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Make lucky charms for New Year’s Eve – 21 great DIY ideas

There are certain motifs that are automatically associated with luck and for this reason are often used as a good luck charm. These include the four-leaf clover, the horseshoe, the piggy and the toadstool. And since you want good luck for the New Year, you can also make some lucky charms yourself to match New Year’s Eve or use them as gifts, so we have some great ideas for Make lucky charms for New Year’s Eve put together that you can imitate.

Tinker lucky charms for New Year’s Eve – the shamrock

good luck charms tinker new year's eve fleece green nuances shamrock

You can use the clover leaf in various ways as a lucky charm. On the one hand you can use a real one, on the other hand you can make one yourself from different things. Take a look at, for example, the following idea for DIY lucky charms.

These pretty shamrocks are easily made from felt or fleece. You can glue a bead in the middle, which will give each clover leaf a pretty look. Here are some picture instructions for making lucky charms:

Make lucky charms for New Year’s Eve – cut and sew

lucky charms tinker new year's eve fleece diy green nuances sew

Cut out four heart-shaped leaves from each of two shades of green. If you have a punch, you can also use this to help. Put the lighter shade on top of the darker one and sew all four sheets together.

Add the pearl to the lucky charm

lucky charm tinker new year's eve shamrock idea pearl deco white

The last step in making a lucky charm for the New Year is to glue the pearl in the center of the shamrock. Superglue is suitable for this, but also a hot glue gun.

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Tinkering with pompons and plush wire

tinker lucky charms for New Year's Eve clip clover bobbles plush wire green

This idea is just as easy to tinker with. Glue four equally small, green pompons onto small clips. Finally, add green plush wire that will serve as a stem. Bend the end of the wire into a spiral. You are done with the lucky charm.

Dried clover leaf as a lucky charm

lucky charm tinker new year's eve amulet make yourself magnifying glass clover stick paper

You can make a beautiful lucky charm for New Year’s Eve from a cabochon pendant. These are available online for a good price. In addition to this, you will need a real shamrock and paper from a book. Note paper or an excerpt from a dictionary with the word luck can also be used for this purpose. You can read in this article how exactly cabochon jewelry is made.

Toadstools as a lucky charm

lucky charm tinker new year's eve felt fly agaric tinkering idea red white

Like the shamrock, you can make mushrooms out of felt. To make a lucky charm for New Year’s Eve in the form of a toadstool, you need red and white felt.

Make a toadstool with wood

lucky charm tinker new year's eve wood toadstool red white points trailer

If you are good at wood, you can of course make mushrooms on it. Finally, paint the hat red, after which you add white dots.

Quickly crafted lucky charms made from natural materials

lucky charm tinker new year's eve acorns fly agaric idea diy

You can also use other natural materials when you make mushrooms as lucky charms for New Year’s Eve. How about this simple idea made of acorns, for example?

Tinker with horseshoes for New Year’s Eve

lucky charm tinker new year's eve horseshoe deco idea cross wall decorate

Horseshoes are also a true classic when it comes to lucky charms. Use the horse shoes to make interesting and lucky decorations. If you have no way of getting real ones, you can design some yourself.

lucky charm tinker new year's eve imprint deco idea horseshoe horse modeling clay clay

Use, for example, air-drying modeling clay. In it you can make a pretty impression of a small horseshoe that you can use as a decoration.

lucky charm tinker new year's eve chain diy trailer clay imprint horseshoe

You can also use the imprint in the clay as a pendant for a chain. This can also be combined with other lucky charms and thus represent an interesting idea.

lucky charm tinker new year's eve silicone shape lead casting horseshoe

Since lead is often poured on New Year’s Eve, this idea is also ideal for making lucky charms. Get yourself a silicone mold that you can use to make as many horseshoes as you want.

lucky charm tinker for new year's eve dream catcher idea net yarn wall decoration

Astonishingly, real horseshoes can be decorated in a wide variety of ways. If you want a particularly original dream catcher, you can choose and try out this lucky charm.

lucky charm tinker new year's eve vintage idea heart yarn deco

You can also make such a pretty lucky charm for the house from three horseshoes. It has a heart shape. However, one of the horseshoes must be cut in half. To cut the metal, you can ask an experienced person to help.

lucky charm tinker new year's eve wood horseshoe idea heart perforated

And here you have another idea for original wooden lucky charms. Pretty fake horseshoes can be made from this material and adorn different areas of the home. Instead of the typical round or square holes, you can also make those in the shape of a heart.

Use the pig as a lucky charm

lucky charms tinker for new year's eve pig clay idea figure decoration

First of all, let’s present you with an idea for making lucky charms for New Year’s Eve out of modeling clay. A wide variety of figures can be tinkered with clay. A pig too. You can use this example as a template.

lucky charm tinker new year's eve modeling clay pigs bride groom funny figure

Here you have another idea for a pair of pigs made from modeling clay. There are different types of crowds. Just try different ones to see which one you like best.

Tinker lucky charms for new year's eve pink lucky pig knitting idea

If you can knit, this variant of making lucky charms for New Year’s Eve is also a great idea for you. You can knit cute pigs from pink yarn, which are suitable both as table decorations and as key rings.

lucky charm tinker new year's eve crochet piggy pink trailer

A similar variant is this, but in which the pig is crocheted. The integrated small loop makes attaching the lucky charm particularly easy. The example of making lucky charms for New Year’s Eve is reminiscent of a piggy bank.

lucky charm tinker new year's eve marzipan pigs pink ornament dessert

Last but not least, we have a culinary example for you to make lucky charms for New Year’s Eve. You can make great lucky pigs out of marzipan. These can then be used both for consumption and just for decoration. You won’t find a great gift idea?

tinker lucky charms for new year's eve key ring frame clover dried

Tinker lucky charms: Do-it-yourself ideas with children of kindergarten age

Make lucky charms with children. Cut out a shamrock out of felt

On New Year’s Eve, you can make colorful lucky charms with the children! We offer you some DIY ideas that guarantee handicraft fun for young and old. The first idea is for colorful bookmarks made of felt and wooden sticks. They create a happy mood and are a good gift for grandparents. The instructions are super simple, even complete beginners can master the handicraft task without any problems. You need the following materials: wooden sticks, paper cloverleaf template, grass green and dark green felt, googly eyes, small-sized pompoms, pipe cleaner, organza ribbon, felt-tip pens, scissors, glue.

