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Make your own recipe book – great ideas for a personal cookbook

Make recipe book yourself, create categories-ring-binders

Anyone who regularly collects new recipes may be familiar with the chaos that arises from all the slips of paper. Originally, the slips of paper should only be a temporary solution, but somehow you never find the time to write all the recipes in your own cookbook. Or maybe you have such a recipe book but don’t find it particularly attractive? Take one or more afternoons off to make a change. There are many different variants that you can use to create your own Make recipe book yourself can. We would like to present such ideas and suggestions to you today.

Make recipe book yourself – ideas to design

Make your own recipe book shape-apron-bow-buttons

The new cookbook should look attractive at first glance. You can do this by making the front page pretty. While you shouldn’t change anything with the recipe, here you have the opportunity to let your imagination run free if you make the recipe book yourself. Shape the book into an apron or other motif, or leave it at its rectangular shape.

Make and decorate your own recipe book

Make your own recipe book

You can use anything for decoration. Label the book by hand or stick on lettering. Lace, scrapbooking paper, buttons, different fabrics, rhinestones and whatever else you can think of are perfect. You can also cut out pictures from magazines and use them to design the right topic if you are making the recipe book yourself.

Design your own cookbook in vintage style

Make your own recipe book lace doilies-retro-picture-scrapbooking-stamp-up

You can make a vintage recipe book yourself, for example, by using old newspaper, clippings and pictures from old cookbooks or lace doilies. You can then protect the decorations on the title page from moisture and contact with self-adhesive, transparent film, so that everything lasts for a long time.

Make your own cookbook – DIY inspiration

Make recipe book yourself decoration-idea-paper-cup-teabag

You can make a cookbook yourself as a gift by not only furnishing it with recipes, but also by designing it personally. You can do this with certain subjects, but also with funny photos. The person for whom you are making the recipe book yourself always has a reason to laugh or smile when preparing the recipes.

Dress up recipe book

Make recipe book yourself lavishly-deco-linen-binding-dressing-motifs-baking

The cookbook can be wonderfully disguised with fabric, giving it a unique look. For the example above, linen fabric and lace were used. The fabric also serves to bind the book when it is not in use. Perhaps you too have a nice material with which you can make a recipe book yourself?

Make your own cookbook with a folder


Ribbons, cord or, as shown here, strips of lace can be used to tie. These are simply attached to the inside of the cookbook and are then simply tied in a bow when the book is closed. Remember to leave the tape long enough. After all, the recipe book is supposed to be even thicker.

Create a cookbook


This recipe book consists of self-made paper bags into which the respective recipe is put. If you make this recipe book yourself, you can use scrapbooking paper wonderfully. On the other hand, you can, for example, represent what the recipe is intended for. So if the recipe is for an apricot cake, make an apricot cake on the opposite side using paper, mushroom, or other things.

Make your own cookbook with a wooden spoon


This recipe book is simple, but extremely original. And it’s quick to create, especially if you’re using a notebook or notebook that already has a pretty front page. At any point you poke two holes in the book. Through this you thread the cord that you use to tie the wooden spoon. You can also design the spoon if you make the recipe book yourself. You can get strips by masking them with tape and painting them.

Design a useful cookbook


This variant is also a great idea for designing a cookbook yourself. Just as a wooden spoon was used above, here a small fork, a spoon and a small knife serve as decoration. As you can see, there are many different ideas for making your own personal recipe book. The linen fabric is also a great accent at the top.

Redesign the address book


You can divide the recipe book into categories. Usually such categories are “salads”, “main dishes”, “desserts” and others. If you still have an address book lying around, you can also use another variant. Sort the recipe names according to the alphabet. Then the necessary recipe will surely be found quickly.

Remodel old cookbooks


If you have an old cookbook from which you can only prepare a few recipes, you can easily rearrange all the other pages and make your own recipe book yourself. Take sticky notes and cards and just stick them on the unusable pages. In addition, you can paint pictures or make other decorations on the edges.

Design your own cookbook with cling film


If you are making the cookbook yourself, you can print the recipes or insert them into the recipe book by hand. Printed pages or cards are also very suitable for folders, because they can be stowed in a transparent film and are thus protected from soiling. Another advantage is that you can expand the recipes at any time if you turn a folder into a recipe book yourself.

Design your own recipe book with cards


There are also practical transparencies that are divided into several areas. You can use these to combine recipes and pictures. This allows you to make an organized recipe book yourself, but you can still design it personally. This also applies to the folder itself. Decorate the title page as you like.

Use the photo album as a cookbook


You may have some photo albums lying around that you no longer need for the time being. Since these do not offer much space, it is advisable to use a separate photo album for each category. So you use one album for salata, another one for main dishes and a separate one for desserts. If you are making a recipe book yourself, it is therefore an advantage to plan the contents well in advance.

Recipes in a box


Recipe cards are also well organized in a wooden box. Such cards are convenient because they don’t take up a lot of space. A good division into categories is also recommended here so that you can quickly find the recipe you need. If you would like to make such a recipe book yourself, you can use the example above as a model or inspiration.

Recipe book to hang up


Key rings can turn out to be very practical for making your own recipe book. You can also replace a folder. The individual pages of your cookbook are simply punched on the side and then threaded onto a ring. A stand like this picture above can then be used for hanging. The individual pages are simply folded back through the rings.

Wooden recipe book


You can even make a recipe book from wood. Admittedly, it is a more elaborate variant, but in this way you not only get a cookbook, but also a practical cookbook stand, which also looks very good as a decoration in the kitchen. The principle is the same as for the hanging version. The pages of the recipe book are held together by rings.