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Making driftwood yourself – recipe and instructions with before and after pictures

Make driftwood yourself before-after-picture-instructions-recipe

Driftwood is all the rage and can be used for all kinds of projects. Whether it’s a beach-style summer decoration or a mini Christmas tree – driftwood is a real eye-catcher for indoors and outdoors. However, if you are not lucky enough to live near the beach where this material can be collected, you have two options: buy driftwood from specialist shops or make it yourself. Today we are going to show you how to do it with a simple recipe and home remedies Make driftwood yourself and also give conventional wooden boards a driftwood look!

Make driftwood yourself with home remedies

Make driftwood yourself plastic tub-recipe-bleach-baking soda

You will need a large pack of washing soda or baking soda, old dry branches and twigs, bleach, water, sandpaper, wire brush, a large container (preferably a plastic tub), and something heavy to weigh down the wooden parts. It is also recommended that gloves and safety glasses be worn when handling bleach.

Gather small twigs and branches for your project. Light woods such as cedar, birch, beech and maple are best suited. Then you have to mix a baking soda solution according to the following recipe. Protected with gloves and safety glasses, fill the container with warm water and gradually stir the baking soda until it completely dissolves in the water. Place the wooden parts in the plastic tub and place flat stones on top to weigh them down.

Make driftwood yourself

make driftwood yourself artificial-recipe-soda-bleach

Let the wood soak in water for 24-36 hours or longer until the bark has softened. Then you should take out the pieces and use a wire brush to remove the bark from the wood. If that is too difficult, the pieces of wood come back into the water.

To make sure all bacteria are killed, refill the container with water and add another cup of bleach. Now wait for another 48 hours.

Imitate natural weathering

Make driftwood yourself recipe-result-twigs-driftwood effect-look

Rinse all wooden parts well with water and place them in the sun for 2-3 days. If your pieces are small enough, you can also dry them in the oven at 120 degrees. As soon as the wood is dry, you can sand the wooden parts with the sandpaper so that everything looks nicely rounded and naturally weathered. A thin layer of a patina glaze can also create the optical driftwood look and imitate the natural gray color of the weathered wooden parts.

Tinker with driftwood and decorate


You can now tinker with your artificially produced driftwood and decorate as you wish!

Give shelves the driftwood look

wall-shelf-wooden boards-artificially-aging-gray

You can give the driftwood look not only to small branches, but also to entire boards. The following method is faster and looks just as good. This wall shelf will bring a wonderful touch of beach feeling into your own four walls!

The recipe for the artificial driftwood effect


First you need to sand off the old varnish, then mix baking soda and water in a ratio of 1: 1 and put the paste on the wooden board. Drizzle or spray vinegar on the baking soda-water mixture. Let it work for 5 – 10 minutes and scrub off with a wire brush. Rinse the wooden board with water and dry with a cloth.

Spray vinegar on the baking soda-water mix


Scrub with a wire brush


Rinse well with water and dry cloth


How can the gray patina be created?


To give the wood a natural gray patina, mix brown glaze (4 parts glaze medium and 1 part latex paint), a little white craft paint for wood and some water to thin it out.

Now you have to work quickly. Apply a small amount of the mixture to the board and immediately wipe it off with a wet rag. So the natural wood grain is still visible.

The glaze lets the natural wood grain shine through


Wall shelf in the beach look


Paint the clips and hooks in light blue and decorate your shelf to match the maritime motto. If you still feel like doing handicrafts, you can create these shell pendants yourself. A lighthouse and a vacation photo make everything perfect!