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Painting beautiful cups with children – child’s play with these instructions!

A really great project for the afternoon and for children is painting cups. It’s simple, it’s incredibly fun, and you end up with a useful item that is just unique. Regardless of whether you keep the cup for your own use or give it away – the handicraft project will definitely be worth it. For this reason, today we are going to show you the best way to paint cups with children and give you a few suggestions for motifs and techniques (although we are sure that your little ones are bursting with ideas and creativity).

Children paint cups with china pencils

Create a cup with practical porcelain pens for the little ones

If you want to paint cups with children, one of the easiest techniques is to use special porcelain pencils. In principle, these do not differ from normal felt-tip pens, so that children can use them without any problems. Precise pictures can be drawn or even lettering can be written down.

White tea or coffee cups are best, as the white color is an ideal surface. However, you can of course also choose other light colors, such as light blue, light green, cream, beige, pink and the like.

After you have painted the cups with children, it is best to let the colors dry for a few hours or even overnight before fixing them in the oven as described by the manufacturer. You can also trace the motifs a second time to make the colors even more durable. Then you should let them dry again for a few hours and only then fix them in the oven.

Colorful design with numerous motifs - children get creative

Also, put the cups in the oven before it has heated up. This allows the material to gradually get used to the increasing heat and prevent the colors from cracking. Also, leave the cup in the oven while it cools down again. You are welcome to repeat this process a second time to make the painting even more resistant. Although the cups are then considered dishwasher-safe, it is advisable to always wash them gently by hand.

Painting the cup with children using porcelain paint

Paint cups with children and give them away - butterflies and flowers from fingerprints

If you want to paint a cup with children and handprints or fingerprints, porcelain paint is more suitable. This can also be applied with a brush, so that the little ones can get really creative again. Just put a little paint on a color palette, pick up a little paint with your finger or a brush, and start painting – just like you would on normal paper or canvas. Then, as in the case of pens, the colors are fixed in the oven and remain in it after the “baking time” until the oven and the cup have cooled down.

Fingerprint Painting - Easy project for unique tableware

Use stickers to design

Painting cups with children - Happy doodles in bright colors with lettering

You can use stickers to create motifs when you are painting the cups with children and coloring them in completely. The stickers are simply peeled off after painting and after the paint has dried a little. What remains is the motif (or the lettering). This variant is well suited if you are painting a cup with smaller children who are not yet very good at drawing.

Create patterns with adhesive tape by masking and painting with porcelain paints

Or how about using simple tape to create patterns on the mug? Simply stick the strips to the surface in any direction and paint in any free areas around them. Let the paint dry again and carefully remove the tape.

Painting cups with children - idea for self-made lettering made of adhesive tape

You can also design any lettering yourself with adhesive tape if you cannot find a suitable sticker. For the example in the picture above, acrylic paints and sponge brushes were used to create an interesting pattern around the lettering. Then you remove the tape and the design is ready. To fix the color, bake the cup again at 175 degrees in the non-preheated oven for 30 minutes, as described above.

Painting marble cups with children – instructions with nail polish

Paint cups with kids nail polish and Mod Podge to design

A nice and creative idea for older children is marble mugs that use nail polish. And although the design looks complicated at first glance, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to implement. In the following way such cups can be painted with children:

  • white cups
  • nail polish
  • Wooden shish kebab skewers or toothpicks
  • warm water
  • Aluminum bowl or other container
  • nail polish remover
  • Cotton balls or cotton pads
  • dishwasher safe mod podge or napkin glue
  • paint brush

DIY marble-look coffee cup as a craft idea for older children

Fill the bowl with warm water. 5 to 7.5 cm should be sufficient, depending on where you would like the color to go on your mug. Then pour nail polish on the surface of the water. You choose the amount depending on how much of the white of the cup you would like to let through. Now you should quickly continue working before the nail polish solidifies in the water: With a toothpick or shashlik skewer, carefully stir the nail polish and create the marble effect.

Instructions for a marble mug made from pink nail polish

Now dip the cup in the water and take it out again. The nail polish will stick to the outside of the cup. Then place the cup on a suitable surface to dry overnight. If you then want to design a different-colored mug, you have to dispose of the water and start over. Once the varnish has dried, apply a thin layer of Mod Podge.

Painting cups with children - marble effect in bright colors

You are also welcome to experiment by combining several colors in the water for a cup. But even then, you should work quickly!

How you can transfer motifs or lettering

Painting cups with children - motifs and writing transferred with pencil

If the children find it difficult to paint themselves or just want a more complicated motif on the cup, you can also transfer a printed one onto the surface and then paint it over with pens or colors. It works easier than you might think. You need:

  • any motif, printed out on white paper
  • pencil
  • duct tape

Instructions for transferring printed designs onto the mug

Take your motif and use the pencil to scribble the back in the area of ​​the motif. Then stick the paper to the cup with the tape (the pencil side rests on the surface of the cup). Now draw the motif or the lettering with a pencil or a ballpoint pen. If you remove the paper again, the motif is transferred thanks to the pencil scribble and you can trace it with the porcelain pencils or porcelain paint and in this way paint cups quickly and easily with children.

Painting cups – ideas to imitate

Painting cups with children - making patterns with adhesive tape

Regardless of whether you have been painting cups for a children’s birthday party or planning a simple afternoon of handicrafts, a few suggestions for motifs are certainly welcome. Just show the little ones a few of the following ideas for cup painting motifs with children so that they can choose something and then get creative themselves.

Children painting cups – ideas for motifs

Children painting cups with yellow and red flowers and grass

Colorful frog

Painted cups with bright colors and frog

Pink dot pattern

Children paint cups with pink dots

Gift for the father with lettering

Painting cups with children for Father's Day with lettering

Create the children’s handprint

Painting cups with children - handprint as a souvenir and a nice gift idea

Dino and piggy for a playful motif

Paint pigs and dinosaurs on the mug - child-friendly design

Heart with child’s name

Personalized and homemade mug with the child's heart and name

Marbled cups in different colors

Marbled tea cups in red, purple and yellow-green

Paint a Christmas tree for Christmas

Idea for a Christmas mug with a Christmas tree and Christmas greeting

Father’s Day or birthday present for dad with a heart as a motif

Gift idea for dad with a heart and lettering

Neon colors for teacups and plates

Happy inspiration in neon colors for teacups and plates