Make lucky charms with children. Cut out a shamrock from felt. Instructions for children in primary school

This is how the bookmarks are made: Draw a shamrock on white cardboard and cut it out. Lay several sheets of felt on top of each other and use the clover leaf as a template. Then cut out a clover leaf from each plate. Glue the googly eyes on it, cut the pipe cleaners to size and make the mouth out of them. Glue the mini pompoms into the “center of the face” as a nose. Then attach the clover leaf to a wooden stick and decorate it with the decorative ribbon.

Tinker piggy for New Year’s Eve: lucky charm – pendant

New Year's Eve piggy make hanger yourself out of wood

The next cute pendant made of wood and paper is guaranteed to put you in a good mood on the festive table. You need: A large round and a smaller oval saucer for a tea cup made of wood, googly eyes, pink cardboard, two red rhinestones with teardrop shape, paper, cord in gold, pink, gold and red colors. First, sand the edges of the larger round coaster. Gently remove the dust and apply pink paint to a cleaned and dry surface. Cut out the ears from pink cardboard and glue them to the wooden coaster. Also paint the smaller coaster pink and let it dry aside. Then glue the two coasters together. Paint the mouth with red paint, attach the rhinestones and glue the googly eyes. Dip your fingertips in gold paint and place your fingers on the coasters. Finally, all you have to do is cut the cord and glue it to the coaster.

Lucky charm ideas: Make piggy yourself for New Year’s Eve

New Year's Eve pigs make handicrafts from river stones, paint ideas for do-it-yourself lucky charms

The next idea is very easy and is great for children in elementary school. You will need the following materials: river stones, a pink felt pad or leftover pink felt, googly eyes and a black felt pen. First paint the river stones pink, then cut out three details from the leftover felt: one for the nose and two for the ears. Glue the googly eyes as soon as the paint dries out completely. The piggy is ready. If you are planning a party for New Year’s Eve, you can make a piggy for each guest and place it on their plate as a place card.

Make lucky charms from modeling clay

Lucky charms make ideas with modeling clay with children in elementary school

Handicrafts are fun for young and old! So if you have air-hardening modeling clay lying around at home, you can make colorful brooches with the children. All you need is pins with a self-adhesive surface from the craft shop and labels. You can also make the labels yourself from cardboard and write on them with crayons. You can also find templates online, download them and print them out on cardboard.

Make lucky charms ideas with children from modeling clay

This is how the lucky charms are made: First knead a piece of modeling clay until it is supple and press it flat on the table. Then cut out any shapes with a sharp knife (horseshoes, shamrocks, hearts, rainbows, pigs, etc. Let the finished figures harden completely. If necessary, you can then color the modeling clay with any acrylic paints. Then glue the pins on You can use a glue gun or invest in pins with a self-adhesive surface for this purpose, and then all you have to do is apply the labels!

Make lucky charms yourself: This is how you can make a shamrock out of washi tape with the children

Make New Year's Eve lucky charms with children of kindergarten age.Make shamrocks yourself out of washi tape

Would you like to make a lucky charm yourself? Surprise family and friends with brightly colored clover leaves. This craft idea is well suited even for children in kindergarten. You need a cord, clover leaf template and washi tapes in different colors and patterns. Basically, the more colorful, the better. The colorful pendant is guaranteed to attract the attention of the guests and can be hung on the front door as well as arranged on the table together with other festive decorations.

Make New Year's Eve lucky charms with children using washi tape

This is how the pendant is made: First cut out a clover leaf from white cardboard. Then put the shamrock on the table and cover it with washi tape. Let the children help with the glue. Then punch a hole and thread the cord or a thin ribbon through it. The shamrock ornament is finished. If you are inspired by this craft idea, you can draw a three-leaf clover instead of a four-leaf clover. According to legend, Saint Patrick first illustrated how Jesus Christ, Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit formed the deity. That is why the three-leaf clover has been a lucky charm in Ireland for centuries.

Make lucky charms for New Year’s Eve with children

Make lucky charms with children elementary school decorate fairy staff with clover leaves made of paper

Other charming lucky charms can also be made out of paper. The little princess will surely be happy if she has a fairy wand for good luck. For this purpose you need 20 cm long wooden sticks, gold spray, glitter cardboard in grass green, antique golden coins from the craft shop and decorative ribbons in gold, yellow and green. This is how the lucky charm is made: Cut out the shamrocks from the green glitter cardboard. Spray the wooden sticks with gold paint and let them dry. Then use the hot glue to attach a clover leaf to a wooden stick. If you want, you can coat the clover leaf with glue and decorate it with the decorative ribbons.

Tinker New Year’s Eve lucky charms: Chocolate Goldtaller in a glass and a rainbow made of paper on the lid 

New Year's Eve lucky charms Cut out a rainbow out of paper, stick it on the glass and fill it with chocolate gold coins

Lucky charm ideas: wooden bookmarks form a garland of “luck”

Make lucky charm ideas yourself. Make bookmarks out of wood

Make lucky charms yourself: arrange four-leaf clovers made of cardboard in a clay bucket

Make lucky charms yourself out of paper ideas for children