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Tinker Christmas decorations yourself – a few magical ideas

tinker christmas decoration yourself fabric sew christmas ball lace

The best time of the year is slowly approaching and it gives us wonderful inspirations on how to do it Can make Christmas decorations yourself. In today’s article we are going to give you a few suggestions for handicrafts and short instructions that will guide you step by step. It will be fun for you and your children.

Tinker Christmas decorations yourself – tree balls made of styrofoam


The Christmas balls enchant us every Christmas. There are many great designs and you can find really magical tree balls on the Christmas market. Unique pieces as Tinker Christmas decorations yourself you can do it too. Buy a styrofoam ball from the hardware store or order it online, because you can use it to make really beautiful tree balls. Cut rectangular textile or woven fabrics about 2-3 cm in size. You also need an embossing tool for piercing, thread, scissors, decoration fabric and an embroidery needle.


Pierce the styrofoam ball with textile fabrics

The steps 

Poke the ball through with the embroidery needle and guide the thread by tying it on the lower side and cutting out the loose ends. With the help of an embossing tool, you will stick the center of the cut-out fabric into the styrofoam ball. Repeat this process until you have decorated the whole ball with the fabric parts.

decorated-balls-for-Christmas tree

Tinker Christmas decorations yourself

a-wreath-with-a-ribbon-oranges-from-pine-cones-cinnamon stick

Make a festive door or wall wreath out of pine cones yourself. Tinker Christmas decorations yourself is fun especially when you can share the time with someone. While walking in the park, you recently collected beautiful pine cones and want to find a use for them. Take a good glue gun and a shimmery shimmer ribbon. Apply enough glue to the end of the pine cones and ram them together until they are firmly glued. The gift ribbon is tied around the finished wreath in order to hide the remnants of the adhesive. And finally, put the prepared orange slices, which have been dried overnight in the oven at the lowest temperature, in 4 or 5 places on the wreath. The festive wreath is ready!

 Tinker a Christmas tree out of textile


 In two tones and from 17 triangles made of textile you will have a great decoration for the wall at Christmas. You will machine the cut triangles by hand or with a cutting machine and leave the lower side open. Make sure that the shape really fits together and has been sewn straight, so that your Christmas decoration is nice and straight. A short ribbon is sewn at the corner of the crown between the two parts, like a sandwich, and part of it is left hanging. Please do that with just one triangle. Fill in the triangles with cotton wool with the help of a pencil. Knit the filled triangles and attach the corners to each other by piercing them with needles. Make a Christmas tree out of it with the same pieces from the triangles.

Triangle Christmas trees made of textile


Snowflakes with stencils

Paint-then-cut out felt-material

Most people will love this beautiful idea. For the pretty colorful snowflakes you will use ready-made stencils or painted ones yourself. Buy 3-4 types of colored felt fabrics and cut out the ornaments and shapes of the flowers and leaves that you decided on on the template. With a punch card punch you will punch a small hole in the middle of the disc. Arrange the small particles, like leaves and layers from the snowflake, and glue them on the round part. Press them firmly until they stick properly. To do this, you can put heavy books on top of the press overnight. At the end you can pierce a thread or jewelry pendant and attach it to the Christmas tree. Voilá!




Make your own snowflake

Boot Star Wreath Christmas Decor

Tinker clamshell-for-angels


Make other ideas for yourself



Christmas trees made of paper


Make your own decorations for the Christmas tree


Use fleece for crafting

tinker christmas decoration yourself fleece tree decorations reindeer sock bird gift

 Tinker Christmas decorations – a gingerbread man

tinker christmas decoration yourself felt pendants gingerbread brown

 Tinker with nutcrackers

tinker christmas decorations yourself mason jar nutcracker snow globe idea

 Make a Christmas wreath out of silver bells

tinker christmas decoration yourself wreath silver bells christmas ribbon