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Make jewelry yourself – 3 stylish ideas with wire

Make jewelry yourself wire-bead-chanel-design

Accessories and jewelry are a great way to spice up an outfit and give it your personal touch. Make jewelry yourself has never been so easy. Check out these great aluminum wire ideas that take into account current jewelry trends.

Make jewelry yourself – what do you need:

Make jewelry yourself wire-required-materials-tools

– 0.80 mm jewelry wire, gold

– jewelry glue

– artificial white pearls of different sizes


Wire cutters

Jewelry pliers

Make jewelry yourself – midi rings


Midi rings or knuckle rings are currently a total hit. These new must-haves embellish our fingertips. Follow this guide to learn how to make beautiful midi rings out of wire. They can also be worn in two different ways – with visible or hidden ends.

Step 1: Cut the wire into the desired length – 7.5-10 centimeters

Make jewelry yourself aluminum wire-gold wire cutters

Step 2: design the ring


Find something that is cylindrical in shape, like a marker or lipstick, that’s about the same size as your finger. Wrap the wire around this item to form a spiral.

Step 3: close the wire end


Bend the ends into a loop with the jewelry pliers.

Pearl ring inspired by Chanel


This pearl ring is a noble accessory that is also super-easy to make yourself. In a few simple steps you can create your own variant of the Chanels design.

Step 1: cut wire


Measure and cut a piece of wire that is about 3/4 of your ring size.

Step 2: apply jewelry glue

Make jewelry yourself wire-bead-ring-tinker

Apply a blob of glue to the end of the wire tip. Run the wire through the bead. It’s good to have a cotton swab on hand to clean off any excess glue.

Step 3: repeat


Glue on the second bead and let it dry.

DIY Chanel-inspired pearl bracelet

Make jewelry yourself wire bracelet chanel design

Now you’ve adorned your fingers and here are final instructions on how to find a bracelet to match your jewelry set. The design again imitates that of Chanel, but with two pearls in different sizes.

Step 1: measure and cut wire


Measure how much wire you need around your wrist and then cut the jewelry wire with wire cutters.

Step 2: fix the beads with glue


Apply clay to the first wire tip and thread the large bead through the wire.

Step 3: Repeat the same but with a smaller bead and let it dry

Make jewelry yourself wire-bracelet-big-small-pearl