Craft ideas

Make seed bags out of paper – store flower seeds neatly or wrap them as gifts

When the pretty flowers in our garden wither and start forming their seeds, we need a suitable container in which to collect them and keep them until spring. It should be compact and dry, but at the same time not accumulate moisture in order to avoid the formation of mold. So what would be particularly suitable for this purpose? Small paper bags are the solution and you can make these from any paper. Whether made of colored craft paper, nicely designed bread wrapping paper or newspaper and magazine paper to recycle – all of them are a good choice! Today we will show you how you can make seed sachets using a few handicraft instructions. So you have all the seeds at hand when the time comes, and if the bags are labeled, you always know exactly which seeds are stowed where.

Make seed bags out of paper

Make simple seed bags with glue and labels for writing on

Especially if you want to package a lot of different seeds, quick instructions are required, with which you can get plenty of packages in a short time. And with our first idea, you get just such a simple variant with which you can make seed sachets.

  • brown craft paper, bread wrapping paper or newsprint
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • Glue
  • optional labels for sticking on and writing on

Fold and glue a square of paper - quick craft ideas

If you want to make these seed bags, take a piece of paper and draw a square of the desired size (19 cm in the example). Cut out the square and fold the left side to the right, leaving a space of about 120 mm to the right edge. Unfold the paper, then fold the bottom edge of the paper (perpendicular to the crease) inwards once (60 to 120 mm wide). Apply glue to the flap you received and fold the paper back up. Fold the right edge that you left free to the left, put glue on the inside and glue this flap in place as well. Now you can label the parcel or apply a label for labeling and fill it (e.g. with the help of a funnel). To close it, you can fold down the open edge once or twice and attach a small clip or glue it shut.

Make trapezoidal bags yourself without sticking

Make seed bags - trapezoid-shaped seed bags with origami

With the origami folding technique, small bags can also be made. The following instructions are for a trapezoid-shaped bag that is really pretty to look at – no matter what type of paper you use. But we really like the patterned origami paper and we are excited about the coming spring. The bags are also easy and quick to make, especially if you save yourself drawing and cutting out the square by using ready-made origami paper. It is just folded. So if you want to make paper bags without sticking, these models are perfect!

  • Paper (e.g. origami paper)
  • possibly scissors

Make seed bags with patterned origami paper

If you want to cut out the square yourself, take an A4 or A5 format, take a corner and fold it down diagonally until edge touches edge. Simply cut off the protruding strip. Now you can make the seed sachet. Fold the square diagonally (if you cut out the square yourself, you already have that fold). Then first fold one of the two more pointed corners and then the other inward as well.

Make your own bag with paper using a simple folding technique

Now take the top layer of the right-angled corner, fold it over and insert it between the two layers of the top flap. You can now fill the bag. To close, just fold the other layer of the right-angled corner into the same opening. You can make these seed sachets if you are looking for a model that can be conveniently opened and closed again and again.

Make seed bags and use colored paper or recycle newsprint

Finally, label the small bag and you can make the other seed bags. The tinkering is so easy that even children can help out. So perfect if you are teaching them how to garden anyway and want to integrate them into such tasks.

Tinker with narrow seed bags with seams

Make pretty seed bags with flowers in a vintage look

These cute little bags are particularly appealing due to the seam on the sides. You get these with a sewing machine and you don’t have to be a sewing professional to get them done. It is best to use sturdier paper such as cardboard. You can design the finished bags with pretty floral motifs for a vintage look and stickers are used to close them. This is how you can make the seed sachets:

  • firmer paper
  • Ruler, pencil and scissors or paper cutter
  • Sewing machine (alternatively, strong glue is also suitable)
  • Sticker to close
  • optional felt-tip pens for painting

Making seed bags with seams - easy and suitable for beginners

Cut strips of any width from the paper. Then fold the strip up, leaving a piece free at the top. You can also fold this flap at the top later to close it. Then sew the two long sides together with a simple seam (or use glue). Then fold the upper edge down and then design the bags as you like, fill them and stick the flap with a sticker. In the example, the bags were labeled with a typewriter, but freehand or with stamps is also a good idea.

