Craft ideas

Tinker with recycled wood for unique decorations for Christmas

wood handicrafts for christmas recycle-snowflake-pictures-hang

Put all your scraps of wood that are left over after the renovation or other handicrafts and get ready for new craft ideas suitable for Christmas. The following craft ideas for Christmas made of wood are suitable for indoor use as well as for the garden and create a wonderful Christmas atmosphere with a rustic flair. Would you like some great things out this year Tinker with wood for Christmas, then you can choose from our list of ideas and imitate them.

Tinker with wood for Christmas – wood figures for the tree top

wood tinker for christmas tree-top-deco-angel-star-strips

You can do all sorts of things with wood for Christmas. Here you can see some angels as well as a star that was tinkered with old wooden strips. These decorations can be used both for the top of the Christmas tree and to decorate other areas such as the window or wall. The wooden strips don’t even have to be sawn, they can simply be broken and then nailed together.

Tinker with thread and wood for Christmas

wood tinkering for christmas board-varnishing-nails-snowflake-tinkering-yarn

If you still have a few boards left, make such a board. If you are doing handicrafts with old wood for Christmas, you can also give it a fresh look with new varnish. A snowflake or other motif is then drawn on the plate with a pencil. Use a projector, a stencil or draw free-hand. Drive in nails along the outline, which you then connect with each other with wool, thread or cord, as shown here.

DIY Christmas decorations – ideas to imitate

wood tinker for christmas christmas tree-idea-boards-fairy lights

You can also decorate for Christmas with such a rustic Christmas tree. You can arrange the wooden boards in any direction. You can then hide an uneven edge with such a frame made of wooden strips. If you want to make a Christmas tree with wood for Christmas, you can come up with a wide variety of designs.

Tinker Christmas tree out of wood for Christmas

wood tinker for christmas pallet-christmas-tree-balls-gold-white

For example, an old pallet was used for this tree. This can also be painted as you like if you are doing woodwork for Christmas. Finally, arrange the Christmas tree decorations that form the actual tree. To make this easier, you can distribute nails beforehand and then just hang up the balls.

Christmas decoration made of wood


Individual boards can also be arranged in this way if you are making fir trees out of wood for Christmas. The wooden Christmas trees are wonderfully suitable for the garden, the terrace or the veranda and can also be decorated with other decorations such as balls or fairy lights to make an even better impression.

sawing wood


No matter what decoration you want to make, you will most likely have to saw here and there as well. And since you already have the saw ready, you can also try out such a Christmas tree, which is made from a whole piece of wood and not from boards like the curtains. Don’t forget to sand the sharp edges if you’re tinkering with wood for Christmas.

Simple craft ideas for Christmas made of wood


This idea is particularly simple for a Christmas tree. You can make it out of wood again for Christmas. Use branches or thick twigs. You may have some left over after pruning all the trees in the garden in the fall. The branches are cut into slices with a saw, which in turn are attached to the wall. For the model above, the discs were connected to each other by wire.

Make original wooden advent calendars for Christmas


Make a small shelf in the shape of a triangle to imitate a fir tree. This shelf then forms the basis for a rustic and unique advent calendar. That’s all you have to do with this wooden project for Christmas. You can make the boxes out of paper or you can simply use ready-made boxes and design them as you wish.

Tinker wood decorations for Christmas

wood-tinker-christmas-wall-decoration-wooden-strips-idea-measuring stick

You can quickly build a cute little house out of strips of wood. It is wonderfully suitable for decorating walls both indoors and outdoors for Christmas. The star on the top of the roof consists of an old wooden measuring stick. You can make such a house out of wood for Christmas with children after an adult has cut the moldings to size.

Christmas decorations for outside


If you want to make this Christmas decoration yourself, you can use all sorts of things that you would otherwise throw away. Other elements such as the antlers you have to make extra from wood for Christmas. The legs of the reindeer are made from old table legs. Take a look in the attic or in the basement to see what old wood can be found.

Table decorations for Christmas


Wooden reindeer are also a great idea for decorating the table. To do this, you can recycle twigs and branches again. You can use the example above as a template if you are crafting with wood for Christmas. These figures are also a great idea if you want to make something Christmas together with the children.

Make snowflakes yourself

wood-tinker-christmas-diy-snowflakes-pieces of wood-easy

Snowflakes can also be made from wooden strips. The size of the snowflake depends on how wide the bars are. If you are making this idea out of wood for Christmas, you should first cut the individual elements to size and then put them together like a snowflake. Three long strips form the basis. Triangles and other motifs are then attached to it.

Pretty wooden Christmas picture


This idea is very quick and easy to do, provided you use a template as an aid. Such for Christmas window pictures are great. If necessary, the reindeer can also be drawn by hand. Any type of wood is suitable as a base: boards, the top of a small table or whatever else you find. It doesn’t always have to be something complicated when you are crafting with wood for Christmas.

Make useful Christmas decorations


This DIY sled is not only a great decoration for outside, but can even be used. If you want to make a wooden sledge for Christmas, it is best to use a pallet. Narrow metal strips ensure that the sledge can slide easily on the snow. And when the sled is not in use, just place it on the wall next to the front door. An original decoration, isn’t it?

Pretty Christmas craft ideas

wood-tinkering-christmas-washer-soldering-painting-snowflake-pendants-tree decorations

Pretty pendants can be made from wooden discs, which you can use to decorate the Christmas tree. You can make them out of wood for Christmas by cutting wooden disks again and then soldering them. So you can add any winter and Christmas motifs that create the perfect Christmas mood.

Idea made from wooden boards


Whether you are using a piece of an old fence or simply nailing some old boards together, such interesting decorations can be designed. On the left you can see a great way to turn the Christmas cards you received into a decoration, while the boards on the right were used for painting. Let your imagination run wild when you are doing handicrafts with wood for Christmas!

Decoration ideas for Christmas – poinsettias


The trick with this star is to first cut a star out of a thin sheet of plywood. You can also use cardboard or another solid material. Only then can you tinker with the rest of the wood for Christmas. Lay the boards on top of each other in the way you would like them to be color-coded. After that, use the plywood star as a template to cut the boards to the correct length. Finally, nail or glue the boards in the right order onto the plywood star.

Wooden stars


A star doesn’t have to be the perfect shape to look great either. So if you are still a beginner when it comes to sawing, you don’t have to worry if you are tinkering with wood for Christmas. The stars above are irregular but attractive nonetheless. The corners and edges have been sanded off for a more pleasant look.

Funny figures made of wood make for Christmas


How about a snowman or a penguin like you can see here. They are made quickly and are guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face. As you can see, you can come up with a wide variety of motifs and ideas when you are doing woodwork for Christmas, we hope our inspirations are a help.