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Make your own decoration for the terrace – 9 creative ideas for summer and spring

Decoration for the terrace jam jar-keryenhalter-cactus-stone-green-tealight-holder-hanging chair-white

The longer the days get, the more time you spend outside in the garden and on the terrace. The terrace is a place both for fun games and being together with friends on warm nights, as well as for relaxation and retreat from the stressful everyday life. Check out our creative ideas for Decoration for the terrace and design your own oasis to have fun and relax.

Nice decoration for the terrace – table with flower box

Decoration for the terrace white-garden table-pot-plants-herbs-hanging chair-yellow-cushions

You can very easily transform the old coffee table into an unusual garden table with a flower box. So you can freshen up your drink with herbs right away. It would be best if you use a table with storage space or shelf space for this.

Great idea for decorating the terrace

Decoration for the terrace table-flower-box-white-herbs-flowers-plants

Cut an opening in the surface of the table that matches the top edge of the flower box as closely as possible. Choose a planter that is not too tall so that it can be stored between the surface and the counter surface. If you want, you can paint the table in any color you want. Plant herbs or beautiful flowers in the flower box. Your garden table will always be beautifully decorated.

Decoration for the terrace – make a comfortable hanging chair yourself

Decoration for the terrace hanging chair-wooden bar-white-fabric-rope-brown-cushions

Such a cute hanging chair can be put together with a little skill. You will need thick and thin wooden poles, a piece of white cloth, rope, drill, sewing machine and scissors.

The materials for the hanging chair are cheap and easy to find

Decoration for the terrace hanging chairs-wood-drilling-white-fabric-tie-rope

The frame is constructed from the wooden rods. Make holes in the two ends of the thick wooden poles so that the thin ones can go through them. Make holes for the ropes too. Sew a seat out of the fabric. Secure the construction with the ropes and screws where necessary and hang the hanging chair in your favorite spot.

Decoration for the terrace – nice cacti made from river stones

Decoration for the terrace stone-cacti-green-red-sand-terracotta-pot

This sweet decoration for the terrace can be tinkered quickly and easily. You need smooth stones with a shape resembling a cactus, sand, flower pots, paints and brushes.

Have fun with your children and make the cactus decoration for the terracedeco-terrace-cactus-stone-do-it-yourself-paint-green-white-sand

Paint the stones green. You can use different shades of the green color. Paint the cactus spikes with white, then fill the flower pot with the sand and arrange the stones.

If you want, you can also use other small stones as a base for the “cacti”

deco-terrace-cactus-stone-green-white-pot-wooden floor

You can use pots of different colors or paint some stones red to mimic cactus flowers. This decoration for the terrace looks beautiful outside, but you can also use it to decorate your window at home.

Make your own decoration for the terrace – chandeliers for tea lights


Do not throw away the old chandelier because it can be used to create beautiful tealight holders. You need a metal chandelier, lacquer in the desired color and tea light glasses.

The chandelier is a chic addition to the patio furniture

deco-terrace-chandelier-renovate-green-yellow-tealight holder

Remove the old cables first. Paint the chandelier well anywhere in the color you want. Here the chandelier has been painted a fresh yellow-green, which brings a lot of spring mood. Hang the chandelier and place the tealight glasses with the tealights on the spot for the lamps.

Decoration for the terrace – make your own concrete fireplace


You can create a cozy terrace with this concrete bowl. You will need concrete mix, two round bowls (one large and one small), tools for making the concrete mix, fireplace fuel, grids and stones.

Put together eye-catching decorations for the terrace – the fireplace is sure to attract attention

deco-terrace-fire-scarf-concrete-pour-gray-garden-idea-do-it-yourself-metal grid

Craft the bowl, pouring the finished concrete mix between the two bowls. After the concrete dries out, carefully remove the bowls. Pour the fuel into tin cans. Place the grid on the bowl, arrange the stones on it and the fireplace is ready.

Do-it-yourself vintage side table made from slatted crate

deco-terrace-garden-side-table-wooden-slatted box-blue-obsolete-succulents

If you’re a fan of the vintage style then this guide is for you. You need a wooden crate, coffee or tea, vinegar, steel wool, and paint.

Don’t forget to protect the work surface with a blanket


Splash the crate with coffee or strong tea everywhere and let it dry out for 24 hours. In the meantime, take a piece of steel wool and place it in a jam jar. Pour the vinegar over it until the vinegar completely covers the steel wool and let it stay that way. The next day, sprinkle the crate with the vinegar from the jam jar and after a few hours the crate will turn completely dark brown.

Paint the crate and enjoy the new decoration for the terrace


Mix equal amounts of water and paint and paint the crate. This is how the vintage effect is created. After the crate dries out, you can use it as a side table as shown in the picture.

Hanging lanterns made from simple jam jars with white candles


Add a mysterious atmosphere to your terrace on warm nights with these simple lanterns. For these instructions, all you need is jam jars, jute twine and thick candles.

In a few minutes, the decoration for the terrace is ready


Take a jam jar and tie the jute twine around the opening first, then tie the two ends of the twine together and the lantern is ready. Put a candle in and light it. Hang the beautiful decoration for the terrace in a place where you can admire it.

Decoration for the terrace for a romantic atmosphere – fairy lights with ping pong balls

deco-terrace-fairy lights-ping-pong-ball-white

You can transform the simple Christmas lights into a beautiful decoration for the terrace. You need fairy lights, ping pong balls and craft knives.

Do not make cuts that are too large, otherwise the ping pong balls will fall out

Deco-terrace-fairy lights-white-ping-pong-ball-do-it-yourself-cut

Take a ping pong ball and cut small crosses with the craft knife. Stick a small light in the hole of the ball and repeat with the other lights.

The light chain with ping pong balls is a wonderful decoration for the terrace

Deco-terrace-fairy lights-ping-pong-ball-garden-decorate-tree-brick-wall

Decorate your terrace or your apartment. The light chain is not only a beautiful decoration for the terrace, but also a perfect addition to the decoration for weddings or birthdays that are celebrated outside.

Pendant lamp made from vines

deco-terrace-natural-ball-shell-rattan-twigs-fairy lights

Another nice decoration for the terrace with fairy lights. You need a simple string of lights, vine balls or rattan balls, jute cord and wooden pole or a branch.

Choose spheres of different sizes and put together a garden pendant light

deco-terrace-fairy lights-natural-ball-rattan-branches-chandelier

Take some vine balls of different sizes and run the fairy lights through them. Arrange the balls close to each other and hang them with the jute cord on a branch or wooden pole, it is so easy to make this decoration for the terrace.

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