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Open when making letters yourself – 22 creative topics and ideas

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If you are looking for creative gift ideas or want to give someone special attention Open when letters a wonderful way to surprise someone. Especially if you live far away from each other or just don’t have much time for each other, the gift will be valued correctly. Because every letter is a small reminder that there is someone who likes you.

What are open when letters?

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Open when Briefe is about writing any number of small letters for your loved one. These may only be opened if the situation on the envelope reaches the recipient. This personally designed gift brings a lot of joy, especially in difficult times, but also when you simply cannot be there.

Open when letters: creative gift idea for boyfriend / girlfriend

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“Open me if” letters can be given to your best friend, on the birthday of your mom, sister or dad, but also on the anniversary with your partner or as a romantic surprise on Valentine’s Day. It’s about paying attention to your loved ones, but it doesn’t cost much.

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Open when letters made easy

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Small gifts, messages, pictures and gifts can be added to the envelopes. The exact number of letters can be selected individually, but it would be nice if the recipient receives at least 10. At the end, the whole thing is nicely packaged or given away in a gift box. We’ll soon reveal how to do all of this yourself, as well as creative design ideas and crafting tips.

Open when making letters yourself – this is how it works!

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Depending on which person the opening is intended for when letters are intended, there are different options for creating a nice surprise. For the partner you can of course formulate it as a love letter: “10 (0) reasons why I love you” or “The best moments in the relationship”. For friends and family you can work in funny things, as well as beautiful pictures that remind you of the good time together or future projects and trips together.

Open when letters – DIY gift idea

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The design of the envelopes is particularly important. You can design all of them very differently or simply label them in an original way. What is on the envelope can be written in English or in German: “Open when …” or “Open me when …”. Add a brief description of the situation. In hobby shops and online too, there are plenty of beautiful envelopes or you can make some yourself, we will also show you how to do it. There is no single instruction or exact procedure for this, but you have a lot of design freedom and can design the gift individually. However, you can collect nice examples and some inspiration from our ideas.

Open when letters – How many?

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But what can you write in so many letters? Here you should let your creativity run free and briefly think about the situation in which you need to hear something positive. Then all you need is a nice stationery, so that the whole thing looks beautiful and really personal. You choose the exact number of letters yourself, of course. However, try to think of as many of them as possible. So the recipient can look forward to it longer.

Open when letter template number 1.


The first and the last letter should be separated from the rest, e.g .: “Open when … you got my gift” or simply “Read first”. In the first, you write an explanation of how the person should proceed and why you have opted for Open when Briefe. You can also register a few rules:

  1. Open only if the title applies.
  2. It is permitted to open a maximum of two letters a week.
  3. No looking into the letters.

The last Open when Brief


In the last letter it is always nice to write a real letter. One page is usually enough, but it can be longer. In it you can write down a little congratulations on reading all the letters and remind the person once again how much you love them. Here are a few ideas of what to write and fill in the rest of the letters:

Open letter when..

  • you’re lonely or sad – a text with lovely words or sayings to cheer you up, a chocolate praline
  • you are happy – confetti and a note so that the recipient can briefly describe what made them happy
  • you feel sick – tea bags from your favorite tea, tic tacs as a substitute for medication
  •  you miss me – small picture together and a nice letter on the back

Open when letters in great envelopes


  • you’re bored – paper puzzles, sudoku,
  • you miss summer – voucher for solarium
  • you need money – a bill
  • hurts you – a band-aid
  • you feel old – packet of anti-falata mask
  • you feel alone – inflatable pillow
  • you want to be against a child – small piece of bubble wrap
  • it’s your birthday – birthday card
  • you forgot when our anniversary is – joint photo with the exact date on the back
  • you are tired – sachets of instant coffee or guarana powder

Open when letters – personalize the envelope


Open letter when …

  • you’re cold – hand warmers
  • you’re hungry – bag of soup, a bag of chips or a voucher for the supermarket next door
  • you’ve got your days – tampon, chocolate
  • you have a date – love poem
  • it’s raining – instructions
  • you have love / grief – insert your own mobile phone number
  • you’re forgetful – sticky notes
  • you want to travel – a travel guide
  • you’re going to a party – miniature vials
  • you are frustrated – mandala for coloring
  • you’re mad at me – dear words, that despite your complicated character, you love the other
  • Easter / Christmas etc. is – Easter egg / snowball fight / small gift
  • you are in a bad mood – CD with your favorite music

Open when letters – make envelopes yourself


Of course, you can always buy envelopes, but to show attention to detail and attention to loved ones, it is worth investing some time and effort in the project and making the envelopes yourself. It’s very easy to do if you have a template. The size of the envelope should be matched to the size of the cards or letters. Various little things such as chocolates or small gifts should fit in there.

Open when letters – envelope template


Ready-made stencils are a popular thing that makes envelope folding a lot easier. Those made of plastic that can be used several times can be had for a few euros for office supplies. Depending on the size you want, you can find a suitable template online, print it out and transfer it to a sturdy cardboard box. So you have created a template yourself. You can then use the template to make as many envelopes as you want and wrap the loving letters nicely.

