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Painting glass – ideas, various techniques and templates


Classically, people draw on paper. However, there are also other documents such as mason jars, drinking glasses, vases and other glass dishes that are ideal for painting. Painting glass is very easy for the hobbyist, not many materials are required and the wide range of great ideas makes every hobbyist’s heart beat faster. Today we are going to give you some tips on what to look for when painting glass and what color you can use to achieve certain effects.

Painting glass – Different motifs to choose from


As with most techniques, painting glass depends on the right materials and tools. It is very important to use the right brush with the right line width. Special stippling brushes or sponges are also used for stenciling. Contour pastes are also ideal for glass painting.

What color to paint glass with?


Special glass paints are available from specialist retailers. A distinction is made between two types: water-based and acrylic resin-based. Thanks to their very thick consistency, they do not tend to run and can also be applied to vertical surfaces with a brush. The glass colors can be transparent or opaque.

Painting glasses with branding


Some colors have to be fixed in the oven, others don’t. You need to make sure beforehand that the glass is heat-resistant and suitable for baking. Then follow the manufacturer’s instructions because the temperature and baking time can vary depending on the product used. The painted wine glasses should be put in the cold oven. When the baking time is over, it is best to let the jars cool down in the oven. After that, the glass paints are dishwasher safe.

The outline color

Paint glass ideas-template-outline-draw-contours

The colored contours are set with a contrasting color in the image design. The relief paste usually comes in a liner bottle or with a fine spray nozzle and enables precise work. Thanks to the pasty consistency, the color cannot run.

Place the template in the glass and trace the contours without any problems


And this is how it is done: Place the desired motif template in the glass and stick the paper with adhesive tape on the inside of the glass to be painted. Apply the contours with the contour paint directly from the tube or bottle.

Paint glass ideas-outline-relief-paste-outlines

For the beginning, painting with a template is recommended. At the end of this article you will find some pictures that you can print out and use as a template. Make sure that the drinking area of ​​wine or champagne glasses is not painted with the glass paint or contour paste. The motif should be 1.5 cm to 2 cm below the edge of the glass.

Painting glass with acrylic paints?

Glass painting ideas-with-which-colors-acrylic-paints-opaque

In general, regular acrylic paints are suitable for applications on glass. But they are not waterproof or weatherproof. That makes them rather unsuitable for painting drinking glasses. There is still the problem that glass is extremely smooth, which means that the acrylic paint does not adhere very well. For best results, use special stained glass paints.



Designing with effect paint in conjunction with self-adhesive stencils is particularly beautiful. This creates a perfectly clear picture motif. Whether butterflies, roses or shells – there is a suitable stencil motif for every occasion and every season. You can also use painter’s tape to create clean lines and patterns.

It is best to dab the paint on with a sponge

Paint glass ideas-stencil-stick-on-sponge-dab-rose motif

The stencil is positioned on the glass and the paint is dabbed on with a sponge. The template is then removed again. Some stencils can also be cleaned with water and used again.

Color with a frost effect


There are also craft paints with a frost effect that can be used to give smooth, transparent glass, mirror and acrylic surfaces a frosty look. They are semi-transparent and give an iced satin effect.

Paint wine glasses with a marker pen


You can still write, draw and paint on glass with Edding pens specially developed for smooth surfaces. The paint dries quickly and is water, light and heat resistant. Even a simple wine glass looks really classy with beautiful squiggle lettering in a metal look.

Silver and gold for Christmas


The marker is available with different tips – with a calligraphy tip, with a round tip, with a stronger tip for generous lettering, with a finer tip and with a very thin tip for fine decoration. All pens are optionally available in different colors and metal tones.

filigree fir tree on the glass


You can also use templates when using glass paint pens. However, if you are used to drawing free-hand motifs, you can also work without a fixed template. The contours of this Christmas tree motif, for example, can be easily copied. Incidentally, stemless wine glasses are increasingly conquering the market. Thanks to the different design, they can also be used for other drinks.

Paint glasses with nail polish


Glasses can also be decorated with nail polish. This means that these can be converted into tea lights. Be careful, however, that the nail polish could wash off over time.

Paint champagne glasses yourself

glass-painting-ideas-champagne glasses-dots-silver-new year's eve-new year-decoration

The easiest pattern to imitate: dots! In all imaginable colors and sizes. Prepare the jar by cleaning it well. Put a large drop of your nail polish on a saucer. Lightly dab the nail polish with a cotton swab and then make small dots on the glass.

Polka dot pattern


These gold-colored dots should look like rising bubbles. Make points closer together at the bottom that disperse at the top. DIY addicts can also try marbling with water and nail polish.

Let it sparkle!

glass-painting-ideas-glitter-gold-proseco-party-decoration-new year's eve

Glittering wine glasses are perfect for special occasions such as New Year’s Eve party, hen parties or as gifts. The glitter powder is simply fixed to the wine glass with glue. You can cover either the goblet or the stem with glitter powder.

Have champagne glasses painted for the wedding

glass-painting-ideas-wedding-champagne glasses-maritime-starfish

Where noble parties are celebrated, the occasion is almost always toasted with a champagne glass. Hand-painted glasses will forever remind the bride and groom of this special day, the unforgettable celebration and moving moments. Discover the big one Variety of offers here.

Order personalized wedding glasses


Whether for an anniversary, wedding, golden wedding, silver wedding or any other occasion, a personalized champagne glass set with a name, date or desired decor is certainly a good idea. Just give the seller the details you want.

Various decorations


The champagne flutes are often painted and decorated differently like the bride and groom. The “wedding dress” can be spruced up with tulle and adhesive half-pearls. The “groom” should of course wear an elegant black suit.

Hen party idea

glass-painting-ideas-bachelorette party-gift-dress-beads

Individual painted glasses are also a great idea for the hen party and can be easily copied. The bride-to-be would certainly look forward to such a surprise. With matching “clothes” and chic decorations, the glasses look really great.

Rhinestones on the wine glass base


In addition to adhesive half-pearl necklaces, there are also many other decorations to choose from. Rhinestones, rhinestone chains to sew on and other crystals are also perfect. You can design stems and feet in the same way.

Painting wine glasses with children

Wine glasses paint ideas-children's birthday-easter-bunny-chick-tealight holder-wine glasses

Children can also have fun painting glass. The wine glass tealight holders, for example, look funny and are perfect as a table decoration for children’s birthday parties or as a small souvenir to a party.

Halloween tea light holder

glass-painting-ideas-wine glasses-tealight-holders-halloween-decorations

Do you have a number of “unique pieces” of wine glasses in your cupboard? These can be excellently upcycled as personalized candle holders. The wine glass is usually turned upside down and filled with flowers or Christmas figures. Alternatively, you can paint motifs and ornaments of all kinds on the chalice with opaque paint.

Painted wine glasses as a decoration for Christmas


Since the wine glass tealight holders are not rinsed under water like the drinking glasses, you can experiment with other decorations that are not waterproof. Bows, buttons, pompoms, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, feathers, pieces of felt and raffia can add the finishing touches to any design.

Cool motifs for Christmas

glass-painting-ideas-christmas-tealight-holder-upside down

Check out our great ideas and try them out for yourself at home! Painted glasses look more individual and festive when they are hand-painted. This is a creative and cheap way to make a special gift for friends and acquaintances or just to create something beautiful for your home.

Templates for printing


You can print out the following images and use them as templates. Simply insert the paper into the glass, attach it and follow the lines on the glass. Have fun!

Birds in love


Owl in love or eagle owl in love

glass-painting-template-owl-in love

intertwined hearts – template


Cats in love