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Making a crib with children for Christmas – 7 ideas with instructions

Crib tinker with children ideas instructions diy natural materials wood paper

The nativity scene is one of those elements of the Christmas decoration that should not be missing in many households. And although there are all sorts of models to buy, you can still take an afternoon off and make a beautiful nativity scene for Christmas with children. A wide variety of materials such as paper, felt or wood can be used for this, depending on the age of the children. And while you are making the nativity scene and the nativity figurines, you can explain the religious significance of Christmas to the little ones. Do you feel like it and would like to make a crib with children right away? Then choose one of the following guides, get the supplies, and get started!

Making a nativity scene with children – instructions with wooden figures

Crib tinker with children cardboard stall building wooden figures tutorial

You can easily find such wooden figures in the craft store. They have the shape of playing figures, as they are used for the game “Mensch, ärger dich nicht” and can be painted and designed as desired. You need 7 large (approx. 7.5 cm), two approx. 5 cm large figures and an even smaller one, whereby the latter can also have a straighter shape, but does not have to be. You also need a large (approx. 3.8 cm) and two smaller wooden balls (2.5 cm), as well as a small wooden bowl and cardboard. Also, have toothpicks, chopsticks, acrylic paints, white felt, a brown paper bag, sandpaper, and hot glue ready.

Nativity scene tinker with children figures paint wooden balls instructions for christmas crafts

If you would like to make this nativity scene with children, first prepare the various figures that you will make from the wooden figures. You can sketch the face and hands with a pencil. Sand the balls a little straight on one side so that they can stand firmly and don’t roll away all the time later. Then paint the figures in any colors. You are welcome to use this as a template.

Christmas crib tinker with children acrylic paints hot glue craft ideas

Cut the tips of the chopsticks and glue them to the wooden bowl to make a cradle. You can also paint the feet of the cradle white. You can leave the cradle as it is or design it with a nice pattern. The same goes for the figures. The choice is yours. The balls are in turn designed in the shape of animals. Some colors may have to be repeated again after drying so that they cover better. There are only a few final elements left when you are making this crib with children.

Crib tinker children stall cardboard simply star toothpicks

Finally, you still have to build or tinker with the crib stable yourself. For this you will use the cardboard that you cut out as shown. Design a roof and a window and don’t forget the star! After all, the three kings would not have found Jesus without him. You can make the star quickly and easily from the toothpicks. Finally, you need two white wings for the angel made of felt and some straw for the cradle made of bits and pieces from the paper bag. You can now set up the Christmas crib with the figures.

Make a crib from natural materials with children

Crib tinker children natural materials paint stones acrylic motifs

This variant is also particularly easy and fun to do. If you would like to get creative with children and build such a crib yourself, start by collecting stones while taking a walk. Alternatively, you can also find suitable models in any size in the hardware store. And the stones are then simply painted. Acrylic paint and a marker pen are well suited. You can decide for yourself which figures you design exactly. At the end the stones just have to be put together correctly and you’re done.

Build an edible nativity scene as a Christmas craft

Crib tinker children edible gingerbread house biscuits fruit gum

Just as you can build a gingerbread house, you can also make an edible crib yourself. If you want to make this kind of crib with children, you can use any candy. For the stall, use large cookies or crispbread or whatever else you have on hand. The individual elements are glued together with peanut butter or the classic icing, as desired.

Crib tinker children make sweets themselves candy canes inspiration christmas decoration

Maybe you will find another option! You are sure to find the animals ready in the shop as well. If not, you can easily bake them yourself when the time for the Christmas cookies comes.

Build Christmas cribs yourself from Lego bricks

Children's crib tinker lego build it yourself decoration play

You probably already know that Lego can be used in a variety of ways. Thus, the popular building blocks can also be used wonderfully if you want to make a Christmas crib. In the picture above you can see which stones you have to assemble in which way to get the homemade decoration. You are also welcome to add other figures.

Making nativity scenes with children – ideas with paper

Children crib tinker print out template paper simply glue cone

There are also a few nativity figures to match this model that you can cut out and simply print out. You can find the link for this at the end of the article. After cutting out, just glue the figures together in the intended place and you will get cones. In addition to this, you can also make a hutch out of cardboard, wood or whatever else you have available. If you want to make a quick crib with children out of paper, this is super suitable.

Children tinker tinker paper draw paper themselves glue cardboard box

The children can also draw the figures themselves. To do this, they are simply painted on a sheet of white paper. Of course, the little ones decide for themselves whether with a black pen or in color. Most likely, however, you will have to tell the children what figures and animals are needed. Then the drawn figures are roughly cut out. A small cardboard box can then serve as a stable. The figures are glued into it. You can also create this idea with small children.

Christmas crib with children to hang up

Children manger tinker pendants ice cream sticks christmas tree jewelry jesus

Christmas decorations are very popular for making Christmas crafts with children. So you can also use the Christmas crib as a theme. If you want to make a crib with children, you can also use popsicle sticks. These are glued together as desired in the form of a triangle or square and then provided with the baby Jesus and a star. You can get the child from a simple piece of fabric or you can use wooden figures as in the example above. Lay the child on a little bit of straw. If you want to make a crib out of branches, you can simply replace the stems with them. In general, it is a good idea to do handicrafts with natural materials for Christmas to create a pleasant atmosphere.

Make a Christmas crib out of paper – template to print out here.