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Make fabric flowers yourself: 30 great ideas and instructions

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Spring is approaching and for many it is the most dearest season of the year, because nature awakens, everything is in bloom and shows its most colorful side. To bring the spring mood back home, people like to use fresh flowers. They conjure up a special atmosphere and beautify every corner. However, there is an uncomplicated alternative that is not only ideal for decorating interiors – artificial flowers. Compared to real flowers, they are much more practical and have a longer shelf life, can be combined in many ways to make a beautiful bouquet or used decoratively for another purpose. You can also make wonderful fabric flowers yourself. Tying a whole bouquet of flowers takes a little tact and patience, but the result is definitely worth it. We present here how the crafting of fabric flowers works.

Make beautiful fabric flowers yourself

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Fabric flowers can be designed imaginatively and used just as imaginatively. Great accessories such as neck and hair accessories, waist belts, brooches can be put together, clothes and shoes can be spiced up or a charming bouquet of flowers can be tied. Delicate, decorative flowers made of satin or tulle perfectly complement any romantic bridal look or wedding decoration. This gives a pretty gift packaging a special kick. The possibilities are almost endless.

Make fabric flowers yourself and be inspired by nature

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There are no limits to creativity and imagination when making fabric flowers yourself. Inspiration and ideas can be found in abundance in nature. Roses, ranunculus, dahlias, anemones, carnations, daisies, chrysanthemums and many, many others offer their blossoms as a real inexhaustible source of inspiration. Of course you can design the fabric flowers according to your own ideas. Depending on the type of flower and the decorative purpose, you should also choose a suitable fabric.

Make fabric flowers yourself: choose the right fabric

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When making fabric flowers yourself, scraps of fabric or small pieces of fabric are mostly used. Above all, it is important that the different types of fabric, patterns, colors and designs go well together. In order to conjure up the most “natural” effect possible, you should use single-colored fabrics that are reminiscent of the leaves of the right plant in terms of color and appearance. If you want to make a whole bouquet of flowers, you should get enough fabric and scraps of fabric will not be a good idea. The handicraft technique also determines the selection of the material to a certain extent.

Making fabric flowers yourself: Different handicraft techniques

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There are several ways and craft techniques to make beautiful fabric flowers yourself. In this post we present a few of them with brief instructions and helpful crafting tips. As far as the required materials and tools are concerned, you primarily need enough fabric, sharp scissors, a pen or some chalk for marking, as well as a hot glue gun, a thread of the same color and a needle. If you want to make fabric flowers made of polyester such as tulle or lining, then a candle will also be useful.

Make fabric camellia

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If you want to make the fabric flowers as natural and authentic as possible, then it makes sense to choose a fabric that is reminiscent of the structure and color of the real plant. This is how you should shape the leaves. Are they pointed or oval? Are the flowers rather small and delicate or magnificent and large? So before you start making fabric flowers yourself, you should study the respective flower and remember its special features. Here we present an example of how to make a camellia out of fabric.

Tinker fabric dahlia

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Using this principle, you can also create a beautiful dahlia from fabric yourself. Maybe you can first create a template with the typical leaf shape of the flower and then use it several times to make lots of fabric flowers. It always looks very pretty when several different sized flowers are put together.

Make a fabric rose

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Compared to the dahlias and camellias, the roses are not so uniform in structure and the leaves are not all uniform. There are a few little tricks to recreate the authentic effect of the flower and to make it out of fabric. The material is of great importance here. It should be made of polyester so that the ends of the individual leaves will curl afterwards. The effect can be achieved with the flame of a candle. Then you cut out many ovals of different sizes. If necessary, you can also take a real rose as a model and take its flower apart. In order to achieve the authentic leaf shape, the individual leaves have to be briefly held over the flame of the candle. No small children are allowed to help. When you’ve made enough rose petals, you can sew a rose out of them. Alternatively, a hot glue gun can also be used.

Make fabric flowers yourself brooch jewelry accessory idea

There is also another way to make a decorative rose out of fabric. This method is simple, but the result is not that realistic. You cut many concentric circles, melt the ends briefly over the flame and finally fix each circle concentrically to one another in the middle. You can also insert a few pearls in the middle for a perfect finish.

Make fabric flowers yourself: imaginative motley variations

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Fabric flowers can be tinkered with imagination and according to your own ideas. For this it is best to use motley residual materials such as patchwork fabrics or unusual fashion fabrics that can be easily combined with one another. You can first make individual petals yourself and then sew them together. Finally, you fix a nice button or a few pearls in the middle and the beautiful fabric flower is ready.

Make fabric flowers yourself instructions colored leaves

Make fabric flowers yourself instructions colorful sewing leaves

Make fabric flowers yourself instructions colorful

Make fabric flowers yourself colorful instructions idea

Make fabric flowers yourself: wrap flowers

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Alternatively and much easier you can make a fabric flower yourself by cutting a piece of fabric into strips and then wrapping them concentrically. For example, a strip can be about 4 centimeters wide. A cotton fabric can also be used for this. It frays a lot and creates beautiful effects. Alternatively, the fabric can be overcast or simply use a plastic and melt the edges a bit with a flame. You start to wrap the strip of fabric from the inside, from the center outwards and in some places you fix it with a hot glue gun.

make fabric flowers yourself instructions wrap flower

Fabric flowers make simple instructions yourself

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Make fabric flowers yourself easy instructions wrap

Make simple fabric flowers yourself

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There are many ways to make fabric flowers, and this is perhaps the easiest of them. To do this, first cut a circle out of any fabric, then sew the edge and pull the thread so that something like a small pillow is created. Now you tie the thread on the lower side and fix a nice button in the middle on the other side.

Make fabric flowers yourself and use them to decorate accessories

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In this post we have presented a total of seven methods. Depending on what kind of effect you want to conjure up, you can make beautiful fabric flowers yourself and use them to spice up a boring piece of clothing or simple shoes. Hair accessories, headbands, belts, chains or bracelets get a special kick when they are decorated with a few delicate fabric flowers. In addition, the self-made flowers are ideal for atmospheric decoration of the apartment such as table decorations, original flower arrangements, monograms or wreaths. Even for a vintage-style wedding, beautiful decorations and even a bridal bouquet made of delicate fabric flowers are an original idea and are sure to turn heads.

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