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Tinker Christmas balls with children – 13 exciting ideas with instructions

Everyone looks forward to the festive and cozy atmosphere at Christmas and the moments when you are surrounded by loved ones and can enjoy the celebration in a relaxed manner. It is even nicer when you see the radiant children’s eyes and are simply carried away by the enthusiasm and stimulation of the little ones. Since the pre-Christmas enthusiasm is no less great, you can devote yourself to a great handicraft project together with your children. Making Christmas balls with children would be an excellent idea, in which numerous creative ideas can be put into practice in no time at all. Let yourself be inspired by the following DIY suggestions and enjoy the time with your loved ones.

Tinker with printed Christmas balls with children

jewelry ornaments tattoo simple tinker christmas balls children

You can even make Christmas balls with children, depending on the level of difficulty, even with small children. Our first craft idea for the Christmas tree decorations is very easy and ready in a few minutes. Your child can embellish the Christmas balls with various temporary tattoos, for example. The various patterns look really nice on the Christmas tree balls. Simply place the small pictures on the desired spot and moisten slightly. Then carefully remove the paper. The pictures don’t have to be symmetrical either, the spheres look beautiful one way or another.

Make Christmas balls with children with sequins, confetti and glitter

make confetti glitter sequins christmas balls yourself

Another great idea for homemade Christmas baubles that are super quick to make would be these glittering Christmas baubles. Remove the cap from the transparent decorative ball and let your child fill it with confetti or sequins. Then put the cap back on. If you want even more shine and color, you can coat the upper side of the Christmas ball with paste and roll it in confetti.

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Turn Christmas balls into Disney characters

light christmas tree ornaments mickey mouse

Christmas will be twice as beautiful for the children when the Christmas tree decorations have motifs and heroes from the many beautiful Disney films. Because children look forward to everything on which their favorite heroes can be found. Children of all ages will be fascinated by such a Christmas ball, especially if you let them participate in the handicrafts. Classic Disney motifs undoubtedly include Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. For this you need one larger and two small plastic balls. Use the knife to cut off the closure of the two small balls and attach them to the larger ball like ears.

Disney frozen themed children tinker christmas

If you want, you can stick a bow between the ears and dress up Minnie Mouse. The children can draw on the face with a permanent marker. Many popular film heroes can be conjured up with sequins and pearls, with different colors and with the rich imagination of your child. The ice queen Elsa, for example, with her princess-like dress in blue with tiny, white snowflakes on it, is made very easy. You can also color the inside of the transparent plastic or glass Christmas tree balls with paint, nail polish or glitter and paste.

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Make Christmas balls with hand and fingerprints with children

fingerprint color santa clauses christmas balls

If you want to make Christmas balls with children that not only decorate the Christmas tree but are also a great keepsake, you can make beautiful Christmas tree balls with handprints. Get glass balls or Christmas balls made of plastic and paint the palm of your child generously with white finger paint or acrylic paint. Now place the ball on his hand. Your child should encircle this with their hand. Carefully press the painted hand onto the ball, making sure that it does not slip. If you take your hand away again, the great impression is ready.

animals fingerprint elk decoration christmas ornament

The individual fingerprints can be transformed into happy Santa Clauses with waterproof pens. Using the same principle, your child can make another Christmas ball, this time with their fingerprints. From the prints of the little fingers, cute flowers, animals and other beautiful creatures emerge. Santa’s reindeer is ready in no time. The name of your child and the year make the self-made Christmas tree decorations unique and creative.

tinker christmas balls with children snowmen handprint decoration

Make Christmas balls out of styrofoam with children

tinker with christmas balls wool felt styrofoam

If you have decided to devote yourself to handicrafts with Christmas balls on a gray afternoon, you can create beautiful and colorful Christmas tree balls made of styrofoam and ensure a great eye-catcher on the Christmas tree. Obtain the desired size balls and thread a double thread through the ball. Tie the bottom end. Now your child can let off steam creatively and form small balls out of wool or felted wool. You can of course also find plenty of them in the craft shop. Brush the styrofoam ball with paste and let your child stick the balls together.

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snow winter natural materials styrofoam

A beautiful Christmas tree ornament or Christmas decoration can also be made from natural materials. First, insert a wooden skewer into the styrofoam ball and paint it with white acrylic paint. Children can sprinkle glass glitter or artificial snow on the paint that is still wet. Then tie thin twigs, pine cones or fir tree branches together and attach them to the Christmas ball.

Christmas balls with children tinker with paper

paper baubles sticking jewelry

The handicraft material paper is particularly well suited for various handicrafts, especially if the children are the main actors. It is inexpensive, diverse and particularly easy to use. The adolescents can cut out strips of paper with different patterns and apply paste to the balls. Now the strips can be glued in the desired color combination. There are no rules to be followed here. Whether crossed over, next to each other or at least slightly overlapping, the results are very original and beautiful.

paper fir tree jewelry organza light

Chic, glittering or patterned Christmas balls can also be made easily and quickly from strips of paper. Get craft cardboard with a pattern to your liking and let the children cut strips out of it. Place it on the table in front of you in the shape of a sun and thread a flat head clip from below. Alternatively, you can glue the ends of the paper together. Do the same for the other ends of the strip. The template for the illustrated Christmas balls made of paper can be found here.

tinker christmas balls out of red glittering paper

Decorate the Christmas tree balls with iron beads

tinker christmas baubles with children perler bead letters

You can also create unique and colorful Christmas decorations with the help of the popular iron-on beads. As you can see, the small plastic beads can also be used for other purposes. The children can simply dip them in paste briefly and then stick them on. Depending on the choice of color and combination, great color gradients or your child’s initials can be created.

Make unusual filled Christmas balls yourself

wool filled christmas balls yarn

Whether on your magnificently decorated Christmas tree or as a small giveaway or gift for loved ones, the filled Christmas tree balls will astonish you. You can again choose between glass and acrylic balls and choose a filling of your choice. The possibilities for this are almost infinite. With colored ropes, colored scraps of paper, notes filled with personal messages or perhaps artificial snow and cotton wool, all of these variants look equally attractive.

Make personalized Christmas balls with children

If you want to make a personal gift, you can make a Christmas tree ball with a photo with your child. An individual Christmas ball with a photo of your child and a short message with which you convey your wishes for the coming year in an original way is an irreplaceable gift for other family members and grandparents.