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Tinker money cards – creative ideas for every occasion including instructions

money card-tinker-wedding-box-confirmation-shabby-chic-vintage

Sure, giving away money isn’t the most creative idea in the world. But gifts of money don’t have to be unimaginative or boring. Whether for a birthday, wedding or Christmas – the possibilities for wrapping money are limitless. Banknotes can be folded, rolled, included in an arrangement or attached to a money card in a decorative way. If you don’t have much time left and would like to make a cash card, then let our ideas inspire you!

How to attach money to money cards?


When making the money gifts, you should make sure that you can remove the banknotes again if necessary without damaging them or leaving traces of glue on them. For this you can use removable double-sided adhesive pads, Tesa strips or the “Pritt Roller non-permanent”.

The Pritt glue roller is used for temporary and removable gluing of paper, photos and cardboard on paper. First apply a strip of adhesive tape to the card, then stick the bill to it. This way, the banknote can be easily removed later. On paper, however, there remains a residue, but it shouldn’t be a problem.

You can first heat the tape with a hair dryer to make sure that the money is in perfect condition after the adhesive has loosened. Then it should go without problems.

money card-tinker-wooden clip-mini-envelope

However, if you want to stay on the safe side, you can not stick the banknotes directly on the paper, but put them in a small, colorful mini envelope and fix it on the card with the help of a wooden clip. The envelope can be folded super quickly from construction paper. To give the gift of money a personal note, write the recipient’s name on the envelope.

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Tie vouchers instead of sticking them

money card-tinker-voucher-satin ribbon

A nice option would be not to glue the rolled banknotes, but to tie them with a ribbon. Reveal the greeting card and mark the position of the gift card or roles. Make two vertical cuts on the left and right with the craft knife. Thread the ribbon through the slits so that the ends meet at the front. Place the voucher card / rolled voucher in the middle and tie a bow around it. Complete! There is still enough space for congratulations and text.

Tinker a money card for a birthday


The next idea can be implemented in no time at all. To do this, roll up the banknotes and fix them with a strip of adhesive tape. Repeat this step with a few strips of colored paper. The bills should be put into the rolls. Then attach the small rolls to the tinkered greeting card with double-sided adhesive tape. Now paint on the candle flames and stamp on “Happy Birthday”.


money card birthday scrapbooking flower decoration

If you want to decorate the front of your greeting card artistically, then scrapbooking offers almost limitless possibilities. In a craft shop you can get color-coordinated scrapbooking papers with harmonizing motifs for every occasion. There are also blocks or sets of different color or motif worlds that contain beautiful 3D borders and tags. Motif and border punches, stamps and embossing stencils are used to design the paper, which invite you to work creatively. Combine colors and motifs as you wish!


Is it your 7-year-old cousin’s birthday? Instead of giving him another worthless toy, this cool money card would be a nice way to give him a few euros for his piggy can. Maybe he’s saving up for a new iPad?

The money card is in white, brown and mint green. The monster motif is super cute too! The monster holds four balloons in his hands, on which the coins are fixed with double-sided adhesive tape. The thin strips of washi tape complete the overall picture. Inside the birthday card there could be a small envelope for the vouchers.

Money gift for travel fans

money card-tinker-vacation-travel-suitcase-shopping

Are the recipients going to travel soon? Then a cash card is great. Since the honeymoon is imminent for most bridal couples, this idea is perfect for the occasion. If the travel destination is known, the map design is based on it. If not, rely on classic motifs that are associated with travel and vacation, such as airplanes, cars, beaches, palm trees and of course suitcases.

Money card suitcase

money card-tinker-suitcase-travel

The suitcase should not be missing on a trip and so it is a great basis for the gift of money. Of course, a real suitcase cannot be used here, but a greeting card in the look of a suitcase is made out of paper. For this you need dark brown cardboard and light brown construction paper.

In order for the suitcase to take on its shape, individual pieces of the light brown construction paper have to be cut and glued at an angle at the corners. The case straps are made up of two narrow strips of paper. Of course, the carrying handle of the case should not be missing either. You can use an ink pad for fine details. To do this, lightly dab all edges of the paper strips with the ink pad. This creates an interesting used look.

money card-tinker-suitcase-shirts-origami

Before the money comes into play, you should of course attach further decorations to the money card case so that it looks really nice. A self-made luggage tag with the name of the recipient is also suitable. You can still fold a suitable envelope from old atlases or Google Maps printouts.

Origami with money

money card-tinker-origami-gelfschoten-shirt-heart

Folding money is also part of a successful gift of money! With a little origami art, banknotes can be turned into small works of art. Shirts, trousers, ties and dresses made of banknotes fit perfectly in a money card suitcase! The heart is also often chosen as a motif. But you can also choose between many other motifs such as butterfly, shamrock and fish.

Tinker money card for the birth


If you present a greeting card or a gift card appropriately, then a self-made envelope could be the basis for your cash gift. This can be made of a special material or decorated with scrapbooking paper. If you like, you can also decorate the edges with a border punch. This enables particularly filigree and decorative patterns to be continuously punched into paper and thin cardboard.

Money card tinker envelope paper instructions

Simply download the envelope template and print it out on thicker solid color construction paper. Alternatively, you can first print out the template on white paper and then trace the outline of the envelope on patterned paper. Cut out, fold along the solid lines and glue together. Now you can decorate the envelope as you like.

Template for printing

make-your-money-card-template-print-out an envelope

Christmas motifs


All options are open to you for decorating your self-made envelope. You can orientate yourself on the occasion of the gift but also on the season or the favorite colors of the recipient. You can use a nice thin ribbon to close it.

Fold money gift packaging


The following gift packaging can be conjured up in 5 minutes! Using a CD and a pencil, mark four circles of the same size and cut them out. Then fold the circles in the middle and lay them on top of each other in such a way that one side of a semicircle is always above and the other is below the adjacent semicircle. Push them together tightly and glue them in place. Fold over the top in the same way, tie a ribbon or a cord around it and you’re done!

Make a paper wallet for the voucher

money card-tinker-coupon-paper-wallet

To present the money sensibly, you can make a small wallet out of paper. It could even have two compartments – one for bills and one for change. To make it look like a real wallet, you should color in the seams with a felt-tip pen. So that you can open and close the wallet again and again, a closure is also suitable.

money card-tinker-paper-wallet-fold

Surprise box as an alternative to the cash card

money card-tinker-surprise-box-wedding-birthday

If you want to make a nice money gift out of paper, but you don’t like the idea of ​​a money card that much, then a surprise box would be a great way to present your money gift creatively. When you open the lid, what’s inside the box appears.


The rolled bill is fixed in the middle of the box, while the four walls are the perfect place for congratulations, photos, sayings and other decorations. For handicrafts, you can again use the materials and accessories that are required for scrapbooking. Let your imagination run wild and adapt the decoration to the taste of the recipient.

Below is a template for a surprise box with the dimensions 10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm. You can use this as a guide. Have fun doing handicrafts!

money card tinker template surprise box