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Painting spring pictures with children with acrylic and watercolors – 20 instructions and ideas

Children really like to paint pictures and with the coming of spring and Easter you also have the perfect reason to spend a creative afternoon with your children. But even if you have ideas for kindergarten or elementary school and want to design art lessons to suit the time of year, painting spring pictures is great. We will show you how you can paint great spring pictures with children by using different colors, techniques and auxiliary items.

Painting spring pictures with children – flowers

Painting spring pictures with flowers - acrylic and watercolors with fork, pompons and flowers

Flowers are without question one of the main subjects in spring. After the gray winter, it’s finally getting colorful. Here are a few ideas about what things and techniques you can use to paint spring pictures.

Paint spring pictures with pompons in kindergarten

Painting ideas with pompons, clothespins and toothbrushes for toddlers

  • Clothespins
  • Bobbles in different sizes
  • Cardboard or paper
  • Colours
  • Toothbrush or paintbrush

Kindergarten children are sometimes not that confident with brushes and colors and find it difficult to paint details. This is why tools, such as the pompons in this case, are very useful when you are painting spring pictures in kindergarten. Clamp the bobbles in the clothespins, put colors on a color palette or a paper plate and you’re good to go.

Paint spring pictures with acrylic paints and pompoms - dab flower petals

The grass can be painted with either a toothbrush or a simple brush. With the smallest bobble (or again a brush) you then paint a few flower stems here and there, which you then add flowers in different colors by creating dots on the paper or cardboard with different sized pompons. Don’t forget a few sheets of paper, too.

Painting spring pictures in the Kiga – tulips with a fork

Simple painting technique for young children - Print tulips in spring with forks

You decide for yourself whether you use a metal fork (preferably with three prongs) or a plastic fork. You also need colors that match the flower colors of the tulips, a brush, a paper plate or a palette and a sheet of paper to paint or Carton. Put the colors on the plate, dip the fork in some color and press it onto the paper. Create several flowers in this way and then add flower stems with a brush.

Painting spring pictures in kindergarten - colorful tulips on a meadow with fork and brush

Colorful meadow of flowers on the paper

Paint spring pictures with watercolors - make circles and outline with a felt pen and draw flowers

It is best to use watercolor paper. Use it to create puddles of different sizes from any water color. Several colors can also be combined in one puddle. Once the colors have dried, you can use a black, waterproof felt pen to make flowers out of them. How exactly, of course, everyone can decide for themselves. Then the petals that are outside the colored dots can also be painted in with watercolors, but they don’t have to.

Paint with flowers

Paint spring pictures with acrylic - use flowers instead of brushes

Or how about if you don’t paint flowers for spring pictures, but instead use real flowers for painting? You can paint these spring pictures with acrylic, but also with similar colors. Just inquire at the craft store. You need:

  • Colours
  • flower
  • yarn
  • paper

Put a few small blobs of paint on the sheet of paper at a small distance from the edge. Of course, the children themselves decide which color tones are. With individual flowers, these colors can first be wiped aside, after which the flowers are tied into a bouquet. Spread a few extra blobs of paint on the sheet and smudge them in any direction. Of course, the children can also come up with their own techniques. Or how about this in case you want to paint with acrylic paint:

Painting flowers for spring pictures - Make prints with real flowers

Dip flowers in color and use them to make prints on paper. The picture already looks very nice, but you can still create a background and distort the flowers in the process. For this purpose, the colors of the flowers should not be completely dry, only partially.

Then give light blue paint to the left side of the sheet according to the width of the sheet and drag it to the right with a ruler. If the color is not enough the first time, just put some on the sheet again and drag it further to the left (children who are left-handed will find it easier to drag the color from right to left).

Trees as pictures for children to paint

Painting spring pictures with blossoming trees - idea to imitate

Of course, the trees are now also awakening to new life. New green leaves are growing and soon the first trees begin to bloom and attract bees. Therefore, you are welcome to paint trees with the children. Here’s an idea on how to paint a tree using acrylic and cotton swabs:

Paint a tree for spring pictures and design leaves and flowers with cotton swabs

First paint the background and once the paint has dried, paint the trunks and branches in brown or black on the sheet of paper. Tie several cotton swabs together with a rubber band, put paint on a paper plate, dip the bundle of swabs in the green paint and dab all along the branches where you want leaves to be. When the paint is dry, you can add a few more flowers. A few flowering shrubs or flowers can also be painted on the lower edge in the same way.

Abstract and motley in spring colors

Abstract spring pictures paint in beautiful spring colors and with different techniques

Certain motifs do not necessarily have to be painted. If you want to paint spring pictures in elementary school or kindergarten, the right colors can also simply be used to create more abstract works of art. We have a few ideas for this too. Creative pictures are possible with both Acyrl and watercolors. All shades that are typical for spring are suitable.

