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Make fairy from any material – ideas for children and adults

fairy tinker fairy tale wool felt purple dress wings

Fairies fascinate children, but in the form of figures they are also used by adults to decorate homes and even the garden. The romantic mini gardens and fairy doors are a great example of this. If you would like to make your little ones happy on one or more afternoons, you can take up this topic and make different versions for fairies with them, for which a wide variety of materials can also be used. We have put together some interesting ideas and instructions on how to make a fairy in the following lines. Have fun during your free time together!

Make fairy corks and fabric

fairy tinker wine cork-stimulation-wool-hair-fabric-dress-wings-ribbon

  • cork
  • Fabric for the dress
  • transparent fabric for the wings (wide ribbon)
  • Wool
  • Glue
  • black felt pen

fairy tinker cork-easy-children-project-wool threads-fairy tale wool

Let’s start with a particularly simple idea that the children can easily implement. You need a cork that you paint white. A small rectangular piece of fabric, slightly wider than the circumference of the cork, is then wrapped around the cork and glued in place. Decorate the transition from fabric to cork with a ribbon. For the hair, cut some pieces of wool. These are then tied together in the middle with a piece of string and can be glued to the cork. Use the wide ribbon to make loops for the wings and glue them to the back. There are only two points left for the eyes and you’re done!

Tinker fairies made of felt with wooden figures as a basis


  • Wooden figures
  • Watercolors
  • felt
  • scissors
  • Glue
  • rhinestones and other decorations at will


If you want to make such a felt fairy, you can use wooden figures as a basis. This of course makes the work a lot easier. The figures can be ordered from Ebay, for example, but they may also be found in your craft store. Use the colors to color the wooden body. Leave your head in the natural wood color. Let them dry and prepare the felt clothing. You can see how the coat should be cut in the picture above. Of course, you can also try other variants.

fairy-tinker-crown-felt-yellow-doll-do it yourself

Finally you need the wreath for the head, which is also made of felt. The length should correspond to the circumference of the sphere. This is glued to the ball in such a way that the prongs protrude upwards and resemble a crown. Now you can use further decorations to design the cape and also paint a face if you want. The little ones can already play with the finished figures.

Tinker fairy – idea with wooden spoon


These funny fairies consist of a wooden spoon that is turned into a fairy with felt and paper or fabric. Some paints are also necessary to paint the face when you are making the fairy. In principle, you can let your imagination run wild here. The children can make the clothes for the fairy out of paper by drawing them out, cutting them out, and then sticking them on the spoon. Of course, scraps of fabric can also be used for this purpose.

Fairies made of fairy tale wool


You can felt fairies by using so-called fairy tale wool. At first, the technique will seem a bit complicated, but once you get the hang of it, you will have made lots of fairy figures in no time at all. You can make a fairy tale out of fairy tale wool in a wide variety of colors. You are welcome to let your imagination run wild. Below is a video tutorial that can help you get started as a beginner.

Fairies for children and adults made from natural materials


We find this idea particularly cute, for which you simply use wood and pine cones if you want to make such a fairy yourself. A wooden bead and a pine cone can be designed in any color. Acrylic paint is well suited for this. The spigot can also be painted with spray paint. The cone is then glued to a wooden disc, and the wooden bead, which you have already equipped with hair and face, is then placed on the pine cone.

fairy-tinkering-natural-materials-autumn-leaves-acorn-pine cones

You can make wings in different ways. Artificial leaves in the desired color are suitable, or you can collect real small leaves in autumn or at another time of the year, dry them and, if necessary, color them. Some of the materials can be replaced by others. Acorns are also wonderfully suitable, for example, because they even have a hat.

Tinker fairy mobile


For a mobile with “flying” fairies you need a wooden ring on which you can hang the fairy figures and of course fairies. The latter are best drawn on cardboard, colored in and cut out and then provided with string for hanging. The wings are best made extra so that they can be folded later to get a 3D effect. Instead of cardboard, you can also use a different material such as felt, stronger material or even foam rubber. You get a nice decoration that you can use for the nursery.

Make flower fairies yourself


  • Wooden beads
  • various artificial flowers
  • wire
  • Colours
  • scissors
  • hot glue


From the artificial flowers, you will need the individual petals if you want to make this type of fairy. You put these together as you like to get a fairy dress. You will find detailed instructions in pictures at the end of our article. When winding and tinkering with the wire, you have to pay attention to a few things so that all the individual elements are held together well. Thanks to the wire, you can hang the finished flower fairies anywhere in the room.

Instructions for flower fairies here.