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Tinker fairy wings as an accessory to the fairy costume – 6 instructions

If your daughter has decided to dress up as a fairy for Halloween or Mardi Gras, you don’t have to buy a special costume. With a cute dress from the wardrobe and by making wings yourself, you can create the perfect costume that your little one will be happy to wear. If you are making a fairy and want to make the right wings for it, the variants are of course endless. To help, we have 6 instructions for you, with which you can quickly and easily Tinker fairy wings to put the finishing touches to the costume.

fairy wings tinker ideas-simply-wire-fabric-transparent

Make fairy wings out of fabric

fairy wings tinker fabric-motifs-flowers-romantic-dress

You can make these fairy wings by either using old fabric or buying new ones. Choose a fabric for the accessory that has matching motifs. Romantic flowers and colors are perfect, for example. You can always combine the finished wing ideas with a cute vintage dress or you can simply sew one yourself.

Tinker fairy wings – instructions

tinker fairy wings fairy-little-girl-halloween-party-festival

If you want to make the fairy wings yourself, in addition to fabric, you also need wire, needle and thread, pincers and scissors. If you can’t or don’t want to sew, you can also use glue. However, it is not certain how long the wings will last. In this case, it is best to use textile glue when making the fairy wings.

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Form wire

fairy wings tinker wire-costume-idea-fairy-carnival-halloween

Use the wire to make the fairy wings and make two wings as shown. You can easily cut the excess wire with the nippers. Then spread out the fabric and place the wings on the back of the fabric. You can now reshape the wire again if you are not satisfied. Then draw the outline of the wire on the fabric.

Cut fabric

tinker fairy wings cutting-wire-bending-wing-diy

The fabric is then roughly cut out along the wire or based on the outlines drawn. This should create an edge that can be easily folded down later. So don’t skimp on the fabric. For the next step to tinker with the fairy wings, you can also prepare some pins to help.

Make romantic wings yourself

tinker fairy wings sew-beginner-idea-simply-glue

You can use the pins to hold the fabric in place after it has been folded over so that it cannot slip while sewing. That is also the moment when you can use the glue. Otherwise, take the needle and thread and start sewing the wire into the fabric. This is easier than you think and can even be done by beginners if you’re making fairy wings.

Connect wings


Then connect the two wing parts with another piece of wire. You can then attach straps to this wire, which you can use to tie the wings to the shoulders. You can also come up with a variant in which the wings are attached directly to the back of the dress. And with that you are already done with tinkering with the fairy wing.

Wearing wings to the carnival


These wings are decorated with a pretty lace ribbon. The wings can also be an interesting wall decoration for the children’s room after Halloween or after Mardi Gras. This can be taken into account when choosing the fabric for the wings. You can also choose it together with your daughter so that you can make fairy wings that suit her taste.

Tinker wings with stencil

fairy wings-tinker-romantic-pink-fabric-patchwork-inspiration

You can make these wings by printing out any template beforehand. But it is also sufficient if you draw the desired shape by hand and use this as a template. Your daughter can help out with this fairy wing project. You can find out exactly how in the following instructions.

Make wings out of pieces of fabric

fairy wings-tinker-instructions-do-it-yourself-fabric-pieces-lay-template

Use fabric in different shades of one color or colored fabrics for making fairy wings, depending on what you like better. Spread pieces of fabric on your template. Once you have distributed them to suit your taste, place a large piece of tulle over the pieces and use pins to keep everything in shape so that nothing can slip again.

Sew wings

fairy wings-tinker-net-material-recycle-pretty-accessory-paneling

The final step is to add the so-called veins of the wings. This element is formed from the seams and at the same time serves to fasten the pieces of fabric together. If you are making the fairy wings, the template can help you with this step to see where the veins run. Then repeat the whole thing with the lower part of the wings. You tie both wing parts to each other with a tape that can be used to “tighten” the wing at the same time.

Make fairy wings out of cardboard


Making fairy wings is easy when you use cardboard. All you need is a large piece of cardboard, a pencil, and white acrylic paint. Draw the shape of the wings and cut them out. Then draw pretty patterns with the white paint. You can use the pattern of butterfly wings as a template.

Make little fairy wings

fairy wings-tinker-paper-colorful-tapes-biden-girl-dress up

You can make these pretty fairy wings out of colorful scrapbooking paper. You will also need a hot glue gun, felt, a tape and a pair of scissors. First, draw the shape of the wings on the scapbooking paper. To do this, fold it in half and draw a wing. This is how you make sure that both wings become the same. Unfold the paper again and you have your wings. Cut both pieces apart.

Crafting with felt

fairy wings-tinker-play-kids-birthday-costume-party-pink-craft-paper

Then glue the felt to the back of the wings with the hot glue. This should consist of a whole piece. You then also glue the tape to this back. To do this, choose the middle of each band. Once you tie the wings in place, you can trim off the excess. The project to make the fairy wings is done.

Make fluffy butterfly wings


You can also make these lovely butterfly wings out of tulle. Glue either wire or bent cables to a round piece of felt or construction paper. You can then decorate the center piece with an artificial flower. Also tie two straps for the arms. After that, you begin to decorate the cables with strips of tulle by tying them with a knot.

Make elven wings yourself – Tinkerbell’s wings


You don’t need a lot of materials at all to be able to make Tinkerbell fairy wings like this. On the one hand you should get wire and on the other hand you should get transparent wrapping paper. You can choose to decorate the wings with glitter at the end or come up with other design ideas. Adhesive or insulating tape are also necessary materials.

Make fairy wings with wire

fairy-wing-tinkering-instructions-metal-wire-insulating tape

First shape the individual parts of the wings from wire as shown. Then wrap the ends of the wire with electrical tape so that there is no risk of injury at the pointed ends. Then use insulating tape again to attach the two lower and the two upper elements to each other. For the next step to tinker with fairy wings you need the foil.

Design transparent wings

fairy wings-tinker-self-adhesive-foil-make-tinker-instructions-easy

These cut the foil for tinkering fairy wings first. You will need two pieces, each slightly larger than the wire shape. Apply hot glue along the wire frame and then place it on the film, which should be as taut as possible. Repeat this with the other three parts as well. Connect the upper and lower wing parts together.

Costume idea for girls

fairy wings-tinker-green-ribbon-tie-accessories-costume-celebrate

Finally, wrap the middle piece with the insulating tape with a nice ribbon. You also work in the straps or the elastic for the arms. As already mentioned, you can now also decorate the wings with glitter. The rest of the costume can consist of a body and a skirt made of tulle.

Mardi Gras wings as an accessory

fairy wings-tinker-original-idea-leaves-yellow-leaves-autumn

If the wings are intended for Halloween and you want it to be really beautiful in autumn, you can also use leaves to decorate the wings. Cut out wings out of cardboard and then glue the leaves on them. Start from the bottom and work your way up. Leaves can also just be used as an accent here and there when you are making fairy wings.