Open when making vintage-style letters yourself – envelope instructions

do-it-yourself open-when-letters-envelope-instructions

Different papers can be used for the envelopes. Packaging and gift paper, as well as cardboard and colored paper work wonderfully. You can fold these very imaginatively. Here is our proposal in vintage style.

Open when letters – fold envelope


In the example, old, yellowish book pages were used instead of wrapping paper. In order to get the envelope in the desired size, a card serves as a model. A ruler helps to fold the paper as precisely as possible.

Open when letters – make your own vintage envelope


It is best to plan everything in advance and write down how many letters should be created. Then you have to get everything useful – paper for the letters and for the envelopes. Stickers, self-adhesive decorative elements, capsules and everything else that goes with the decoration should be purchased before starting the handicrafts.

Open when letters – creative envelopes made easy


Instead of envelopes, you can make small gift boxes and fill them as you like. All letters should not look the same. Depending on the situation, letters and small parcels can be combined as desired. Be creative and make your personal gift as original and unique as possible.

Open when making letters yourself – designing an envelope


Sometimes it is difficult to find a suitable gift for a loved one. The Open When Letters are always a good idea that can be implemented casually. Expressed wishes and small things that one has accidentally communicated come as a real enrichment in hard times. You can also show how much you like the recipient with a self-made gift.

Open when letters for loved ones


The individual open-when situations do not have to adhere to any particular order. It is important to note a timeline in which the recipient should open all letters. It is best to design the letters so that the recipient can choose which letter to read in which situation. Even if the plans fail, love and attention have been invested in the contents of the letters, which are usually worth more than any precious object.

Open when letters on the anniversary


Any number of letters can be easily tied with a beautiful ribbon or string and given away in an atmospheric way. Simply stack the individual envelopes on top of each other and tie the stack tightly with the string. Otherwise, get a real gift box and a nice bow or satin ribbon to make the gift a real surprise. So the recipient will never be able to guess what’s inside.

Open me if box for a birthday or as a parting gift


The idea can also be used as a parting gift or when you are in a long-distance relationship and from time to time you need a sign that there is someone who thinks of you and loves you. For example, if your best friend is going abroad for a long period of time, you can consider such a gift. In this case, you can adjust the number of letters to the relevant period. The letters and small gifts can be adapted to any context and of course to the person.

Open when letters for Valentine’s Day 


The idea for Open When Letters is first and foremost a nice memory that stays in time. The funny stories and lovely words are sure not to be forgotten when they are all in a gift box. Even after many years they will be opened and the good times will be remembered. For couples, these letters are perfect as a gift for Valentine’s Day. In the first letter you can then write a declaration of love and design the remaining letters as proof of love. Fill the letters with personal gifts and beautiful souvenir photos that will put a smile on your loved one’s face.

Open when letters – topics and ideas


Here we reveal a few more tips & Tricks on how to creatively design your Open when letters. By and large, the design of the letters and envelopes depends on the subject. Colorful decorations and elements are very suitable for best friends, although a decoration with hearts and kisses goes well with loved ones. Depending on whether you prefer it neat and chic or unusual, the envelopes can also be decorated. If you have made or bought single-colored envelopes, you have more leeway with the labeling. This is where labels come into their own.

Open when decorating letters – materials and tools


Self-adhesive labels can be found at office supplies or you can find a nice model online and print it out. Black and white labels have a chic vintage effect and go wonderfully with simple envelopes, especially those made of kraft paper. With labels, the whole gift looks much more elegant and tidy. In addition, all envelopes can be designed the same in this way. However, if you would like to personalize the Open When Letters, it is advisable to label the envelopes yourself. The handwriting always has a personal effect and speaks for the time you have taken for it. To write, you can use colored pencils and choose a different color for each letter. The possibilities for designing the envelopes are diverse and you have a really large scope.

Make labels for Open when letters yourself


If you have decided on the neat variant, then you can make your own labels with the help of the miotiv puncher. Depending on the size and design, its price starts at around 10 euros. So you can write all the labels on the PC, then have them printed on cardboard and then punch out yourself. Use beautiful, legible fonts that match the design and theme of your letters. If desired, the fonts can also be designed in any color. Let your creativity run wild!

Open when letters – handicrafts with paper and motif punches


With motif punches you can make wonderful patterns and motifs yourself and use them to decorate greeting, birthday and invitation cards. They are also perfect for making beautiful Open me if letters. In the craft shop you can find motif punches with any pattern and create a pretty decoration for your letters and envelopes. The punched motifs look particularly beautiful and decorative on colored paper and create atmospheric decorations.

Open when decorate letters – alphabet stamp


Alternatively, you can order labels and label them nicely. Instead of by hand, you can label them with stamp letters. These are available individually or as an alphabet set. You can use it to design the envelopes nicely without printing out the lettering. This idea works well for those who do not have beautiful handwriting and do not want to write on the envelopes by hand. You can also make stamps with letters yourself using various household materials. Wine corks, erasers or foam rubber, for example, are very suitable for this.