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Make summer decorations to hang up – DIY ideas for hanging decorations with summer flair

The long-awaited summer has already arrived! If you want to decorate your home appropriately for the warm season, you will certainly find it on our site. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, with flowers or with collected beach debris – our ideas will awaken your creative side and inspire you to do handicrafts and decorating. Would you like to make a summer decoration to hang up? Then read on to discover lots of beautiful DIY projects.

The hanging decoration is a great option for both indoors and outdoors. You can hang them on the wall, on the door, on the ceiling light or on the patio cover, for example. Take a look at the following ideas and try them out for yourself to bring the summer mood into your home.

Maritime wall decoration – shell heart to hang up

Make summer decorations to hang up hearts made of beach material

If you associate summer with the beach and the sea, then the maritime theme is probably the best idea for your summer decoration. Beach goods such as seashells, snail shells, starfish, sea glass, pearls and other nautical decorative elements such as anchors, nets and ropes are an excellent choice to decorate the apartment for the summer. You can use it to make an original summer decoration to hang up, such as this pretty heart for the door.

To make this summer hanging decoration yourself, you need the following:

  • Heart made of wood (or other solid material)
  • Mussels and sea snails (depending on size approx. 100-120 pieces)
  • starfish
  • Gesso primer and mother-of-pearl acrylic paint
  • Pearls and / or rhinestones
  • Satin ribbon to hang up
  • 2 small D-ring hangers
  • General purpose glue
  • screwdriver
  • tweezers
  • paint brush
  • scissors

Instructions paint the wooden heart with shells decorate the hanger

First, use a screwdriver to attach the D-hangers to the top of the back of the heart. Prime the heart with a layer of gesso and let it dry. Then paint the heart with mother-of-pearl and let it dry again.

Sort the mussels by shape and size. Paint some of them with mother-of-pearl. Pick a shell shape that you have plenty of and tape the edge of the heart with it. Then glue on the rest of the clams until the heart is completely covered.

When all the shells are glued on, glue pearls and rhinestones onto the shells. To do this, pick up a rhinestone with tweezers, put a small amount of glue on the back (you can use a toothpick) and then put the rhinestone on with the tweezers.

Cut the ribbon in half and tie each piece to one of the D hangers. Pull the ribbon up and tie it in a knot, then close it with a bow. Finally, hang up the self-made summer decoration and admire it!

Tinker summer decorations – Boho wall-mounted mobile with starfish

Bright dining room with DIY driftwood wall decoration with summer flair

You can also bring the popular beach flair into your home with this wall-mounted mobile in boho style. It is done super quickly and is wonderfully suitable for the wall in the living room or dining room.

All you need for this maritime wall decoration is a long piece of driftwood, some rope or jute cord and some starfish and shells. If you are not lucky enough to live near a coast and are looking for an alternative to expensive driftwood from specialist shops, you can also produce driftwood yourself.

Make driftwood decorations in summer with starfish to hang up

The first thing you need to do is make a garland of the starfish and seashells. To do this, you can either glue or tie the decorative elements to the rope or jute. Then cut a large piece of string and tie the ends to both ends of the driftwood to hang on the wall. Then wrap the finished garland loosely around the driftwood and the maritime wall decoration is ready.

Craft ideas for maritime summer decorations to hang up

Make summer decorations with nautical motifs anchors

Here you will find some nice decorating ideas in a maritime style that will quickly give your apartment the summer flair you want. For this picture you need a wooden board, which you first paint with white and navy blue stripes and let it dry well.

DIY summer decoration for hanging wooden board with anchor made of rope

Then print out an anchor of the appropriate size, place it in the center of the board and draw it out. Use some rope to frame the anchor on the board and glue it in place.

Make anchors for hanging out of painted wine corks and rope

Anchors as a summer decoration to hang up from wine corks and rope

Decorate monogram with seashells

Decorate letters with flotsam DIY hanging decoration

Decorative letter in picture frame for hanging decorated with fish net and seashells

Maritime decoration for summer picture frames with letters made of seashells

Make summer decorations to hang up: DIY flower garlands

Make flower garlands to hang up idea for photo background

If you want to bring some color into your own four walls, you simply can’t go wrong with flowers in summer. Real flowers in pots are great choices for the home, balcony, and garden, but they require a lot of maintenance. Cut flowers or even better – artificial flowers offer a good alternative. Here you will find a nice idea for homemade garlands of artificial flowers that you can hang on the wall at home as well as at the house entrance or in the garden. These are also wonderfully suitable as party decorations in summer or as a background for a photo booth, as they look very decorative.

