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Tinker window decorations in autumn – 15 craft ideas for children

Autumn is slowly coming with all the falling leaves of the trees in warm tones ranging from yellow to orange to red. What a great idea it would be to have one Window decoration in autumn to tinker with the children with all these leaves and other natural materials?

Window decoration in autumn -kids-tinker-deco-window sill-glasses-candlestick-blaetter-window pane

It’s child’s play and the fun collaboration creates many wonderful decorative elements. It would also be a creative idea to welcome the most colorful season with a little color on the window pane.

Tinker window decorations in autumn with children – make autumn leaves from paper yourself

Window decoration in autumn -children-tinker-punch-paper-felt-sheets-colorful-orange-brown-yellow

Leaves in warm colors such as red, orange, yellow and brown can be found in nature and in parks. If you prefer to use other materials, you can use decorative paper in different colors. With the help of scissors, beautiful decorative elements can be created and so that they all have the same shape, it is best to use a stencil. Otherwise, ask the hobby shop for sheets that have already been cut out or a punch. Just choose the right size and color.

Tinker window decorations in autumn with children – tools

Window decoration in autumn -children-tinker-real-autumn leaves-punch-out-of course-idea

You can make beautiful motifs yourself with the help of punches. From natural autumn leaves in different shapes, great little figures are created that can be glued anywhere. The children would surely like to use it to make an autumn window decoration. Simply attach them to the window pane with some duct tape or a removable adhesive.

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Make decoration with stencils and paper

Window decoration in autumn -children-tinker-stencil-prepare-cut-out-orange-autumn leaves

Another great idea for simple window decoration and creative activity for young children is to make fall leaves out of painted egg cartons. We dispose of egg cartons every day and are easy to find. Just look for one that is relatively white. Do this interesting project with your children and secure great social moments together.

Make a trailer with children out of an egg carton

Window decoration in autumn -kids-tinker-sheets-creative-branch-mobile

The following handicraft project, which we would like to introduce to you, is suitable for children of all age groups. For this beautiful autumn leaves mobile you need brushes, autumn acrylic paints, an egg carton or an empty carton from the fruit and vegetable department, in which fruit and vegetables are stored. You’ll also need some twine, scissors, and glitter powder. Do not offer the children too many colors so that in the end not all autumn leaves look like they have been painted a brown color. Actually, red and yellow are enough.

Make garland or mobile yourself


Let the children put the colors directly into the egg box and brush over them with the brush. You can sprinkle golden glitter powder over it until the paint is still damp. Let the cardboard box dry and cut out leaves. Older children can do this all by themselves. The natural curvature of the cardboard makes the sparkling autumn leaves look real. Next, thread a thread through each leaf and let the garlands hang from a tree branch. The mobile is now ready and can be hung on the window, from where it spreads a great atmosphere into the room with its strong colors.

Tinker with homemade autumn leaves from egg carton

window-decoration-autumn-children-tinker-mobile-branch-hanging-egg carton

You can also conjure up colorful autumn garlands from real autumn leaves. Collect leaves of different sizes in great autumnal shades and thread them up. Hang the garlands on the window on us to create a beautiful view. You can also design the garlands with dried leaves and beads in different colors and sizes. If you want, you can thread the pearls onto a satin ribbon and tie the leaves between the individual pearls with some craft wire. Here, however, a little dexterity is required so that the thin leaves do not tear. If you want, you can spice up the pretty garland with other natural materials. You are also welcome to thread some beechnuts, for example.

Tinker with egg carton and paints


Make decorations for the window with children yourself


Prepare warm paints and brushes

window decoration-autumn-children-tinker-mobile-egg carton-colors-paint-paint-do-it-yourself

* a DIY idea from The imagination tree

Pumpkins made from scraps of paper

window decoration-autumn-children-tinker-window-pane-pieces of paper-pumpkins-yellow-orange

A beautiful window decoration in autumn are the window pictures with different motifs that you can make together with your children. For this you need construction paper in orange or red, self-adhesive book wrap, tissue paper in autumn colors, as well as scissors and a pen. First, paint pumpkins on the construction paper and cut out the outline as a frame. Also draw it on the backing paper of the foil. Now you can peel off the backing paper and stick the frame on. Have your child cut out small pieces of paper from the colorful tissue paper or make pieces of paper and distribute them on the foil. Then put the second layer of adhesive film on top.

Arrange pieces of paper on self-adhesive, transparent foil and in a template

window decoration-autumn-children-tinker-pumpkin-leaves-orange-yellow-idea-creative

Press the window picture lightly and use it to decorate the windows in your apartment. As an alternative to the adhesive film, you can of course use tracing paper and glue. You can design similar window pictures in different colors, shapes and patterns. Autumn leaves that you have pressed into a thick book for a week can also be processed into a round or rectangular, large or small window picture. How you arrange the leaves is of course up to you and makes your autumn decoration unique. You can use the same steps to design a peacock or acorn as a window decoration. A hedgehog, apples or pears are also great motifs for window decorations in autumn.


Another great idea for the window decoration in the fall are the fall foliage owls. Collect autumn leaves and get colored construction paper. Using a large glass, draw circles on the sheets of paper and cut them out. The big circle will be the body of the owl. Now you need two circles each of three different sizes, from which you can put together the large eyes with pupils. Small triangles serve as a beak, and the autumn leaves can be used to make wings. With the colorful owls you can decorate windows and balcony doors in autumn. This simple craft project is also a great craft activity that kids big and small can participate in.


window-decoration-autumn-children-tinker-window-pane-acorn-papiel-foil-stick on





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