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Tinkering with pipe cleaner for Christmas – 8 easy DIY decoration ideas

tinker with pipe cleaner for christmas ideas make diy instructions yourself

If you are looking for small craft ideas that both adults and children can use to create quick and easy decorations, pipe cleaners are a wonderful material. The uncomplicated, plush wires are extremely easy to work with and can be used for a wide variety of projects. And since the popular Christmas season has finally come, it is time to put together some suitable craft ideas. So if you want to make pretty decorations with pipe cleaners for Christmas, use one of the following ideas and create a fun afternoon for you and the whole family, during which you will also make useful Christmas decorations.

Make mini wreaths with pipe cleaners for Christmas

tinker with pipe cleaner for christmas wreath mini easy bows bead beads

Start with such mini wreaths if you are tinkering with pipe cleaners for Christmas, which can decorate not only the window but also any other area of ​​the house. They are also very suitable as pendants for a Christmas bouquet or as Christmas tree decorations. It is best to use pipe cleaners in matching Christmas colors. Use a piece of wire to make a ring. Then wrap it with other wire. You are welcome to use a finished ring made of a different material if that should be easier for you. That does not matter. Two pipe cleaners can also be used for wrapping. Just experiment! You can also decorate with pearls, bells or other things as you wish.

Tinker door wreath with pipe cleaner for Christmas

tinker with pipe cleaner for christmas door wreath idea styrofoam ring bobble

If you want a more elaborate wreath with which you can decorate the window, a wall or the door, it is best to use a large styrofoam ring, which you first cover with any fabric and then design with self-made patterns from pipe cleaners. Since the thin wires are so easy to bend, you can easily make zigzag patterns or others yourself. With this craft idea for Christmas you can let your imagination run wild and come up with different things. You can also decorate the Christmas door wreath with pompons, rhinestones, pearls or other decorative elements.

Make a snowflake

tinker with pipe cleaner for christmas snowflake colorful colors

You can even make snowflakes yourself with the practical pipe cleaners. They are particularly beautiful to look at when the plush of the pipe cleaner also has glittering elements. Otherwise, any colors can be used and even combined. Hang lots of them on the window or decorate the Christmas tree. In any case, with this project you are choosing a really easy and quick one.

tinker pipe cleaner christmas snowflake pipe cleaner plush wire glitter

If you want to make the snowflakes with pipe cleaners for Christmas, prepare four longer and four pieces of wire about half as long. Then follow the instructions above: Start with a cross made of two long pieces of wire around which you also wrap the other two. Then attach the smaller pieces of wire to the ends of the first cross. And nothing more has to be done!

Tinker a small Christmas tree for Christmas

tinker pipe cleaner christmas christmas tree christmas tree do it yourself bobeln

Such a Christmas tree is just as easy to make. It is particularly suitable as a table decoration and can be made by both children and adults. If you want to tinker with a pipe cleaner for Christmas, you need a popsicle stick, a wooden stick, pipe cleaner in two different shades of green, a yellow pipe cleaner and small, colorful pompons. The first thing you can do is make the stand. To do this, divide the popsicle stick in the middle and use glue to form a cross from both parts. While you let it dry, you can continue with the sapling.

tinker pipe cleaner christmas christmas tree fir instructions ice cream sticks

The pipe cleaners are tied around the wooden stick for this purpose. Alternate the green tones. The lower ends of the wire are also bent slightly outward. Then make a star out of the yellow cleaner and stick this and various pompons on the tree. Finally, the wooden stick is glued to the stand and the quick and easy decoration is ready. In this way you can make as many Christmas trees as you want with pipe cleaners for Christmas.

Santa Clauses tinker with pipe cleaners

tinker pipe cleaner christmas santa claus classic modern beige red

Take a straight piece of pipe cleaner for your arms. Place another one on top to form a cross and tap the ends down on either side. You already have your legs. In order for these to taper to a point, you have to cut some of the plush. You can make the head yourself from a wooden or styrofoam ball. Then glue a cone made of cotton wool or paper on it and shape everything with a white pipe cleaner for the beard and hair. In turn, use felt-tip pens to design the face. Optionally, a bobble and a loop can be added for hanging.

Skiers with pipe cleaners do handicrafts for Christmas

tinker pipe cleaner christmas ski pine cones felt ice cream sticks toothpicks

If you combine felt with pipe cleaners, you can also do interesting handicrafts. For such a skier, for example, you also need a pine cone, a wooden ball for the head, toothpicks and pearls and a small bell or bobble. Arms, legs and bowl can be tinkered with pipe cleaners for Christmas. The ski poles are made from toothpicks and pearls and the skis are made from popsicle sticks. Glue all the individual elements together as shown in the picture. Finally, add a bell or a bobble to the hat. A simple project that is fun and cute looking!

Make window stars with pipe cleaners for Christmas

tinker pipe cleaner christmas tinkering christmas decorations decorate

It can also be nicely decorated with stars. These are even easier to make with pipe cleaners for Christmas than the snowflakes. How exactly can be seen in the simple handicraft instructions. Use colors that go with the rest of your Christmas decorations. In this example, silver and gold have been chosen. Finally, tie a string to the finished star so that you can hang it up. See-through thread is best for the window.

tinker pipe cleaner christmas stars make yourself gold silver window decoration

You might even want to make a shooting star with a pipe cleaner for Christmas. Then just add a tail to the star. If you combine the stars with the shooting star on the window, the Christmas decoration looks particularly beautiful and diverse. You can also create combinations of two or three colors that will also appear in the rest of the Christmas decorations.

tinker pipe cleaner christmas star snowflake beads decorate christmas tree decorations

Another variant for a star that can also be used as a snowflake is this one. Here, like for the snowflake above, two crosses are connected to each other. You then decorate the star “arms” with pearls that you simply thread onto the wire. Different nuances of a winter or Christmas color can be wonderfully combined with one another.