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Make wall decoration yourself in 16 ideas with a great look

do it yourself wall decoration picture frame idea 3d wood board triangles

If you want to spice up the wall in a particular room, there are several ways you can do it without spending a lot of money. You can use DIY projects for this purpose. To help you with a few ideas, we have an interesting gallery with examples for Make wall decoration yourself compiled. You will be amazed at the simple materials you can use to create an effective wall decoration!

Make wall decoration yourself – colorful stripes wallpaper

do it yourself wall decoration living room inspiration colorful stripes shelf white sofa cushions

Let’s start with a very striking and colorful decoration idea. It only consists of the practical washi tape. Measure the length of the wall you want to decorate so that it is evenly spaced. Since the strips will be very long, you should also have someone else help you so that you can apply the washi tape flawlessly. Finally, only the unnecessary corners are cut off and you are already done with this project for wall decoration yourself. If you want, you can extend the decoration above the floor.

Make wall decoration yourself – materials

make it yourself wall decoration washi materials scissors carpet knife wall strips

Measure the wall

do it yourself wall decoration room wall tape measure instructions easy

Stick decorative washi tape on the wall

do it yourself wall decoration adhesive tape colorful triangle shape craft idea

Create colorful wall decoration

make wall decoration yourself stripes colorful washi tape instructions

Cut off unnecessary corners

do it yourself wall decoration easy diy idea blue pink yellow

Extend wall decoration on the floor

do it yourself wall decoration effective triangle colorful floor design

instructions here.

Pyramids as DIY wall decoration

do it yourself wall decoration 3d effect pyramids templates tinker blue nuances

This wall design with triangles in a 3D look is also very attractive. You can use paper of any color to make this wall decoration yourself. You can find detailed instructions in the form of a video at the end of this article. So get started right away and design a modern wall decoration.

If you like the plywood board with 3D triangles from our cover picture, you can easily copy it. In addition to a whole board, you also need triangles of the same size, which you also saw out of a plywood board. You can then paint some of the triangles in any color. After that, glue them to the whole board with wood glue as shown, always leaving a gap free. The idea of ​​making wall decorations yourself is ready.

instructions here.

Make colored basket plates yourself

make it yourself wall decoration, basket, plate, paint an effective pattern

Mask and stain plates

do it yourself wall decoration plate idea basket design orange

make wall decoration yourself paper idea blaetter green blue colorful glue

make wall decoration yourself washi tape idea colorful children's room design

make wall decoration yourself map cork blackboard travel reminder

do it yourself wall decoration brick wall diamond diamond deer forest effect

do it yourself wall decoration tinker pictures paint feathers imprint pretty

do it yourself wall decoration feathers template tinker cutting template

make wall decoration yourself vintage style picture frame white cutlery spoon forks knife

do it yourself wall decoration feathers black bedroom idea bed

Make wall decoration yourself children's room idea tree paper rings colorful

Stick a wall sticker on a window

do it yourself wall decoration wall decal frame idea romantic picture tree butterflies

do it yourself wall decoration window old recycle vintage look

do it yourself wall decoration tinker children simply diy inspiration

do it yourself wall decoration children's room idea vintage tree romantic