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Make paper bags and decorate with colors – DIY ideas with instructions

paper bags tinker ideas-gift-packaging-diy-instructions

If you don’t have the talent or the nerve to wrap gifts with wrapping paper, you will be happy about the large selection of gift bags. But these are usually not really cheap and especially at festivals like Christmas or Easter, where you have to pack several presents at once, these bags can lead to unexpectedly large expenses. Then it’s better to simply make the gift bags yourself! And you can use any paper for this. Brown wrapping paper is particularly popular and can also be designed in a pretty way at the end. We have a simple guide for you to use Tinker paper bags can, as well as some ideas for designing with color. Get started right away!

Making paper bags – instructions for folding

tinker paper bags wrapping paper-folding-washi-tape-handles

You can easily make paper bags by folding brown wrapping paper. In the instructions above you can see the individual steps that you need to follow. One aid is the washi tape, which can have any pattern. It is particularly important that the floor is nice and stable. You are sure to want to make paper bags with handles. Finally, glue two handles on the inside or outside and you have self-made tote bags.

Tinker and design brown paper bags


Of course, you can also buy ready-made paper bags for handicrafts for painting in order to save time. Regardless of which variant you use, a pretty design of the bag is just as important. You can come up with something yourself and adapt the pattern to the occasion. We find, for example, this diagonal stripe pattern that you add after you have made the paper bags very original.

Homemade paper gift bags

tinker paper bags with colors-painting-motifs-gift-bags-without-sticking

So after you have made the paper bags out of wrapping paper, prepare any colors. In this case, white and gold were chosen for the diagonal stripes. But of course it’s a matter of taste and you can change it. We just want to show you which technique you can use to draw straight lines after you have made the paper bags.

Make a paper bag with adhesive tape for masking

tinker paper bags with insulating tape-sticking-pattern-design-tinkering-idea

You need adhesive strips to make paper bags. There are special models for painters that can be easily removed afterwards. Plain paper tape is also suitable. It is only important that it does not have too strong an adhesive so that the strip does not tear the surface of the paper bag when it is peeled off.

Paper carrier bags – Easy painting guide

tinker paper bags diagonally-adhesive-tape-printing-tinkering-idea-gift-paint-brushes

The strips are then glued to the bag at any distance from each other and depending on the pattern you want to design. It is best to create different spaces between them. That looks more interesting. Once you have taped everything off, you can use the paper bags to draw in the spaces between them. Remove the adhesive tape before the paint has dried, as it could tear if it is dry. It is therefore best to mask off one strip after the other.

Paper bags with patterns

Tinker paper bags gold-colored-metallic-gift-wrapping

The final pattern can look something like this. The golden color looks particularly festive and elegant. With the striped pattern you can design the entire surface of the bag or you can just put a nice accent in one of the corners. You can simply try different variants of the different gift bags after you have made the paper bags.

Make gift paper bags and design them with triangles


The paper carrier bags look great with any pattern. You can also design straight triangles with adhesive tape and in any size. To do this, you first have to tinker with the paper bags. Then stick three pieces of tape on each of the bags, forming a triangle that you color in again.

Paper bags for crafting


Be careful when removing the tape. The strips overlap this time and are therefore a little more difficult to remove. But if you give yourself enough time, you will get them off the bag in no time. You can also draw triangles freehand. Simply sketch them out thinly with a pencil. Be very careful when coloring, otherwise the edges will not be straight.

Use stickers

paper-bags-tinker-brown-paper-bag-wrapping-paper-do it yourself

Alternatively, you can cut triangles out of colored paper and then glue them onto the gift bag. This takes more time, but looks just as chic. This idea becomes even easier if you use ready-made stickers. But don’t forget that the fact that everything is homemade gives the packaging its charm. So the more you do yourself when you are making the paper bags, the better!

Make paper bags without sticking adhesive tape


Even without adhesive tape, you can create pretty patterns after you have made the paper bags. Use a broad brush, for example, to create a pattern as above. It is best to alternate several colors so that the striped pattern looks more attractive. If you dare to, you can even paint entire pictures on the paper bag.

Modern, geometric patterns


If you design different patterns, the gifts under the Christmas tree will look much more likeable and interesting. Another advantage of making paper bags is that they can be reused every time and don’t end up in the trash like wrapping paper. This is more environmentally friendly and makes it easier for you to wrap the gifts next time.

Dotted paper gift pouch


Dot patterns are also very cute. Since these are difficult to paint freehand, it is best to use a stamp. This is available ready-made from foam. It has a practical handle that makes printing particularly easy. You can also combine these points with one of the patterns shown above after you have made the paper bags.

Design carrier bags with print


You can also improvise and cut a potato for a stamp. The stamp is then dipped in the chosen color. Be careful not to take in too much or too little paint. Then press the stamp onto the bag and repeat this as often as you like. Finally, let the paint dry well. Incidentally, acrylic paint is well suited for this purpose.

Working with stencils


More complicated patterns can be applied with the help of stencils after you have made the paper bags. Of course, you can also freely hand draw this lace pattern. With the right brush shapes and sizes, you’ll quickly get the hang of it. You can first try out on a piece of paper whether you really need stencils.

Make beautiful paper bags with lace patterns


If you have decided on stencils, the design for making paper bags is anything but difficult. Place the template on the paper bag. As a precaution, you can stick them with tape and fix them in place so that the stencil does not slip while you are coloring. Then take some paints and use a brush to paint them over the cut-out motifs on the stencil.