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Make fingerprint pictures – 30 ideas for adults and children

If you want to create creative drawings and pictures, you do not necessarily have to have a great talent for drawing. If you are now big eyes and don’t really want to believe in it, then just take a look at the great motifs you can get when you create pictures with fingerprints. Would you also like to create fingerprint images, then you can get some inspiration thanks to the following gallery. Even beginners can create unique wall decorations, greeting cards and other items with the following ideas.

Fingerprint images from templates

fingerprint pictures pretty-idea-canvas-decoration-goldfish-water lily-leaves

Ready-made templates are often used for fingerprint images, i.e. printed motifs that are then individually designed with fingerprints. This is also the case with this original idea with a water hydrant. The prints were designed in blue and thus represent the splash of water from the hose. The motifs of the templates themselves can also be colored in.

fingerprint pictures tree-crown-heart-colorful-birds-wedding-love

If you want to decorate a tree with your fingerprint, you can design an ordinary summer crown in shades of green or you can use bright autumn colors for an autumn motif, green and white or pink for a spring tree or snowflakes and snow for a tree in winter. In addition, the crown does not necessarily have to be round. This heart shape is also very likeable.

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fingerprint pictures birthday-tree-leaves-blue-fox-owl-beaver-raccoon

The tree with fingerprints is very popular for weddings and similar celebrations. In this case, the idea of ​​a fingerprint for the wedding replaces the guest book, so to speak. Each of the guests adds an imprint to the tree and can also write their name under their imprint if they want. So painting fingerprint pictures for different occasions is a great memory. But other motif templates are also suitable, as you will see below.


In order to create the perfect memory for this unforgettable day for the newlyweds, you first need a canvas that is printed with the guests’ fingerprints, and of course water color. Think carefully about which color composition you want to create and choose the appropriate colors so that the groom’s side, the bride’s side and all mutual friends can leave their fingerprints with different colors. Great fingerprint images are created with the colors blue, pink and orange, for example. You may need felt-tip pens of the same color for the signatures. Also, get test paper to make the first impression on paper and the second on the canvas. You will also need a sponge for this great handicraft project so that the guests can wet their fingers and then of course paper and wet wipes to clean the dirty fingers. A brief introduction to what the guests have to do in order to guarantee a perfect result would perhaps be very helpful.

fingerprint pictures spring-pink-blossom-tree-wedding-birth

It doesn’t have to be the entire tree. Some branches and twigs in the picture also look very pretty, regardless of whether you design them with flowers or leaves. Feel free to combine finger and thumbprints to get elements of different sizes. Experiment with the footprint and find out how to change the shapes.

fingerprint pictures giraffe-balloons-brown-yellow

Here, as promised, an alternative to the tree motif. Imprints are also often used to design balloons. Here, the balloons are held with any other motif. In this case, it’s a giraffe. Such fingerprint pictures are great for babies. Whether for birth or baptism does not matter. And the finished picture can then also decorate the children’s room.

fingerprint pictures couple-bike-love-gift-balloons-purple-pink

You can see once again here that the fingerprint images can be very diverse. Again, balloons were designed, but this time they are designed by a couple on a bicycle. The great thing about balloons is that you can work with any color. Different nuances of a color like here or a few contrasting colors are suitable, but a motley picture can be created in the same way.

fingerprint pictures dandelion-seeds-light-blue-pretty-mural-idea

Fingerprint pictures with dandelions are no less popular and are the perfect decoration for the walls of various rooms. You can print out the dandelion or paint it yourself, which is not difficult at all. Then design some fingerprints on the flower itself and some that fly away. The picture looks very romantic and stimulates dreaming and relaxation.

fingerprint picture template-dandelion-colorful-idea-diy-adult-children

Any variant of images can also be painted on a canvas with fingerprints. The example above again shows a printed dandelion, the existing seeds of which were additionally decorated with colored fingerprints. Instead of a color, a motley design was chosen that is no less attractive, but even looks particularly cheerful.

Ideas to paint yourself


You can let your imagination run wild if you simply design fingerprint images as you wish. It doesn’t have to be a specific motive either. The picture above, for example, consists only of several brightly colored fingerprints drawn on a sheet of paper at approximately equal intervals. The end result is abstract and modern at the same time.

fingerprint animals with balloons dog cat pig snail card for birthday

Smaller fingerprint images such as animals are quick to take and can be used for various occasions and purposes. Their small size makes them very practical not only for pictures, for example. They can also be used to design greeting cards or to make bookmarks that can then be given away.

fingerprint animals ideas for kids butterfly fox frog bee owl caterpillar

In principle, any animal can be designed in this way. Above you can see some examples of fingerprint animals that can be made from one or more prints with the help of a few more lines and circles. In general, the fingerprints can be wonderfully combined with other pens to get the desired motif. You will also find this out below.

fingerprint animals and birds pictures ideas for kids

The fingerprint pictures with cute animal figures work very easily. For the first time, your child has to dip the brush in water, wipe it off the edge and pick up the desired color. Help your child apply the paint thinly and press it onto the sheet of paper provided. If the paint is already dry, the respective animal can be brought to life.

fingerprint bee animals bird made from children's fingerprints

A face must then also have eyes, nose, mouth, ears and hair. If the small fingerprint represents a body, then the head, arms and legs must also be drawn. If a bee emerges from the fingerprint, the children can paint the feelers with your support, the beak and wings of a bird, etc. The selection of animals that can be created with fingerprints is really almost endless. You are welcome, for example, to show your pet, the neighbour’s dog or perhaps a snail that you have found during a walk. Let yourself be inspired by the surrounding nature.

