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Make your own carpet for a chic interior – 4 instructions

Make your own carpet bobbles-white-carpet-glue-modern

Carpets are one of the best accessories for creating a cozy and warm ambience in the interior. Unfortunately, the good pieces are usually quite expensive and for this reason are usually at the back when it comes to furnishing a new apartment. However, we have a wonderful alternative for you that you can consider especially if you not only want to save but are also a fan of DIY projects. You can easily get one Make carpet yourself. The whole thing becomes particularly easy if you follow one of our instructions.

Make your own carpet out of pompons

Make your own carpet ombre-pattern-maritime-style-decor

All sorts of things can be tinkered with with pompons. They are a nice accessory not only for clothes, but also for decorations. That is why they are also wonderful for making a carpet. If you make this rug yourself, you can use any color. Different shades of the color blue were used for the example.

Make pompom carpet yourself – the materials

Make your own carpet shades-blue-wool-ombre

They can be used to create an effective ombre design. The blue colors create a maritime flair. Get wool in different shades, colors or in one color, as well as a non-slip mat made of rubber. You will also need a ruler, a felt pen and a pair of scissors. And that’s all you need if you want to make the carpet yourself.

Determine the size of the carpet

Make your own carpet cutting-mat-scissors-ruler

First of all, you should determine the size of the future carpet. Draw these on the mat with the felt-tip pen. Make sure you draw a straight line. After that, cut out the mat along the lines with scissors. You are now finished with the basis for making the carpet yourself and you can do the wool.

Tinker pompons


It doesn’t take much effort to make the pompons yourself. However, depending on the size of the carpet, you should allow a lot of time if you want to make the carpet yourself. First, take the darkest shade and wrap the woolen thread around your four fingers several times. Cut the thread. Then, take the wool from your fingers as shown and use the end of the thread to knot it in the middle.

Craft idea to beautify the home


You need another piece of wool thread, which you also tie in the middle. But you can also just leave a longer piece hanging when you cut the thread from the ball of wool. Finally, cut the two loops that you have created and you have your first finished bobble. You will still need plenty so that you can make a carpet yourself. So don’t waste time and get to work right away.

A sea of ​​pompons


You can make pompons from the different shades right away. However, we recommend starting with one color, decorating the mat with it and only then moving on to the next shade. This way you can better estimate how many pompons you will need for each color and to make the carpet yourself.

Make the carpet


Now put the long wool thread through one of the holes in the mat and then back through another hole. Make a loop while doing this. You can then use this loop to tie a tight knot. The best way to search is to choose a double knot. Now repeat this step to make the carpet yourself until the size of the dark blue part is sufficient for you.

Arrange pompons


Make sure that you choose the right distance between the individual pompons if you are making the carpet yourself. If the distance is too great, the rubber mat will be visible, which doesn’t look particularly nice. If it is too small, the carpet cannot look nice and fluffy. Try it. If necessary, you can rearrange the pompons later.

Make carpet yourself – tie, tie, tie


You will of course repeat the same later with the other nuances. In order to achieve an even transition between the colors, you can also create a few rows of pompons in which you combine the previous and the following color. You can also make a carpet yourself if you are looking for an original gift.

Striped carpet


Wool is also required for this carpet idea, but you are not tinkering with pompons here. Again, use any colors that match the interior of the chosen room. Get wool, a knot pattern, scissors, and a knot hook. Determine the size of the rug in advance to choose the appropriate template.

A simple guide


Fold over one edge of the rug once or twice and wrap thread around it to secure that hem. Repeat the whole thing with one more time with all the other edges. Now cut out many pieces of wool. You determine the length yourself, depending on how high the carpet should be. Wool is also offered ready-cut, but is then a bit more expensive.

Knot the carpet


With the help of the knot hook you can then attach the individual wool threads to the template. Don’t make a mistake about making carpets yourself. For the way just follow the instructions. When you have reached the desired width of the first strip, continue with the next color. Count the stitches on the first stripe to make all stripes the same width. It’s a time-consuming project again, but it’s guaranteed to be worth it!

DIY carpet weaving


Instead of knotting and knotting, you can also make a woven carpet yourself from fabric. This variant may not be as time-consuming as the two predecessors, but it is just as cheap. You need about 4 meters of black fabric. Wide fabric is best. Then get some white fabric, which you will need in abundance, as well as strips of wood to build a frame out of, nails, scissors, ruler and pencil.

Make a decoration yourself out of fabric


First, assemble the frame so that you can make the carpet yourself. Attach nails to the shorter strips at a distance of about one centimeter from each other. For the example, 66 nails were used for each side. Then cut out strips of the white fabric as shown. The width should be about 2.5 cm. The result is a zigzag pattern that makes constant knotting of individual strips unnecessary. Tie one end to the outermost nail, tighten the strip on the opposite nail, and then pull it back down. Repeat this until the strip is used up. You may need another white strip.

Set black accents


Then cut out such a strip from the black fabric so that you can make the carpet yourself. You then begin to thread this onto the white stripe, so that a weaving pattern is created: first over one white stripe, then under the next, again over the third, under the fourth and so on. At the beginning and end you knot the black stripe so tight that you get pretty fringes. You can also add fringes at the very end. Create a few rows like this, then leave out some again to create a striped pattern.

Design patterns


With a little imagination and expression, you can create a wide variety of patterns when you make the carpet yourself. A template can be very helpful here. Draw or print any pattern or motif on a large sheet of paper and place it in the frame. Alternate the colors of the template accordingly.

Round carpet made of ropes

Make your own carpet-bathroom-design-hall-good-mood-interior-design

Of course, you can also make a round rug yourself. Again, you don’t need a lot of materials for this original idea. You can also choose them individually, depending on what suits you best. To learn how to make this rug, see the guide below.

Materials for the DIY carpet


Ropes of different colors, bobble cord and tassels were used for the example rug. So that you can make the carpet yourself, you also need cardboard, thread, a ruler and scissors. Before you can start weaving, you need to prepare the cardboard. Cut them out in a circular shape or buy them in this shape right away.

Create any pattern


Stretch several threads on the cardboard from the center to the outside. The end result should be reminiscent of sun rays. The distance to each thread should be the same. To do this, you can draw the lines beforehand with a ruler and pencil. In principle, the whole thing works like cutting a round cake. First cut in half, then quarter, eighth and so on. You will now use this product for weaving when you are making the carpet yourself.

Thread the ropes


Now start again at the center point to make the carpet yourself and work your way outwards. Wrap the first rope in a circle on the cardboard. Proceed as with the fabric carpet above. First over the yarn, then under, then over and so on. When you have had enough of the first color of rope, switch to the next. The order doesn’t matter. Let your imagination run wild.

Finish the carpet

Make your own carpet motley design inspiration

Now repeat these steps to make the carpet yourself until you have reached the end. Tie a tight knot to prevent the last rope from loosening. You can then attach tassels, fringes or pompons to the edge to create an interesting finish.