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Making sunflowers with children: 5 easy handicraft projects with instructions

Although the weather sometimes reminds us of the coming autumn, summer is not over yet! Greet the last days of summer with a fun craft project for the kids. In the article you will discover some exciting ideas on how to make a sunflower together. The craft ideas are perfect for both toddlers and kindergarten children and put them in a good mood even on a rainy summer afternoon.

Cool craft ideas for late summer: making sunflower with children

Craft project for toddlers making sunflower

What goes better with summer than some beautiful sunflowers? They put you in a good mood both in the garden and in the field and are among the most popular summer flowers. If you’re just looking for a fun craft project for the kids then pick one of the ideas below and get started! We wish you a lot of fun!

Tinker sunflower out of construction paper – crumpled picture as a craft idea for toddlers

Beautiful sunflower made from construction paper craft project for kids

Even the smallest children can create beautiful designs with paper. With the so-called crumpling technique, colored paper is crumpled up and glued to a template. The result is great pictures that don’t need brushes and paints. Here you will find instructions with a suitable template for making a pretty sunflower in summer.

Necessary materials:

  • Colorful construction paper (tissue paper and crepe paper work well too)
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • Craft glue
  • Popsicle stick or cardboard box for the stick
  • Sunflower template

Make sunflowers out of paper crumpling technique

Choose colored craft paper for the sunflower (yellow and brown paper for the flower and green for the leaf). Cut the selected paper into small square pieces (approx. 3 x 3 cm is sufficient).

Gradually crumple the square paper into small balls. Draw the pattern of the sunflower (from the template) on a piece of construction paper or cardboard and cut it out with scissors. You can also cut out the design directly from the template.

Take the brown crumpled balls and glue them to the middle part of the cut out flower pattern. Once you’ve filled in the middle part of the sunflower, add the yellow paper balls to fill in the petals.

Prepare green paper and cut out the shape of the sheet (from the template). Fill in the cut sheet with the green balls.

Take a popsicle stick or cut out a strip of cardboard as a stick. Attach the sunflower to one end of the stem and glue the leaf under the flower. Let the glue dry and the sunflower is ready.

Sunflower template

Sunflower tinker template to cut out

Make sunflowers from handprints

Ideas for sunflowers from handprints

Do your children like to do handicrafts with handprints? Then this little project is perfect for the next afternoon of handicrafts. You can use paper or a stronger material such as cardboard or foam rubber for this.


  • 2 sheets of yellow paper
  • 1 sheet of green paper
  • 1 sheet of brown paper
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • adhesive
  • Popsicle stick
  • Brown pencil

Cut out handprints from yellow paper and glue

First, fold the yellow paper in half parallel to the long edge so that there is enough space for 2 handprints. Place the center of your palm on the open edge (as in the picture above). Trace the hand and fingers with a pencil. Cut out a total of 5 handprint shapes.

Put a small dot of glue on the end of the chopstick. Place the first paper handprint on the glue with your thumb pointing to the left. Add another small dot of glue to the lower right of the handprint. Press the second paper handprint onto the glue dot. Continue to put a small dot of glue on the corner of each handprint and glue on the next handprint (with all thumbs pointing in the same direction) until you have completed the circle.

Instructions for making sunflowers from handprints children

Cut out two identical leaf shapes from green paper. Put a small dot of glue on one end of each sheet and glue the sheets to the back of the ice cream stick.

To make the center of the sunflower, cut out a circle out of brown paper. With a brown pencil, draw seeds on the circle. Put some glue on the back of the circle and stick it on the center of the handprints.

Sweet sunflower from paper plate

Easy sunflower tinker from paper plate instructions

Paper plates are just perfect for making flowers. Their round shape provides the perfect basis for beautiful flowers. Below is a super easy crafting idea that kids are sure to enjoy. With this paper plate sunflower, the children can still train their cutting skills and improve their fine motor skills while they are cutting out the petals for the sunflower.


  • Paper plate
  • Popsicle stick
  • Green foam rubber
  • Yellow COLOUR
  • Green colour
  • Sunflower seeds
  • scissors
  • Glue

Cut a small cut in the edge of the paper plate. Go back and make another cut so they connect and you cut out a small piece. As a rule, kindergarten children can carry out this step independently.

Paint the popsicle stick green and the paper plate yellow and let them dry.

Once the plate is dry, glue sunflower seeds to the center of the paper plate.

Cut out two sheets of green foam rubber and glue them to both sides of the craft stick.

Glue the craft stick to the back of the paper plate and you’re done!

Recycling handicrafts with children – sunflowers from egg carton

Make sunflowers out of egg cartons with children

It’s never too early to teach kids how to recycle. And this sunflower crafting idea is a great way to do it.

What you need:

  • White sheet of paper
  • Egg carton
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • Yellow paint or colored pencils
  • Chocolate breakfast cereal (or something else that looks like sunflower seeds)
  • Brown tissue paper
  • Construction paper
  • Green pipe cleaners
  • Glue

Sunflower tinker recycled egg carton for blossoms

Cut the construction paper to fit 1/4 of the white sheet and tape it so that it is flush with the bottom edge of the paper. Then draw a vase or pot on the construction paper and glue pieces of brown tissue paper on top, making sure that the vase is completely covered.

Now cut out three or four egg carton cups. Cut the sides straight down to the lower round part. These represent the petals of the sunflower. Repeat the process for all egg cartons.

Color the cut out egg cartons with yellow paint or yellow crayon and set them aside.

Tape the pipe cleaners to the paper so that they touch the top of the vase. Try to make the stems different lengths.

Use glue to glue each individual egg carton to the tip of a pipe cleaner.

Apply some glue to the inside of the egg cartons and sprinkle some of the chocolate flakes on them.

Make a big sunflower

Make a large sunflower out of cardboard Instructions for the children's project

Big handicrafts are a lot of fun for children. To make a giant sunflower, you need the following materials:

  • round cardboard cereal can (or other round cardboard box)
  • colour
  • Sheet of brown tissue paper
  • Broomstick

First, remove the lid and label from the can. Make some pencil marks as shown above and use the markings to cut the strips. Then fold back the petals.

Now comes the fun part – paint! To do this, use yellow and orange paint. Then let the paint dry well and pierce a broomstick as a handle. Fill the middle with tissue paper and the big sunflower is ready.