fingerprint bird painting for kids in three steps


The children are also amazed at all kinds of vehicles. The little boys in particular are fascinated by cars, trains, helicopters and airplanes. Just like the animals, an infinite number of vehicles can be put on paper with a fingerprint. Your child can of course decide which vehicle will be used to create their fingerprint images today. A fire truck, hot air balloon or tractor, the design of these cute vehicles will undoubtedly bring great joy to your children. And as you can see, it just takes a bit of imagination and a few strokes to give the characters a realistic shape.

fingerprint-pictures-fairy lights-idea-felt-tip-cable-colorful

A colorful string of lights is also made particularly easy. And yet you can turn a picture into something special. First, paint a cable with a felt pen, black ballpoint pen or metallic paint on the desired spot on the paper or canvas and add the sockets in a spiral shape. Then you can then add the fingerprints.

fingerprint bird raven crow red green blue silhouette in the frame

You can also use stencils for making more complex designs, which you simply place on the sheet of paper and then fill in with fingerprints. We find the idea above, which consists of three silhouettes of a crow, particularly interesting. Start with a color. After this has dried, you can add the second color and then the third.

fingerprint-images-pot of gold-rainbow-glitter-shamrocks-gnome

Of course, children can also make fingerprint pictures, as they are made so easily. The imprints can be used for various dot patterns, such as in this example to create a rainbow. Are you already amazed at how many different motifs can only be designed with the help of fingerprints? With a little imagination, anything is possible!


You can create a larger heart from several prints. To make the task easier, you can also first draw the outline of the heart and then fill it in with the prints. Hearts are the perfect motifs for Valentine’s Day, but also for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Make each parent happy by creating a picture with the children.


Whether fingerprint pictures, other pictures or photos, you can also decorate your works of art and wall decorations with a picture frame of your own design. Simply make a mural with a suitable frame. For example, you can create an extra frame with matching colors for each season of the year and thus highlight your imprint images even better.

Fingerprint tree and flowers


If you want to paint a tree on canvas, you can also choose one of these ideas. It is again about the four seasons, which were implemented differently in the two examples. On the left an extra tree was designed on each of four canvases, while in the example on the right a tree was simply divided into four. The trunk also consists, in an original way, of the outlines of a child’s hand.


Use the children’s fingerprint to draw pretty flowers. A wide variety of variants can also be implemented here. The petals can consist of individual dots or they can be given some other interesting shape by simply using more than one imprint for each flower. Create a meadow with sun, clouds or birds.


In addition, the flowers can be designed in a single color as here or as colorful as above. Anything other than fingerprints was also painted with either felt-tip pens or crayons. Children can also make their parents or grandparents happy with such pictures and give them presents on a certain occasion or simply for no reason.

fingerprint-pictures-flowers-spring-summer-petals-ballpoint pen

Rather minimalistic, but just as beautiful are the cute meadow flowers. First the colorful fingerprints are pressed onto the sheet and then the petals are added in different variations, which you can draw with a thin pen. Faces can also be painted if desired. This is how a pretty flower meadow can be designed.

Fingerprint pictures for Christmas


Christmas fingerprint pictures can also be made. For example, this idea with a Santa Claus in a sleigh and his reindeer is very cute. The image consists mainly of prints. These were then equipped with a felt pen with additional elements that give the prints the desired look.


Christmas elves are also a cheerful motif with which you can decorate the walls or greeting cards at Christmas time. Make the body from a thumbprint and the head with another finger. You can then use the same paints to paint hats. Arms, legs, faces and other things can then be drawn with a black felt pen.


Great fingerprint images for winter are also those with snowmen. It is best to combine several in one picture, which you can decorate with different hats and colors. Finally, you can also create a winter landscape with a floor of white paint and white spots that represent snowflakes.


Or how about gingerbread men for Christmas and Advent? For a male you will need six prints of each brown color. Then let them dry well. You can then use a brush to add patterns, buttons, and bows. A Santa hat is also suitable for decorating the gingerbread.


Angels are not only suitable for the Christmas season, but can also be used for the birth of a baby or for a baptism. In this case, blue and pink, or light green and yellow, are good color choices. For Christmas angels, the colors gold, silver and the combination of green and red are suitable. Don’t forget the halo!

Ideas for easter


How about surprising your relatives and friends with fingerprint pictures for Easter, which can also be given away in the form of a greeting card. The shape of the prints is perfect for painting Easter eggs. You can then decorate the print with patterns. The Easter bunny is also quick to make and can be combined with other Easter motifs.


Here you can see up close how you can design a rabbit. Simply paint the ears, face, legs and tail to make an impression. Chicks are also suitable for fingerprint images for Easter. Yellow prints are simply provided with beak, eyes, legs and wings and can also be combined with other Easter motifs. If the cute Easter motifs are already ready, you can personalize the cute greeting card with a few lines, put it in a pretty envelope and make your family or friends happy.

fingerprint pictures hydrant-water-splash-blue-dog-fire-brigade

The fingerprint pictures are not only great fun for the children, they also promote the development of your offspring. This great leisure activity sharpens the senses of the children and reveals them a great opportunity for creative design. Depending on the age of the child, you can ask the children to tell you the colors. It is best to let the little ones decide for themselves which colors to use for the great works of art. This creates pictures that completely correspond to the ideas of your loved ones. The children immediately feel confident and capable. Sometimes they just start framing the fingerprint images around the print without knowing what will become of it. Such unusual fingerprint motifs are unique and very funny. They are also a great memory of childhood that will bring a smile to your face even years later. At a children’s birthday party or a children’s party, the idea of ​​creating colorful fingerprint images is very popular. The children experience what teamwork is in a pleasant, playful way and learn to appreciate the work of the other children.