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Making mushrooms: 3 DIY projects for the house and garden

make mushrooms yourself diorama straw yourself

We always like to be at home in autumn. And at the latest when the first leaves fall, the beautiful nature awakens your own creativity. Let your imagination run wild and make a wonderful decoration with a natural look: For example, you can make mushrooms out of felt and wine corks and decorate your self-made diorama with them. Or paint the old clay pots and turn them into mushrooms – the autumn decoration for the terrace and garden is ready in no time. Or you can conjure up mushrooms out of paper and toilet rolls with the children. We’ll show you 3 ideas and DIY instructions to do it yourself.

Make mushrooms: build an autumn diorama

mushrooms tinker diorama autumn dwarf butterflies paper

Surprise family and friends with an imaginative decoration – and build an autumn diorama. Scatter moss on paper and let it dry. Arrange dwarfs made of felt and hedgehogs made of pine cones on it. Cut butterflies out of paper, paint them and glue them to toothpicks.

Pictured above: hedgehogs made of felt and pine cones, butterflies made of paper and the ladybugs are made of small buttons covered with fabric. The absolute highlight in the diorama – the mushrooms made of styrofoam and coffee filters.

tinker mushrooms instructions diorama build autumn decoration

Difficulty: medium. Suitable for adults and teenagers. Requires skill.

Tinkering time: 1-2 hours, depending on how many mushrooms you want to make.

So that you can make the mushrooms shown above, you need small styrofoam cones, styrofoam balls, crepe paper, fine brushes, scissors, knife or cutter, paint, glue. Simply cut the balls in half first, then make a hole in the middle, insert the cones into the ball and secure with glue. Let dry. Then cover the mushrooms with crepe paper and, if desired, paint small dots with white paint.

make mushrooms paper diorama build

That’s how fascinating the end result looks. Our tip: Coffee filters can successfully replace crepe paper. If desired, you can glue the ladybugs to the mushrooms from buttons. For this handicraft idea you only need a little skill, a free hour on the weekend and patience. It will probably only work after two or three attempts at pasting with crepe paper. So take your time to experiment.

Making mushrooms out of corks and felt – instructions

tinker mushrooms moss diorama bell jar

Not only can you make beautiful mushrooms out of paper and styrofoam – corks and felt are also used. The instructions are extremely simple, knowledge of sewing is desirable, but you can also make the mushrooms yourself with a hot glue gun or glue for felt. You can arrange the finished mushrooms under a bell jar together with moss and a bird’s nest, also made of felt and sewing thread, and display them on the dining table.

Make felt mushrooms yourself instruction materials

Difficulty level: easy, suitable for adults and children from 7 years.

Handicraft time: 1 hour

Caution: Never leave children unsupervised when handling needles or glue. Children are not allowed to tinker with the hot glue gun, there is a risk of injury.

The necessary materials are wine corks, wooden spools of thread, sheets of felt in red and white, sewing thread in white, polyfill or other suitable fillings of your choice for the hat, needle. Optional: glue for felt or hot glue gun.

tinker mushrooms make felt details yourself

The first step is to cut a large circle with a diameter from the red felt – depending on your choice between 6 cm for the small and 8 cm for the large mushrooms. Cut out three very small circles for each mushroom (diameter no larger than 8 mm – 1 cm) and one large circle with a diameter of 4 cm for the small and 8 cm for the large mushrooms from the white felt. Cut the ends of the red felt circle with the scissors at a distance of 1cm (see photo above).

tinker mushrooms sewing felt pillow filling

First sew the small white dots onto the red circle, then sew the white and red circles together up to the middle and fill them with the wadding. Sew the circles together until the end. Optionally, you can glue all the felt details together.

Making mushrooms instructions to make wine corkscrews yourself

At the end, attach the hat to the stem (wine cork or spools of thread). Here you can either glue the two parts together, or cut a hole in the middle of the white circle and insert the wine cork into it.

tinker mushrooms wine corks sewing felt

Tinker mushrooms – cool decoration for the garden from old plant pots

mushrooms tinker clay pots painting instructions ideas

The next project is super easy.

Difficulty level: easy, it is well suited for children of kindergarten age.

Caution: you just need to be careful when choosing colors that they are suitable for outdoor use.

Project duration: The crafting time is a maximum of half an hour (depending on how long the paint takes to dry out, but the project may have to be done in two days).

mushrooms tinker clay pots spray paint

Materials: clay plant pot. Color – depending on your own preferences, either color spray in white and red, and acrylic paint in white, brush, glass, pencil, special waterproof coating for clay pots, glue for clay. Or you can simply buy suitable paints for outdoor use from the handicraft shop and first apply the base color with a large brush, and then paint the dots with a fine brush.

tinker mushrooms clay pot white

Tinker with the mushrooms: First apply a layer of the white color spray, then let it dry and, if necessary, spray again with the color spray. Paint the coaster accordingly in red.

mushrooms tinker glass dots drawing instructions

Draw three circles on the coaster. You can use the glass for this purpose.

mushrooms tinker glass painting circles brush

Now paint the circles with the fine brush.

How to paint mushrooms Instructions to stick on a clay pot

At the end, place the saucer on the plant pot and glue it. complete!

Make mushrooms with the children – two ideas with household items

make mushrooms coffee filter chopsticks yourself instructions

If you have toddlers, the next two projects are perfect for copying – pictured above are mushrooms made from painted coffee filters and ice cream sticks. You can create these as part of an image on the theme of “Autumn”.

mushrooms tinker paper rolls cupcake paper instructions

But it can be even easier – cut out dots from construction paper, paint the coffee filters with water-based paint, and then glue the dots to the filters. For example, toilet rolls can serve as a handle.

Whether made of felt, fabric, crepe paper, coffee filters or wood – the homemade mushrooms are guaranteed to attract attention.