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So you can dry thistles and make a beautiful, prickly decoration yourself!

Because of their thorns, thistles have a rather bad reputation in the garden. Even so, there are many types that are both useful and very decorative. Ball thistles, for example, bring eye-catching structures into every herbaceous bed and their flowers attract many valuable insects such as bees and butterflies. When dried, the prickly flowers also look very decorative and this creates beautiful decorations that look great in the house. How to dry the thistles and use them as decoration, we show in the article!

Drying thistles: this is how it works!

Globular thistles in the perennial bed with blue flowers

Thistles are best known for the spiky leaves that surround their flowers, as well as their beautiful blooms that range from dark pink to bright lavender. The thistles can keep their prickly beauty for a long time if you dry the flowers. This preserves the great coloring of the plant and you can use it for making pretty decorations.

Thistles drying tips and methods

To dry the thistles, it is best to choose flowers that are not yet fully open and not fully ripe. They open wider as they dry and can lose petals when fully ripe. Cut the flowers in the morning after the dew has dried using sharp garden or flower shears. Then you can either dry the thistles with their stems or just the flower heads.

  • To dry just the flowers, first cut the heads off the stems and place them in an airy but dry room that isn’t too dark. After a day or two, the thistles are completely dry and can be used for decorative purposes.
  • If you want to dry whole thistles, take a few stems and tie them together in small bundles. Hang this upside down in a shady, airy and not too hot place. To prevent mold from forming, distribute the flowers so that air can circulate well around each bunch. The thistles are completely dry when the flowers feel dry and stiff and the stem breaks evenly. This could take a few days or weeks depending on the conditions and the type of thistle.

Wonderful ideas for a nice decoration with thistles

Make DIY decoration with thistle wreath yourself

Dried thistles look just lovely. The spherical thistles and the noble thistles in particular are often used in various flower arrangements and flower arrangements. In the following we have collected some nice ideas on how you can use the prickly beautiful flowers as decoration.

Dry bouquet with thistles

Bouquet of dried flowers with thistles

After the thistle’s blooming season is over, you don’t have to sacrifice their beauty. Just dry some bunches and use them to make beautiful bouquets of dried flowers. These can be arranged in beautiful vases and can decorate different corners of the house.

Flower arrangements in glass vases with dried flowers

Even a few dried flowers with a stem look beautiful in the vase. However, if you like lush dry bouquets, you can combine the thistles with other dried flowers of your choice to create whole arrangements.

Dried flowers arrangement with spherical thistles

These bouquets of dried flowers are an excellent indoor decoration idea. Whether in a vase, hanging or arranged on a decorative bowl – the thistles give every room a nostalgic and romantic touch.

Thistles for an original wedding decoration

Ideas for bridal bouquet with ball thistles and precious thistles

Globe thistles and noble thistles look so beautiful that they are also very popular at weddings. For the wedding decoration, the thistles can be fresh (for weddings during the flowering period between July and September) as well as dried.

Flower bracelets for bridesmaids made from dried thistles

The prickly flowers are mainly used in floral decorations such as the bridal bouquet, the flower bracelets for the bridesmaids and the boutonniere.

Dry the thistles and make a boutonniere

The beautiful flower balls of the spherical thistles, for example, have a bright blue color that fades a little after drying and takes on a wonderful vintage note. In terms of color, the flowers combine ideally with green and offer a great choice for weddings with a purple-green color palette.

Dry the thistles and make a door wreath

Flower wreath as decoration for the door or table with thistles

If you want to decorate your front door with a beautiful door wreath made of flowers, dried flowers are recommended. They can be kept much longer than fresh flowers and have their own charm. The thistles are perfect as a complement to the dried flower wreath. They add both color and decorative accents and are real eye-catchers.

Dried autumn arrangements

Autumn arrangement of dried physalis and thistles

Since thistles bloom until early autumn, they are perfect for making beautiful autumn arrangements yourself. To do this, cut off the flowers with longer stems so that you can create different heights in the arrangement.

Dried thistles as decoration with hydrangeas combine floral arrangement table decoration

The dried hydrangea blossoms, for example, are great partners for planting thistles in the autumn arrangement. Another nice idea is the combination of spherical thistles and physalis – the contrast between orange and blue looks wonderful and can beautify both indoor and outdoor areas.

Dry the thistles and decorate the mantelpiece

Decorate the interior mantelpiece with dried flowers

If you’re looking for a seasonal mantelpiece decor, there’s no easier idea than arranging some dried flowers and shrubs in matching containers. You can play with different colors, sizes and shapes of the flowers to create a beautiful ensemble.

Vintage decoration with upcycling vase

Upcycling idea thistle bouquet arranged in old kitchen grater

After drying, the colors of the thistles more or less fade and give the flower balls a vintage touch. Thus, these dried flowers are perfect for a decoration with a nostalgic touch. For example, how about arranging the thistles in an old kitchen grater instead of in a vase? The openings on the rubbing surface refer to the thorns of the thistles and you get an interesting interplay between vase and flowers.

Of course, that was only a small part of the possible decoration ideas with thistles. Let yourself be inspired and conjure up a beautiful floral decoration with the prickly flowers yourself.