonderful figures can be made from them. If you want to make trolls, you can also recycle empty toilet paper rolls. To design Princess Poppy, you should paint the paper roll pink. The hair is certainly one of the most important characteristics of the trolls and artificial doll hair from the craft store can be used for this. You can also make Poppy’s clothes yourself, for example by using some chiffon.


You can make as many trolls as you want from toilet paper rolls and even design the entire troll tree. Here are two simple ideas for Poppy and Branch, each made with a roll of paper and some craft felt. Both hair and clothing can be tinkered with felt and glued to the toilet roll. These cute trolls are quick to imitate and they make perfect dolls for the kids.

Funny trolls do handicrafts as pen attachments and magnets


If the trolls are some of your children’s favorite animation heroes, you can use them to make various everyday things. Pen attachments have been very popular lately and the kids will be delighted when you see their favorite character every time they write. Below you will find simple handicraft instructions for Trolls pen attachments that you can make yourself at home.


The pen attachments are perfect for pencils and can be tinkered directly onto them. For this purpose, a small piece of artificial fur is cut out for handicrafts and glued to the back of the pencil with glue. You can use an elastic band to tie the fur until the glue dries completely. Then make the most important elements of the chosen troll out of felt and attach them to the fur. Now the attachment for the pencil is ready.


If you want to make colorful magnets for the fridge with the children yourself, you can make them as the trolls. All you need for a troll magnet is: colored foam rubber, googly eyes, thread and magnets. First find a small troll template or make one yourself. Then cut several trolls in different colors out of the foam rubber and let the children decorate the faces as they wish.


You can then make the hair of the trolls from yarn in different colors. They are then glued to the back of the trolls along with the small magnets. The hair will become fluffier when you part the yarn. After the glue has dried well, the colorful troll magnets are ready to be attached to the refrigerator.

Make your own colorful troll hair


The Trolls also offer great ideas for costumes for any occasion. The trolls’ costumes are colorful and fun and are sure to be loved by the kids. Whether for a theme party or for carnival or Halloween, you can easily make a troll costume yourself. The most important feature in this case is the brightly colored hair that always stands tall. Here are two ideas for doing your own hair from different materials – tulle and faux fur. When you are making the trolls hair, all you need is matching clothes and the costume is ready.


If you want to tinker your hair with tulle, you need tulle in the chosen color, as well as a headband, elastic band, bow and felt for making hair accessories. The tulle is knotted in strips on the headband, as shown in the picture. You will need about 12 strips for all of your hair. When all the strips are knotted, the ends are pulled together and tied with an elastic band. Finally, tie a bow on the elastic band and decorate the hair with felt flowers as desired.


The second variant for making the trolls’ hair is with faux fur. The fur should be the color of the chosen troll. In this case a headband is needed again, but you still need some cardboard and a hot glue gun. The cardboard can be used to design the faux fur upwards to recreate the troll hair.

trolls-tinker-hair-headband-faux fur

On the pictures you will find the crafting instructions for this project. A cross-like construction is built from the cardboard, which determines the shape of the hair. The fake fur is then attached to it with the hot glue and the headband with the troll’s hair is ready. If desired, the hair can be further decorated with hair accessories.