Paint spring pictures yourself with watercolors

Spray happy colors from watercolor for a colorful picture in spring on paper

Hardly any child does not enjoy watercolors and if you try one of these watercolour techniques with the children, the whole thing is guaranteed to be even more fun.

Spray watercolors

With the first idea, the water color simply comes in a spray bottle and is then sprayed onto the paper (preferably paper for water colors). Several colors can be sprayed on one after the other, so that a colorful work of art is created (see picture above).

Draw pictures with watercolor and decorate with rubbing alcohol

With rubbing alcohol (spirit)

The picture is initially designed with any water color. In spring, the colors should of course be bright, colorful and friendly. Let the colors dry slightly for about 2 minutes and then dip a cotton swab into the alcohol. Now the children can use it to create patterns on the paper.

Instructions on how to paint spring pictures with alcohol and cotton swabs

With salt

Mix a little water with watercolor and salt until you get a liquid but grainy liquid that the children can use to paint. The pictures get an interesting texture.

Mix watercolor with salt and water for beautiful textures on the spring image

Another option is to paint any picture you like and finally sprinkle it with salt here and there at the end. The grains of salt absorb the surrounding liquid, creating a wonderful effect.

Sprinkle watercolor pictures with salt for beautiful and creative effects

Painting with acrylic paints and Easter eggs

Use plastic Easter eggs instead of brushes and create colorful pictures

The headline sounds very interesting and the project will be guaranteed for the little ones. If you are looking for other painting techniques for kindergarten that are also suitable for Easter and with which you can paint great spring pictures, you are making the right choice. Put acrylic paints in the wells of a palette or in small cups and place plastic Easter eggs in the paints. By rolling the plastic eggs over the paper, beautiful pictures are created. In this way, spring pictures can also be painted with finger paint, if you prefer this.

Spring pictures for painting with feathers

Feather as an alternative to the brush in the Kiga or in elementary school

Birds are a typical symbol of spring. In the morning they finally delight us with their pleasant twittering and the migratory birds are slowly but surely returning. Feathers as motifs and also as a material for painting are a wonderful idea, you don’t think so?

Feathers instead of brushes

Dip a pen in the paint and use it to paint any spring pictures or tie several with a rubber around a brush, wooden stick or pencil. The type of feathers can also vary – take straight and tight ones and soft and fluffy ones and test which patterns come out.

Make impressions with paints and feathers and use them for greeting cards

Footprints with feathers

And while you are already painting with feathers, you can use them for another technique. Paint in a feather of any color and make one or more impressions on paper. This printing technique is particularly suitable if you want to design spring greeting cards or Easter cards with the children.

Integrate real feathers in the spring image

If you would like to paint spring pictures in elementary school or with the older kindergarten children, you can also mix tempera paint with a little glue, place the feathers on the paper and then paint over them with a brush. But use the right shades so that the picture also fits spring. With too much yellow, red, and orange, you run the risk that the finished image will be reminiscent of autumn leaves (which would of course be appropriate for autumn). Instead, go for pink, pink, red, purple, light blue and green and combine them with the mentioned shades.

Painting spring pictures with rainbows

Paint rainbows for spring pictures or in summer with simple techniques

Now that the sun can be seen more and more often, a rainbow can appear. And if not, just paint it with the children and bring it into your own house.

Rainbow with watercolors and washi tape

Create an abstract pattern on paper or canvas with washi tape and adhesive tape

Stick washi tape over the paper in any way you like, and then paint the stripes of the rainbow over it and across the width of the sheet. Once the paint has dried, you can carefully peel off the tape. You are also welcome to use other motifs, colors, patterns and effects instead of the rainbow (e.g. one of the ideas with watercolor above).

Paint spring pictures with acrylic and shaving foam

Creative painting idea with shaving foam and acrylic paints for a rainbow

Painting with shaving cream is also a really fun idea. If you are looking for painting ideas with acrylic, you can also use this technique, for which we have already published detailed instructions. You can not only create a rainbow of colors on the shaving foam and then transfer it to a sheet of paper, but also any other spring motif that is easy for children to paint. For example, you can quickly paint butterflies in an interesting way, but also flowers, Easter eggs and much more.

Abstract rainbow

Rainbow painted on paper with ruler and decorated with confetti

As you can see in the instructions, distribute several splashes of paint (in rainbow colors) among each other, then take a long ruler and pull the colors to one side. You can leave the picture as it is or let the colors dry for a few minutes and then add more splashes of color at any point and pull them in different directions.