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Tinkering with clothespins – practical and funny ideas


Clothespins are not only very useful for fixing the laundry on the clothesline. They can be used for a variety of purposes, including decorations, useful accessories, but also toys for the children. And the best part is that you can even make all of these things yourself. To the Tinkering with clothespins all you need is some inspiration, which we would like to offer you in this article.

Crafts with clothespins – decorations

tinker-clothespins-flowerpot-decoration-easter nest-buttons-design

Tinkering with clothespins is really very easy in many cases. That is why it is also suitable for a spontaneous and quick DIY project. Take, for example, a bucket with a thin rim that you can use as a flower pot or as an Easter basket. Clamp clothespins one after the other on the edge. You can also decorate these in advance.

Fountain as a flower pot


You can see another interesting idea for tinkering with clothespins for a flower pot here. You can also use half clothespins for this purpose. You glue this to an old flower pot and the plant looks much more interesting. You can also glue mason jars and other containers.

Tinker stars

tinker with clothespins stars-idea-beach-style-decoration-colorful-colors

Such stars can be made for different occasions. Depending on the color you choose for handicrafts with clothespins, you can create a beach-style decoration or interesting Christmas tree decorations for Christmas.

Cross for the wall

tinker with clothespins cross-diy-wall-decoration-idea-easter

To tinker with clothespins, all you need to know is the best way to arrange the pegs together. Use the picture above, for example, as a template to make a pretty cross to hang on the wall. As you can see, the idea is not difficult to imitate.

Family photos and mirrors


If you do handicrafts with clothespins, you can of course also use the end product as a gift. So this mirror is a great way to confront one of your loved ones with old memories.

Tinker lantern


Such a lantern is made according to the same principle as decorating the flower pot. Use an old lantern or other refractory container that can hold a tea light or other candle. Further interesting decoration ideas for handicrafts with clothespins can be found below.

Clothespins instead of napkin rings

tinker-clothespins-table decorations-napkin rings-bobbles-washi

As already mentioned, clothespins can be decorated in any way you like. It is for this reason that you also make yourself so good for decorating the banquet table on various occasions. You can easily determine the theme with the decoration. With this idea of ​​doing handicrafts with clothespins you set an interesting accent on the table, because the clips replace the napkin rings in an original way.

Handicrafts for Easter


The funny Easter bunnies were made from very old clothespins that do not yet have a feather. But the newer versions are also suitable for making such cute Easter bunnies. You can do handicrafts with the children with clothespins and let them participate in the decoration for Easter.

Colorful door wreath


A wire hoop can be decorated with clothespins and quickly turn into a wreath that you can use to decorate the door or wall. For handicrafts with clothespins, it is best to paint them in bright colors beforehand. Which colors you choose is entirely up to you.

Handicrafts with clothespins – useful accessories

tinker-clothespins-pot coaster-colorful-colors-red-pink-blue-yellow

You can put great color accents on the table in a variety of ways. One possibility are these trivets in bright colors. You can easily tinker with them with clothespins. And while you’re at it, why not make several at the same time. After all, you often have more than just one pot to stand on the table.

Set color accents with trivets

tinker-clothespins-pot coaster-decorative-creative-wood-heat-resistant

And this idea is also wonderfully suitable as a gift for tinkering with clothespins. Divide each clip in half. You do not need the pen. Paint the clothespins any color and glue them together as shown.

Inventive lamp

tinker with clothespins lamp-idea-lampshade-lighting-interior

You get a real eye-catcher with such a lamp. You need a wire frame for handicrafts with clothespins. The best way to do this is to use an old lampshade, on which a socket is already installed. Then attach the clothespins to the wire.

Mirror frame

tinker with clothespins mirror-frame-wood-round-shape

Use the clothespins to create several rows or layers. Leave a round hole in the middle. The size depends on the size of the mirror. With this mirror you get an attractive decoration for the wall, which is suitable for any room.

Organize the jewelry


As beautiful as jewelry boxes are, they are often confusing and chains knot quickly in them. If you are in a hurry, unthreading it is pretty nerve-wracking. This idea for tinkering with clothespins will prove to be very useful. Glue the clips on a board of any length at equal intervals. You then use this to hang up the chains.

Dragonfly from a clothespin

tinker-clothespins-dragonfly-simple-sign-reminder-wiggle eyes

Small memories are always useful. And if you like the traditional notepad, you might be happy about an idea that will remind you in a funny way. You can, for example, make such a dragonfly with clothespins. Attach a magnet to the back and you can attach your notes to the refrigerator or a magnetic board.

Idea for stowing the cables


The many cables in the household can get on your nerves. But we have found a great solution for the headphones. You can try this idea for tinkering with clothespins right away. Glue two clips together and decorate them with colorful washi tape. Then the cable can be wonderfully wrapped around the brackets.

Crafts with clothespins for the kids


While doing handicrafts with clothespins, you can make fun toys for the children. The children can of course join in without any problems. Clothespins and buttons (preferably made of wood) can make such cute cars and make kids’ free time more fun.

Crafting with popsicle sticks and clothespins


If your child is more into airplanes, simply choose this idea for tinkering with clothespins. In addition to wooden pegs, you will also need popsicle sticks to be able to make the wings. The planes can be decorated with a variety of things, including paint, washi tape, or rhinestones.

Make colorful caterpillars


Such caterpillars as an idea for tinkering with clothespins can be made quickly and your children can help here too. Get small pompons, plush wire, and googly eyes. If you feel like it, you can also make the pompons yourself. Now glue everything on the clothespins and the funny caterpillars are ready.