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Tinkering with leaves in autumn – funny ideas for the children

tinker with leaves in autumn-foliage-colorful-picture-bird-nest

What better way to tinker with things in autumn than with natural materials, which you can also collect yourself while taking a walk? The time has come again when you can spend a lot of time doing handicrafts with the children. The weather is bad and so the right occupation has to be found indoors. So that you are also equipped with some ideas on the next rainy weekend, we have put together several instructions that you can use tinker with leaves in autumn can. So prepare yourself in advance and collect some brightly colored leaves with your children.

Tinker with leaves in autumn – a mask made of leaves

tinker with leaves in autumn mask-maple-red-paper-plate-costume

Autumn is also the time of year when Halloween is celebrated. For this occasion, you can make an original mask with autumn leaves and use it to create a costume. Gather leaves and cut out a mask from a paper plate. Tie a rubber band and then stick the leaves on the mask. Maple leaves are particularly suitable because of their pretty shape. You can of course also use other sheets.

Tinker with leaves in autumn – paint nicely

tinker with leaves in autumn paint-cats-beetles-owls

If your child likes to paint, you can use this idea if you want to do handicrafts with leaves in autumn. Get acrylic paints and let your child paint the leaves any way they want. Insects, birds or even cats – the new leaves will look great and can be used to decorate walls or windows. You can also decorate self-made greeting cards.

Create colorful pictures

make pictures-paint-print-acrylic paint with leaves in autumn

Once you have collected different types of leaves, you can create pretty pictures with your children. It is best to use light acrylic paints when crafting with autumn leaves so that you get friendly pictures. You will also need a pad, a brush and a sheet of paper of any size.

Imprints of leaves

with autumn leaves tinker with colorful mural presses

Each sheet is individually coated with paint. Then turn the sheet over on the sheet and press firmly. Make sure that it does not slip in the process. You can now remove the sheet. When the paint has dried, the next sheet can be added. Create monochrome prints if you are doing handicrafts with autumn leaves or colorful ones. However, we recommend colors that are typical for autumn.

Punch leaves


Punches are offered with a wide variety of motifs and can be used wonderfully if you are tinkering with leaves in autumn. Punch out any motifs from the leaves. With them you can either design an album or create pictures and greeting cards. They can also be spread on the table and thus create an original table decoration.

Handicrafts with colorful leaves in autumn


Another great idea for the table is a table mat that you place the dishes on. For the placemat you need a sufficiently large sheet of craft paper, Mod Podge glue, transparent, self-adhesive foil, brush and scissors in addition to leaves. First distribute the sheets of paper as you like on the paper. You can also overlap and stick out over the edge.

Make autumn decorations yourself


Then glue the leaves well and let the glue dry. If you are tinkering this idea with autumn leaves, we recommend again using a mat so that you do not ruin the table with glue. Then use the Mod Podge napkin glue to coat the sheet of paper with the leaves. Let this glue dry well again.

Add protective film

leaflet-autumn-tinker-foil-laminate-waterproof-mat-table decoration

Cut out a sufficiently large piece of foil and place the paper with the leaves on it as shown. Press the paper firmly onto the foil. If everything is well fixed, you can turn the finished mat over. Now check that everything is well fixed and press the film firmly again.

Cut out the table mat


You can then easily cut off the excess film on the edge with scissors. The protruding leaves give the mat an original shape that creates a decorative effect on the table. The table mat can be made of single-colored leaves or colored as in this example.

Decorate the banquet table


With this table mat you can now decorate the table for any occasion and create an autumn mood. Thanks to the foil, the table mat can also be wiped off without any problems after it has been covered, so that your craft idea will last for a long time. The tablecloth is also very suitable as a gift. It can also be customized with a message or a greeting.

Tinker males


You can make such cute and funny little men with leaves in autumn without the need for any special materials. In addition to leaves and craft paper in autumnal color, you also need a Edding or black felt pen and googly eyes. The sheets are first arranged on the paper and then glued on. Then paint the mouth and glue the googly eyes on.

Tinker with leaves in autumn – idea for pictures


An original idea for a picture is this example, which you can implement if you want to tinker with leaves in autumn. Again spread the leaves on a piece of paper. Then use acrylic paints to color the areas around the sheet. The shape of the leaf remains white. Let the paint dry and you can hang the picture in the nursery or another room.

Autumn greeting card


Would you like to wish someone a pleasant autumn? Or do you know someone whose birthday is in autumn? Make him happy with a self-made and also autumnal greeting card. Use this idea if you want to tinker with leaves in the fall. In addition to leaves, you also need white, brown and orange craft paper and googly eyes.

Make a tail out of leaves


The leaves imitate the tail feather of a turkey. Arrange them on a piece of white paper for the card as shown, then tape them in place. If you’re tinkering with autumn leaves, it’s best to use darker colors for this idea. If necessary, other foliage colors are of course also suitable. Now take the brown and orange construction paper to hand.

Tinker bodies


Cut out the body from the brown paper. A circle can help you with this. Draw a large and a small circle that intersect and cut out this shape. You make the beak from a dragon shape, which you fold in the middle. Finally, attach the googly eyes and your original greeting card is ready. If you are making a greeting card with autumn leaves, you can also come up with other motifs.

Autumn tree


Would you like to bring your own deciduous tree into your house and thus create an autumnal atmosphere? You can do that with this idea and at the same time bring great joy to your children. So that they can make the tree with leaves in autumn, you should at least paint the tree in front of them. The children then cut this out and stick double-sided adhesive tape on the back. Choose a door to glue the tree to.

Glue the leaves on


Double-sided tape also comes on every single leaf of leaves. Now the children can do handicrafts with leaves in autumn and design the tree. The leaves come to the crown and the ground. Don’t forget some falling leaves as well. The double-sided tape can easily be removed later without ruining your door.