Make small bags in the form of envelopes

Make your own envelope from parchment paper and washi tape

You will get nice little envelopes with these instructions. Use washi tape for a few brightly colored accents or, alternatively, neutral adhesive tape. If you are making these seed sachets, you can use parchment paper as in the example, but newspaper and other paper are also ideal. It will be sewn again, but if you don’t have a sewing machine, you can use glue or tape instead (glue is less suitable for clear paper).

  • Parchment paper
  • sewing machine
  • Washi tape or other adhesive tape
  • scissors

Cut out the shape for the envelope, fold it and decorate it with ribbon for a gift

Would you like to make these seed sachets? Then you must first cut out the shape shown from the paper. You can see the dimensions for this in the picture, but of course you can also adapt them to your wishes. After you’ve cut out the shape, make the envelope. To do this, fold the wide part in the middle so that only the narrower flap protrudes upwards. Then sew the two sides on the right and left together with a simple seam. You can then easily cut off excess paper on the sides. Alternatively, you could use glue, or stick one side halfway across the width of a piece of tape and fold the tape over to seal the envelope.

DIY with children and for adults - sew a paper envelope with a sewing machine

Now fold the flap forward to close the opening. Fill it, seal the envelope with washi tape or adhesive tape, write on it and you can stow away your parcel or give it away as a gift.

Design finished envelopes and use them as seed bags

Tip: If you like the idea of ​​the envelopes, but are in a hurry or just don’t feel like tinkering, just use ready-made envelopes! They are available in abundance, in a wide variety of colors, with patterns and in different sizes. So you are guaranteed to have no problems finding the right model. And if not, just take the simple ones and design them with pictures, stickers and other things you have painted yourself.

Make a bag with template – floral vintage motifs

Make vintage seed bags with a free template

Are all of the previous ideas still not easy enough for you? Then we’re sure to hit the bull’s eye with this model. Together with the following instructions, you will also receive a template to print out, but you will need a color printer for this. Alternatively, you can also print out and cut the template in black and white and then use it as a template to transfer it onto the desired colored paper. After you have made these seed sachets, you can give them away because of their attractive appearance or use them as a gift at a party or wedding.

  • Paper (in the example cardboard)
  • scissors
  • Glue
  • ruler

Tinker seed bags with templates to print out - beautiful floral motifs

Print out the templates. With the help of a ruler, fold the flaps inwards on the left, right and top. Simply place the ruler firmly at the fold and fold the paper over. Take the ruler away again and fold it even tighter with your hand. Then fold the long part below the design as well. Then just apply glue to the two side tabs and glue everything together. As soon as you have filled the parcel, you can also tape the top opening shut.

Template for printing.

Tinker and give away seed bags

Make a wreath out of seed bags as a creative gift idea for hobby gardeners

If you don’t want to make the seed sachets for yourself, but rather as a present for a dear friend, colleague or family member, they should of course be “wrapped” in an interesting way. A door wreath like this is a really nice idea for this purpose, don’t you think? It is up to you whether you use a braided wreath or wrap a styrofoam wreath with ribbon and then attach the seed bags. In the end, all you have to do is make the seed sachets and then attach them with string or thread and then tie them to the wreath.

Stick the seed cones on popsicle sticks and give them away in a flower pot

Alternatively, a blob of hot glue is also suitable. It is only important that the bags can be removed later without tearing the paper. The seed packets should therefore remain intact. With hot glue, sturdy paper such as cardboard is more recommended for the production of the bags.

Homemade seed bags are great favors at a wedding

You can also make seed sachets, then glue the packets to a popsicle stick and turn them into little sticks. Then fill a pot with potting soil and insert the seed bags into it. Then another pretty bow and the gift is ready.

Making seed bags out of paper and giving them away - handicraft instructions