Craft ideas

Original ideas on how to design the cables as decoration


The annoying cables that are everywhere in our house, interfere with closing the door or ruin the overall impression of the interior, are a cosmetic problem in most households.

The cables as decoration – this is how you can hide them in a pretty way


But you can also use creativity and turn them into your own art to match the interior. You will be amazed how many interesting ideas for Cable as decoration can arise when it comes to cables. In the following examples, cables as long as possible are required to achieve the desired effect.

Design the cables as decoration – inspiring ideas


You can use these interesting sample ideas for that Cable as decoration See design as inspiration and change or even expand it. Of course, you can also let your imagination run wild and design your own theme. All you need is a few elements that allow you to attach the cables in the shape and direction you want.

Creativity on the wall


Check out, for example, this great idea for cable as decoration at. Here an entire ornament was created with the help of a cable, which is usually either made of wood or is part of a piece of furniture. This cable actually belongs to a bedside lamp. You can easily turn it into an interesting character with a little imagination.

In harmony with nature


That’s another idea how you do that Cable as decoration fix. The cord was attached so that it looks like branches. All you have to do is cut out sheets of paper or some other material and tape them to the cable. Finally, you can add a little bird that appears to be sitting on the branch.

A tree idea


You can shape very long cables into a tree instead of wondering how and where to hide them.

A city skyline