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Making Christmas gifts with children at school for the family

Make christmas gifts with children in school and make ideas yourself

If you are a teacher, then you are sure to be looking for some interesting Christmas craft ideas that you can do with the children to create something suitable for the Christmas season. What better idea than making nice little gifts for parents. Small children in particular have a hard time tinkering something themselves so that your help comes in at the right time. And if you want to make Christmas presents for parents in primary school, you have a wide variety of options available to choose from. We have even put some of them together so that you have a small selection. The handicraft instructions are also not difficult to imitate, so that even smaller children will not have any problems. Take a look at the following handicraft ideas for Christmas and choose and you can make simple yet creative Christmas gifts with children at school. You can obtain the required materials yourself or have the children and parents bring them with you.

Making Christmas presents with children at school – a sleigh made of sweets

Make christmas gifts with children in school candy sledge candy canes easy

With a few sweets you can make such a sleigh yourself for Christmas or make Christmas gifts with children at school. I’m sure the whole family will be happy about it, because who doesn’t love sweets? You absolutely need candy canes. These can be chosen in any color. The rest can also vary. A small bar of chocolate is best, which you can then combine with other small chocolates or other sweets. Use an adhesive that is safe for children.

The sweets are now stuck together when you are making the Christmas presents with children at school. To do this, put the board on the candy canes. Then again distribute the remaining sweets on the board. The little ones can also let their imagination run wild. So everyone gets a different sled. Finally, the Christmas present is decorated with a ribbon and any other decorations.

Tinker Christmas tree decorations

tinker christmas gifts with children in school bauble christmas decorations diy

An equally beautiful and simple craft idea is also tree decorations. The great thing about this is that the gift can be used by parents and grandparents for a long time, which of course the children are especially happy about. In addition, it makes the little ones proud to see their own work on the tree every year. Depending on the age of the children with whom you are making the Christmas gifts with children at school, you can either use a pre-made Christmas tree ball made of plastic or glass. You can find these in many craft stores, but also on the Internet.

tinker christmas gifts children school tinkering instructions christmas crafts styrofoam

If you are making these Christmas gifts with children at school, you will also need pipe cleaners as handicraft materials in green, red and white, a white pompom, styrofoam balls and pens that are suitable for painting on glass. Hot glue is very suitable as an adhesive. However, if you do not have enough pistols available, you can also use a different glue when you are making Christmas gifts with children at school.

tinker christmas gifts children school decorate christmas tree pipe cleaner

Start with the hat to make the snowman. It can be designed in green or red as you like. To do this, the pipe cleaner is wrapped around the ball, starting at the ball opening. If you are satisfied with the size of the hat, add a piece of white pipe cleaner as a finish. Then you can use a funnel to fill the tree balls with the styrofoam balls. How much of it you use is up to you. Then glue the bobble to the top of the hat and clamp the hanging wire that came with the Christmas ball. Finally, the cute snowman needs a face that can be quickly made with the pens. You are also welcome to offer the children different variants for the design of the face.

Christmas crafts at school – making ideas for Christmas decorations

tinker christmas gifts children school elementary school lids decorate mason jars

Especially mom and grandma will be happy about such original lids for mason jars. That’s for sure! And all you need for this is a mason jar with a lid, a plastic Christmas tree ball that can be taken apart, any Christmas figures that fit under one of the halves of the ball, some artificial snow and a Christmas ribbon. You only need half of the plastic ball for each jar. You can design two lids with one Christmas tree ball. Make sure that the lid and ball have approximately the same diameter.

If you would like to make this idea as a Christmas present with children at school, take the lid and stick the chosen figure on its center. Then spread glue around it and sprinkle it with the artificial snow. After that, the glue should be given enough time to dry. The excess artificial snow can then be knocked off. Finally, put glue on the edge of the ball half and stick it on the lid, covering the figure. The Christmas decoration is already ready and products from the kitchen or Christmas cookies in a glass look much nicer and more Christmassy.

Original snow globes as handicraft ideas for children

tinker christmas gifts children school snow globe snowman paper plate idea artificial snow

If you are doing handicrafts with children, simple projects that lead to success without any problems are of course best. If you would like to make Christmas presents in primary school, you can also work with other finished objects from everyday life. One of them are paper plates, which are even available in a wide variety of colors these days. Light blue ones are great for this project. For Christmas crafts you also need transparent plastic plates, which are slightly smaller than the paper plates and artificial snow, as well as any materials for creating a snowman. Not only paper is suitable for this, but also foam rubber or felt. Decide for yourself which material suits you best.

The first thing you will do is make the snowman when you are making these Christmas gifts with children at school. Incidentally, a different figure or even a photo of the child can be used instead of a snowman. The children cut the individual elements of the snowman (or another Christmas or winter figure) to size and then glue them to the inside of the blue paper plate. Artificial snow is then distributed around it. So that it can be shaken later, it is not glued on, but simply distributed loosely. You can also add snowflakes or other motifs to decorate. Make sure to leave the edge free, on which you then glue the transparent plate upside down. You are already done with the Christmas gifts.

Make poinsettias as Christmas gifts with children at school

tinker christmas gifts children school paper plate red poinsettia glitter

These poinsettias are also made from paper plates and make beautiful Christmas decorations. They can be hung up individually or made into a garland. Two paper plates of different sizes are cut to size as shown and glued on top of each other. Then there is a yellow dot in the middle, which can be cut out of paper, foam rubber or felt. Glitter can then be used for decoration. Either you use a glitter pen or you spread glue and sprinkle glitter over it.