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Sewing door stoppers from fabric – simple instructions for practical decoration

doorstop sewing felt-simple-figure-mustache-idea-funny

A doorstop is not only a practical thing if you keep closing your door by yourself. Doors often slam when they are ventilated. To prevent them from breaking, you should secure them with the help of a door stopper. Of course, such doorstops can be bought ready-made. But there is nothing better than homemade, right? If you see it that way, then you can use one of the following instructions and one yourself Sew the door stop. You are welcome to reuse fabric scraps from other projects to create a practical decoration of this kind. Good luck and of course have fun copying!

Sewing door stoppers – ideas to make yourself

doorstop sewing cylinder-shape-stool-colorful-flower-pattern

No special cutting patterns are necessary for the self-made doorstops. You can easily sketch out the necessary elements by hand, because the figures that we have put together are anything but complicated and are therefore also suitable for beginners. If you want to sew a cylinder doorstop you will need a rectangular piece of fabric and two circles, each with the same circumference as the length of the rectangle.

Sewing door stoppers in the form of a cube

doorstop sewing simple-linen-instructions-heart-motif-handle

You can sew this doorstop cube from any type of fabric. Smaller scraps of fabric are very suitable, but also felt or linen, as was used in this case. Before you get this cube shape, you should prepare and have all of the elements ready. You will also need a sewing machine to be able to sew these elements together well.

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Sewing instructions for the doorstop


If you want to sew this doorstop, you will need these materials. The decorative elements in the form of hearts and strips of fabric are optional and can be left out or replaced by other elements and motifs. Cut six squares six inches long. You can add a support made of sturdy fabric or foam to each of these squares.

Sew handles

Doorstop sewing-handle-make-yourself-stripes-fabric

Then sew the handle for the doorstop so that it can be easily moved. To do this, cut a piece of fabric with a length of 17-18 cm and a width of 7.5 cm. Fold this strip lengthways in the middle and decorate it with a patterned piece of fabric by sewing it into place. So that you can sew the doorstop, you still need a weight.

Sew weight for the doorstop

doorstop sewing instructions-beginner-linen-lace-rustic-look

A pillow filled with rice was chosen especially for this doorstop. There is enough space in the cube for other things like stones. Use what you like best. If you want to sew a pillow with rice for the doorstop, you don’t have to make too much effort as it will not be visible. If necessary, decorate the squares for the sides of the cube.

Sew a door stopper out of fabric


Four of the sides of the cube are now sewn together. For the time being, the outside should still point inwards. Also sew the handle onto the fifth square. So that everything sits correctly and nothing slips while sewing, fix the individual parts with pins beforehand when sewing the doorstop.

Lock the doorstop


The last few steps are still missing. Sew the upper side with the handle upside down and repeat the whole process with the element for the base, leaving an opening of approx. 7 cm free. With the help of this opening you can now turn the cube inside out. Fill it with whatever filling you like. Cotton wool is well suited for this. Finally, the weight comes in. Now you can sew up the opening and finish sewing with the door stop.

Sew a simple door stop


This variant is even easier to make for a doorstop. Here you use a ready-made plush figure. The advantage is that you can use any shape you want, which is especially useful for beginners who are not confident about animals and other complicated figures. You may not be particularly good at sewing for this doorstop. So if you still have old stuffed animals lying around, use them or just buy any.

Sewing instructions for beginners


As you can probably guess, all you have to do is replace the stuffed animal’s filling with a heavier one. Open the doorstop to sew the plush toy to the bottom for this purpose. Remove some of the cotton wool and put weights such as ceramic beans or small stones in it. Then close the stuffed animal again. An irregular seam will not be visible.

Sew an owl as a doorstop


Sewing the doorstop owl yourself is also easier than you might think. Especially with a sewing machine, you will be able to implement the project quickly and easily. You can sew this doorstop with colored, single-colored or neutral fabric. It all depends on how closely you want the owl to resemble a real one.

Making stencils


To sew an owl doorstop, you first need the individual elements again. You can see how these should look in the picture above. Use paper or cardboard to cut out stencils that you can then use to transfer the shapes you want onto the fabric. This guarantees that all repeating elements will be the same.

Pin the fabric elements


Design the eyes and beak and sew or glue them onto one of the fabrics. Pin the front, back and bottom of the owl together with pins. The inside of the fabric is facing out again. In this way, the seam is hidden inside the owl when it is turned inside out. Take your time here so that everything fits right in the end.

Sew the owl


With the help of a sewing machine, sew the fabrics on. Leave an opening in the area of ​​the floor. You can now use this to turn the owl inside out. Are you already proud of your work? Then you can be too, because there are only a few steps left to the end. If you are still a beginner, trust yourself to sew this doorstop idea. It’s easier than you think!

Sew and fill wings


Like the body of the owl, the wings are sewn together on the left, with an opening for filling the wings with soft filling material. Then sew the finished wings onto the side of the owl. You have now completed the most difficult steps in sewing a doorstop.

Sew doorstop – add filling


A great trick to make filling the doorstop faster and easier is to make a funnel out of a paper plate. You put it in the opening and you can put in the cotton wool and then the weight. By the way, sand is also a suitable weight when sewing a doorstop. It is best to fill a balloon or a well-sealed bag with it, which you then put into the doorstop.

Sew a funny doorstop as a pear


Pears and other fruits such as apples and strawberries are also very popular. For the pear you only need a few of these elements, the number of which varies depending on the pear size, which are then sewn together until you are around. Again, don’t forget the opening. You can design the leaves from any fabric. Instructions can be found in the link below.

Sew the door stopper for the handle


A door stop does not necessarily have to be on the floor. Another way to keep the door from locking itself is to hang the doorstop on the doorknob. If you want to sew such a doorstop, you will also need a handle. It is best to use a ready-made tape. Instructions now follow:

Sew bags


You can make it particularly easy for yourself by using a ready-made bag. But if you want to sew the bag yourself, you need two pieces of the same size that you sew together on the left. Don’t forget the hem either. Then add the handle to the doorstop. You can leave the bag open or seal the weight.

Sewing gifts for friends and relatives


Door stoppers are a wonderful gift idea. You don’t necessarily need a filling for this bag as a doorstop (apart from the weight, of course). To sew the doorstop, proceed as you did with the cylinder above, only this time you don’t need a circle for the top. You close the doorstop like a sack with string, ribbon or twine. To be able to do without a filling, you can reinforce the bottom with a round piece of cardboard or plastic.

Instructions for pear here.