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Make tassels yourself – instructions and what you can make from them

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What was old-fashioned and typical for grandmother until a few years ago is now back in fashion: the tassels, as you know them from curtains, tablecloths and other home accessories. And now they are not only used for furnishing, but are also used to make jewelry, key rings and other things. The decorative elements, also known as tassels, can be used in a variety of ways and for this reason they are more and more homemade and used for various handicraft projects. Do you feel like making tassels yourself? Then this is your chance to do so by trying out the following ideas with instructions.

Make tassels yourself from wool

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Tassels are traditionally made from wool. This is probably the cheapest option. If you want it more elegant, you can also use silk thread. Otherwise, the task is incredibly simple and also done quickly, which is why you can make a large number of tassels in a short time. The process is similar to that of homemade pom-poms. So if you already have experience with it, you will get the hang of it very quickly and you will never get enough of the craft idea. If you want to make tassels out of wool yourself, follow these instructions:

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You can either just use your fingers to make tassels or use a piece of cardboard as a tool. In both cases, the chosen thread is wrapped around the fingers or the piece of cardboard. The width of the cardboard depends on how long you want to make the tassels. When using fingers, just vary the number of fingers around which you wrap the thread.

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If you have wrapped the wool thread around your aid several times, carefully remove the loops that are thus obtained. In the upper area, tie the thread around the loop and make a knot. In principle, you get two loops – a smaller one and a larger one. Then cut the larger one at the lowest end so that you get fringes. However, do not cut the top loop. You can use this if you want to make a pendant out of the tassel and use it to hang it up.

Make tassels out of leather yourself


Crafting a leather tassel is also a very easy DIY project. To do handicrafts with leather, you first need a piece of leather, of course. You choose the width yourself depending on how long each tassel should be. Prepare a rectangular, i.e. elongated, piece. This must be incised in order to create fringes. To do this, measure a strip of any width at the top, which you can mark with a pencil line.


You also need a string-like piece of leather from which you can make a loop to hang on. You glue this to the upper edge of the piece of leather after you have cut it up to the line. Then spread glue along the same strip, after which you start rolling the leather. Be careful not to move anything. Now let the glue dry well and you’re done.


You can now use the loop to attach a key ring to it. But chains or other accessories can also be attached well so that the tassels can be used for various purposes. You are also welcome to make tassels yourself from synthetic leather. That makes no difference for the individual steps. And since high-quality products are now also available for artificial leather, there is not much difference in service life either.

Make tassels yourself – instructions for leather cord


Whether real leather, artificial leather or suede, the materials are also offered as practical cord. So you can save yourself the need to cut fringes by simply using leather cord when making tassels yourself. They are made as if you were using wool or other threads.


Regardless of which of the materials mentioned, you can make different large tassels yourself, as already mentioned. Small-sized tassels, which can be used as decorations for various purposes, are also particularly popular. However, it ultimately depends on the effect you want to achieve. The design of the next project becomes more subtle if you make mini tassels yourself, while larger ones attract more attention.

Make tassels yourself with pearls


If the tassels are a little too boring for you as they are, you can also be pepped up and made more individual with other jewelry and handicraft accessories. Pearls are great for this, for example. You can incorporate these in a number of ways. However, all possibilities are easy to imitate. A variant is this in which the pearls are simply threaded on top of the thread. It is best to use a needle for easier threading.


Alternatively, you can make a tassel made entirely of pearls, but this is more time-consuming, depending on whether you are using large or tiny pearls. To do this, you design many pearl necklaces, which are then all tied together to form a tassel. The finish is a pearl cap, which should ideally be provided with an eyelet. And you’ve made original tassels.

Make tassels yourself – ideas for projects


As already mentioned, the finished tassels can be used in any way. Not only can a curtain cord be adorned with it, but also a tassel garland looks very chic and can not only spice up certain areas at a party. If you would like to make a tassel garland yourself, you can use the materials mentioned above, but also paper. For example, thread each tassel on string. To prevent them from slipping, tie a knot in front of and behind the tassel. Alternatively, they can also be glued to thread or a wider tape. Design pillowcases, blankets, table runners, baskets and whatever else you can think of. Just as you can decorate with bobbles and bobble ribbon, it also works with tassels.


Or maybe you would like to make original jewelry? Then you can make tassel earrings yourself! The small, friendly accessories are also wonderfully suitable as pendants for bracelets or necklaces. You can also decorate a bag, a wallet or even shoes with them and make your fashion accessories even more beautiful. Show your homemade tassels all over the world, combine different lengths and colors and create a whole collection of DIY fashion and home accessories.