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Santa Claus tinker with children: 13 creative ideas with a high fun factor

santa claus tinker with children felt ornaments decoration

As soon as it gets uncomfortable and frosty outside, children have to spend a long time inside. The handicraft table attracts young and old in winter and people like to spend time together immersed in great handicrafts. If you want to transform your home into a beautiful, winter wonderland, then good Santa Claus should not be missing on the windowsill or on the table. Santa Claus making handicrafts with children is great fun for young and old, because the white-bearded man has many facets, which promises varied handicraft projects. Below you will find beautiful and creative craft ideas for Santa Clauses. Among the proposals you will find projects that can fascinate both toddlers and school children.

Santa Claus tinker with children with natural materials

cones santa claus tinker natural materials elk angels

If you want to make Christmas decorations with children, you have an almost infinite number of design options with a wide variety of materials to choose from. Natural materials, for example, are an inexpensive option and bring a warm atmosphere into the living room. Despite wind and weather, the festive Christmas mood will move into your home permanently if you make such nice decorative figures for Christmas with children. The children can turn pine cones into Santa Claus, a reindeer or a dwarf in no time.

wood disc jewelry fir tree christmas decoration

Using pine cones to make a Santa Claus with children is really child’s play. Have your child paint the cone red and glue a wooden bead for the head. Now you can help the children to make the typical hat out of paper or felt. The beard is made of cotton wool and the googly eyes are attached. Perhaps your offspring would like to make a great Santa Claus ornament themselves. Another equally simple and great interpretation would be to use a wooden disc for the Santa Claus head. Small children can also take part and paint the wood in white and red.

Cute Santa Claus tinker with children with paper

make paper fabric dekoperle santa claus yourself

When it comes to handicrafts with children of all ages, be it for Christmas or any other occasion, paper is always an excellent handicraft material that can be used in many ways and is easy to use even for the youngest. Paper and cardboard can also be combined with any other material, creating great and unique handicrafts. A simple Santa Claus figure made of cardboard can be dressed up with scraps of fabric in no time at all. Older children can cut out Nicholas themselves, glue them and add buttons to his coat.

toilet paper roll simple santa claus christmas decoration

Children can also make a little Santa Claus out of empty toilet paper rolls. Your little loved ones can paint the empty toilet paper roll and create a Santa Claus according to their own ideas. Perhaps this time the dear man has a mustache instead of a long, white beard. Of course, his hat shouldn’t be missing either. An empty and cleaned packaging of children’s yoghurt is ideal for this. The homemade Santa Claus is an excellent Christmas decoration, but can also be filled with treats or gifts.

tinker paper paper plates santa claus

You can also make a cute Santa Claus with children from round paper plates. There are again many design options here. Your offspring can paint the paper plate and, depending on their skills, cut out arms and legs. The belt can also be made from a black strip of paper. If you want to dress up Santa’s coat and make it shine, the buckle can be brushed with glitter powder. Otherwise, gold or silver paper would do just fine.

paper plates making paper with toddlers

The face is cut out of a circle from the white paper and covered with scraps of paper, strips of paper or even cotton balls. An authentic Santa Claus has a fluffy beard. In the second variant, the paper plate is halved and the ribbed edge serves as a beard. Good Santa Claus can now harness the reindeer to his sleigh and bring the presents to the children. Your child is probably already on his list!

children tinker christmas santa clauses paper

The good-natured symbolic figure of the Christmas gift can also be made from cardboard or paper, as in the picture above. This craft idea is very simple and even a young child will achieve wonderful results. The adolescents can form a cone out of a square sheet of red paper and cover the edges with foil. So that Santa Claus stands up straight and decorates the room, cut off the protruding paper. Form some clouds out of the white paper and make a hole in the middle.

paper origami folding craft ideas christmas

Your child can now paint the face and put the cloud over the cones. The great mini Santa Clauses are a nice giveaway and fit perfectly into the Christmas decoration. If your daughter or son is looking for a more elaborate handicraft project, Origami Santa Claus would be a great pastime. Making an origami Santa Claus with children can also be done well with good and detailed step-by-step instructions.

Handprint Santa Claus tinkering with children

handprint toddler color picture santa claus

As soon as you get the hang of it, you can make cute Santa Clauses with children for Christmas from a sheet of paper. Would you like to design a Christmas card with your child for relatives and friends? Even if you want to keep small children under 3 years of age occupied and fascinated with a great craft idea, such a cute Santa Claus handprint is a great idea. Simply paint the palm of your hand with finger paints and press gently on the paper.

Great and exciting ideas for all things Christmas handicrafts

santa claus tinker children with wooden stirrers

Would you like to create a fancy Santa Claus figure that just peeks out of the chimney? The chimney can easily be made from popsicle sticks or wooden stirrers. While you cut out the legs, your child can paint the popsicle sticks in red and emboss them with brick patterns. At the sight of these great creations, everyone present is put in a happy, festive mood.

hat santa claus wadding schoolchildren ice cream sticks

If you are looking for ideas for children’s handicrafts for Christmas, you may be able to recreate just individual accessories from the costume of the magical being. The chubby Nikolaus hat looks really nice on the Christmas tree and also increases the Christmas anticipation. Elementary school children, for example, can make this great jewelry from popsicle sticks and cotton balls without your support.

beard santa claus mask clothing wadding paper

Sometimes children want to slip into the role of Santa Claus themselves and like to put on costumes. For carnival or a Christmas party, you can complete the Santa Claus outfit with a large and fluffy beard. With little effort and simple tools, children can make their own Santa Claus beard. With him they will look confusingly similar to Nikolaus, you don’t think so?

tinkering ideas christmas binoculars santa claus children

If you want to realize an original and unique Christmas craft idea with school children, you don’t have to limit yourself to the dear Santa Claus figure. Be creative and calmly go beyond the usual ideas of Nicholas. Your offspring will surely find the idea of ​​such binoculars fascinating and will definitely attract everyone’s attention at the Christmas party.