To make a flower garland, you will need:

  • Artificial flowers in any color
  • line
  • scissors
  • Wire cutter

Make your own flower garland with artificial flowers

First cut off the flower heads so that about 1 cm of the stem remains. That much should be enough to tie the string to it. Start by tying flower heads on one end and continue until your flower garland is the length you want. Also, leave enough string at the end to hang the garland on a branch, ring, or wherever you want.

Hang garlands of flowers on a branch

Hanging flower garlands on a branch. Flower decoration for summer

Make summer decorations to hang up in the bedroom: flower wall instead of headboard

DIY flower wall over bed idea for summer decoration in the bedroom

Hanging vases for cut flowers

Glass vases with cut flowers decoration idea to hang up

If you like the idea of ​​cut flowers for summer decorations, you can make a garland out of hanging glass vases. It can be hung anywhere and decorated with seasonal flowers.

This idea does not require great manual skill. So you will need some vases that have thin necks with wider openings on the top (so that the string they are tied with doesn’t slip off). These should not be too big either, in order not to become too heavy when you fill them with water. Otherwise, the process is simple – you first attach a coat hook to the wall, column or where you want to hang the vases. Next, tie a long piece of string around the neck of each vase several times, then gather all the strands together and offset them vertically before tying the group of strands to the coat hook. After the vases are hung, use a measuring cup to pour water and add some pretty flowers to complete the look.

Make summer decorations to hang up – wall decoration with metal ring

Minimalist floral decoration for hanging in the summer peony metal ring

With metal rings you can make beautiful hanging decorations such as pretty door wreaths. Here is another idea that looks very simple yet original.

Instructions for DIY flower decorations in a metal ring

The metal ring is first cut in one place with wire cutters. Then a block of wood is pierced with the drill and pushed onto the metal ring. The two ends of the metal ring are then tied back together with a piece of tape. Then you take a small square of wood the size of the block of wood and attach it to the back of the block of wood with two rubber bands. Finally, a flower with the stem is attached between the block of wood and the wood chip and the flower is centered in the middle of the ring. You can then hang the hanging decoration in any place to embellish it.

Summer decoration to hang up in boho style

Easy DIY summer decoration to hang with feathers Boho style

The boho style is also wonderfully suitable for summer decorations. This stylish boho hanging decoration can really be imitated by anyone. All you need is a small round wooden stick, some leather cord and some feathers. First, double-tie each end of a piece of suede cord to each end of the rod. The decoration is hung on it. Next, tie each spring to a piece of leather cord and tie the other end of the cord to the wooden stick until the stick is filled with cord. The lengths of the cords have to be adjusted so that the feathers hang symmetrically.

DIY hoop wreath with succulents

Hanging decoration for summer tinker door wreath made of wood with succulents

Door wreaths are one of the most popular options for hanging decorations in every season. These can be hung both indoors and outdoors and embellished with flowers, plants or other decorative objects. In this article, for example, we have collected a lot of great ideas for the front door. Here we introduce another DIY idea that is easy to do and looks very natural and beautiful. These are the necessary materials:

  • 30 cm wooden embroidery frame
  • 22 cm wooden embroidery frame
  • 3 wooden discs
  • Soft moss
  • Artificial succulents and air plants
  • hot glue
  • tape

DIY embroidery hoop decoration in summer turquoise wreath with succulents

First, glue the hoops together along the top. Before sticking, arrange the wooden discs to make sure they overlap the two hoops and everything fits together. Then glue the wooden discs in place.

Cut the succulents so that you have small pieces to work with. Spread them out along the discs and frames so they follow the shape of the tire and fit well together. Glue them in place.

Pin some moss along the edges of the wood discs and hoops to hide the ends of the succulents. This makes the whole thing look more natural and the green gets a nice soft look. Tie your ribbon at the top of the hoop to hang the wreath. And that’s it!

Make summer decorations to hang up in the garden

Paint old baskets, plant herbs and hang them on the terrace

Make summer decorations to hang up and plant colorful baskets outside

A beautiful summer decoration should not be missing in the garden either. Here are a few ideas that you can also tinker with yourself to beautify your outdoor area.

Make a welcome sign for the garden out of an old pizza tray

Make summer decorations to hang wall decorations lemon rope green stuff

Hang simple DIY lanterns from mason jars as lighting in the garden

Summer decoration for outside DIY lantern garland