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Tinker window pictures with children in summer: 3 simple ideas with instructions!

On summer days when you want to escape the heat, there is nothing better than an afternoon of handicrafts with children. From upcycling ideas to painting to creating summer pictures – with us you will find lots of great ideas on how to entertain and keep children of all ages entertained. And today we’re going to show you some cool suggestions for light window pictures to tinker with the kids in summer. Window paintings are a great way to make your home or classroom summery and colorful!

Make window pictures of sea animals

tinker window pictures children summer sea animals

Craft ideas with a sea theme are perfect for summer! You can also tell the children stories and interesting facts about the world’s oceans. To make these colorful window pictures, all you need is coffee filters, watercolor paints and construction paper for the animal silhouettes. You can download and print this template for free to create a stencil.

Template for printing (free)

Craft template kids summer sea animals

Material list:

Marine animals template

Watercolor paints

Brush (if possible, use a watercolor brush or a brush with soft bristles to avoid cracking)

Cup / glass for water



Construction paper in dark blue or black


Coffee filter / basket filter

1. Have the child paint their coffee filter in any nuance and set it up to dry. The darker the color, the better, because it brightens as it dries. Toddlers find it hilarious to squeeze the coffee filter and watch the water and paint drip out.

handicrafts with children window pictures summer with coffee filters

2. Print out the template and have the child cut it out. Then the stencils for the window pictures should be transferred to dark blue or black paper. Make sure that pencil lines are difficult to see on black paper. In this case, it is best to use a light colored pencil.

3. Glue the animal on the dried coffee filter and the window picture is ready!

Make self-adhesive summer window pictures

Make window pictures for summer with kindergarten children

Children like to glue. You sure have a lot of glue at home. It’s a crafting material that can be used in a variety of ways and there are so many projects you can do with it! For example, to make Fluffy Slime yourself. Glitter glue also arouses a special fascination in children. What kid doesn’t like glitter? Here’s another easy ocean-themed craft project that toddlers will love. You only need three materials for this!

Required materials:

Round plastic lid

Glitter glue in blue

Foam sticker marine animals

This is how the window pictures are made:

Make summer window pictures with glitter glue

Glitter glue always gives craft projects a special touch! Kids just love the way it glitters! Remove the bottle cap and slowly let the glue run down onto the plastic cap. This may not be very exciting for adults, but kids are fascinated by the way the glue slowly drips out of the bottle. Take your time and let them watch the content as you express them. Younger preschoolers may need adult help.

Once all of the glue has drained out of the bottle, don’t touch it anymore. Just watch it take the shape of your lid. You can also use a silicone cutter, by the way.

window decoration summer tinker children with sea motif

Once the glue has spread, it’s time to add the marine animals. Carefully place them on top of the glue. There is no need to press them into the wet glue. They will stay in place by themselves!

After your little ones have placed their marine animals however they want, it’s time for the hardest part – the wait! Put the window painting in a safe place and let it dry for a few days. This can take up to 48 hours.

This craft idea also works, by the way Well with a silicone cookie cutter and baking paper

Make summer window decorations with glitter glue

If you have curious kids, let them take a look from time to time to notice any changes they can see as the glue starts to dry.

If you think it is dry, let it stand for another day as the inner part will take a little longer. You can carefully peel off one side and you will quickly see if it takes a little more time. When it’s done, it can be easily removed from the lid. And here’s the big find:

As long as the back is not completely dry, the picture can be attached directly to the window. It sticks just like the self-adhesive window pictures bought in the store. If there are still wet glue residues on the window, simply wash them off with warm water. The glitter glue is washable – another reason parents love to use it for handicraft projects with children!

After a few days, your window mural may dry out more and need to be hung up instead of sticking to the window. If so, poke a hole through it and hang it on a string.

Mandala flowers: make summer window pictures out of natural materials

Handicrafts in summer with flowers and paper plates

When the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, we like to spend as much time outside as possible. Use the opportunity to collect natural treasures with the children and create a beautiful work of art. While the kids are doing handicrafts, they will have so much fun exploring all of their natural materials and repeating what they learned about flowers. You can also count and learn about symmetry while doing artistic work.

tinker with children summer windows made of paper plates and natural material

With these beautiful botanical window paintings, kids in elementary school can compare different types of flowers and leaves while kindergarten kids will develop their fine motor skills. If you don’t have access to fresh flowers, a bouquet approaching the end of its life is very suitable for this activity. These summer works of art would also make a lovely handmade gift for family and friends!

Required materials:

Flowers, petals, leaves, other natural treasures

Paper plates (2 per mandala)

Transparent adhesive film

Symmetrical Circles Stencil (optional but helps young children create symmetrical sections)


duct tape

window picture for summer school with flowers


1. First cut out the middle of a paper plate.

2. Then cut out circles from the adhesive film, the circumference of which is about 1-2 cm larger than the hole. (You should have twice as many foil circles as paper plates).

3. Stick the clear film with the sticky side up on the back of the plate.

4. Cut out the template with the symmetrical circles and place it on the second paper plate.

In the summer, children keep themselves busy with simple handicraft ideas

5. So that the children can work on a level surface and can press the flowers firmly in place, place the plate with the circular template under the window that has been created.

6. Have the children decorate their mandalas by counting the natural pieces for each of their sections and arranging them on the adhesive sheet as desired.

7. When you are satisfied with the floral design, remove the backing material from the second circle of foil and press it against the natural materials to pinch them between the two adhesive sides of the foil. (If the flowers are sticking well to the foil, this step is optional.)

window pictures summer tinker elementary school

A note on the transience of natural materials: The flowers and leaves in the artwork will lose their color and dry out over time. This is normal when using fresh flowers and leaves. It can be interesting to observe and comment on this process with your children. To minimize rot, use petals instead of the whole flower and keep the design as flat as possible. Older children are more likely to follow this advice than younger ones. Toddlers are likely to be stubbornly insistent on using whole flowers.

Hang the mandalas in the window so the sun can shine through

Arrange the flowers on self-adhesive foil

Optionally, the children can also paint the paper plate frame with watercolors

make light window pictures with children with summer flowers

Even without symmetry, the results will be beautiful

Make window pictures out of paper plates and natural material with children

The window pictures can be designed not only abstractly or as a mandala, but also like realistic pictures, e.g. butterflies, funny faces or birds. That would be a good art project for kids ages 4 and up. You can also use the scissors to shape the leaves to suit your design.

Tinker and hang up window pictures

tinker window pictures children summer idea

If you want to hang up the window pictures individually, punch a single hole in the top, thread a ribbon through it and tie it in a loop. Pipe cleaners are also well suited for this purpose.

Make garland from window pictures yourself

If you want to line up the window pictures in a garland, punch two holes in the edge (at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.) and arrange the works of art in the order you want.

Instead of paper plates, you can use popsicle sticks to make a frame for the window picture

window pictures summer daycare

You can find more beautiful craft ideas with popsicle sticks for the summer in this article.