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Tinker and design Polaroid photos decoration: 17 good mood ideas

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Even if the good old Polaroid photos have faded into the background in their popularity due to the practical digital cameras, the likeable pictures are still on the rise again. It was recognized relatively quickly that a “real” photo is better than a photo on the computer or phone. In addition, the Polaroid is developed faster than the usual photos. And that in turn makes it possible to use the Polaroids immediately for decorative purposes. Have you discovered the Polaroids for yourself, then we would like to give you some inspiration for Polaroid photos decoration with which you can bring life to any room.

Polaroid photos decoration for variety

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A Polaroid photo decoration is not only original. The advantage is that you can always take new photos and replace the older ones from the decoration. So you have your most recent activities, excursions or other occasions at a glance without having to wait for a long development period.

Put together decoration themes for the Polaroid photos

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Depending on which type of Polaroid photo decoration you choose, you can also choose a specific theme for the compilation. Create, for example, an arrangement of pictures that were taken on your birthday or a birthday of your friends. Choose the last walk, excursion or an impromptu photo session.

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Spontaneous photos

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As is well known, the best photos are those that were taken spontaneously because they do not seem posed. You can get these on an important occasion, like a birthday, wedding, or other type of party, by having a Polaroid camera ready for everyone to use. This triggers a surprise effect and offers the best pictures for your Polaroid photos decoration.

Design classics


A classic among the Polaroid photo decoration ideas is to attach the pictures close together on the wall and thus create a photo wall. Different shapes can be created here. If you want to put together memories with your loved one, a heart shape is very suitable, for example.

Geometric design


It is no longer a secret that geometric shapes have been very trendy for some time. Use this trend to make your own personal Polaroid photo decoration yourself. Stick pins into the wall and then connect them with string to create a network of geometric shapes. There you can now attach the Polaroid pictures, expand them at any time or exchange them.

Original photo stand


If you like originality, then make a particularly interesting photo stand on which you can display your Polaroid pictures. For this Polaroid photo decoration you only need any book, the pages of which you roll up. Repeat this several times. You can now insert the pictures between the rolls created in this way.

Decorate the fridge


Magnets are a popular decoration idea for the refrigerator or other metal surfaces in the house. With your help you can make a great fake Polaroid photo decoration yourself and design your apartment or give the decoration away. This comes in handy when you don’t have Polaroids on hand but really want the look. We’ll show you instructions on how to make great Polaroid magnets.

Polaroid photos decoration – few materials


You need either self-drying craft clay or clay for the oven, washi tape, adhesive tape or insulating tape, a sharp and pointed knife (e.g. carpet knife), a ruler and small magnets. If your clay is baked, you should also have baking paper ready if you want to make the Polaroid photos decoration.

Trim the clay


The clay is first of all rolled out like dough. You should estimate the size based on the photos you plan to use later. Since you can’t get a perfect rectangular shape here, you can simply cut off the excess with a knife and ruler. Check beforehand whether the piece is big enough for the photo.

Form a framework


Then cut out the inner area of ​​the clay piece. If you are satisfied with the result, let this Polaroid photo decoration dry well, or bake the clay in the oven as described in the instructions on the packaging and then let it cool down well.

Glue the magnet in place


Then glue a small magnet to the back and top. You should also let the glue dry well before proceeding. You can also stick magnets directly on a Polaroid picture and then hang them on the refrigerator without a self-made frame. However, keep in mind that it will not be easy to remove later. Now add the photo with the help of duct tape and you’re done.

Pattern on the white wall


This idea is particularly easy to implement for a Polaroid photo decoration. The pictures are glued directly to the wall. In order not to ruin the wall, it is best to use electrical tape or patterned washi tape, as these do not stick too tightly. A colored band also makes the wall decoration look more cheerful. The idea works well if you don’t want to drill holes.

A ring made from Polaroid photos


Design such a ring as a Polaroid photo decoration and decorate the wall with it. Use whatever material you want: paper, cardboard, wire, or whatever else you have on hand. There are no limits to how you can hang it up. Whether ordinary string, a chain or a crocheted ribbon, the choice is entirely yours.

Decorate with branches

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It is very modern to decorate the interior with branches. That gives a touch of nature. With a branch you can also make a Polaroid photo decoration yourself. Hang some string from the branch at a sufficient distance and distribute the photos on it. You can also use decorative pearls for a nice finish and weight.

Vote idea for holidays


You can also adapt the idea with the branches to the different holidays. Use for a Polaroid photo decoration for Christmas, for example, fir branches and the colors green, red and white. You can also choose forsythia at Easter. The Polaroid photos can also be put in small frames or simply imitated by a frame.

Last minute decoration with photos


For this Polaroid photo decoration, hang a string on the wall so that it looks like a clothesline and then clamp the Polaroids to it with small clothes or other clips. The whole thing is also reminiscent of a darkroom, in which the photos are hung on a string to be developed. Decorate the cord with any elements. Artificial flowers are very suitable.

Fairy lights as an alternative

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Instead of a string, a chain of lights can also be used wonderfully. This immediately gives the room a romantic atmosphere. You get an impressive Polaroid photo decoration, which also serves as insulated lighting. In addition, the fairy lights offer plenty of space for many photos. Use clips, stickers or tape to hang it up.

Picture frames with a difference


Collages are undoubtedly very popular. But if you don’t want to stick your Polaroid pictures on once or just try something different, use a larger picture frame without the glass. Hang up string again from one end to the other and distribute your favorite pictures on it. The picture frame as a Polaroid photo decoration can now be hung on the wall or placed anywhere.

Decoration from a window


This idea, in which an old window is used, is also very original. The photos are glued directly to the glass and are thus better protected. The old window frame is wonderfully suitable for a rustic or shabby chic style and can decorate any room. Are you looking for an original gift idea for a friend or relative? Then choose this or one of the other Polaroid photo decoration ideas!