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Make decorations in autumn – 5 creative & simple ideas for adults

handicrafts in autumn ideas instructions natural materials acorns cones

What can you do in autumn? Well, the selection is really more than just huge. But all ideas have two things in common: They should put us in the autumn mood and be able to be used as decoration for this purpose. If you are looking for ideas for autumn handicrafts for adults, you can let your creativity run free by trying the following handicraft projects and making beautiful autumn decorations. The ideas are also not that difficult to imitate and you can use them for many years to come.

Handicrafts in autumn – wreath of leaves made of birch bark

tinker in autumn wreath leaves birch bark feathers bouquet vase bark

Wreaths are popular decorations for handicrafts in autumn and for other occasions. This wreath is made from the beautiful birch bark. In addition to the bark, which you can get at the craft store or at least online, you’ll also need a styrofoam ring and hot glue. For example, you can use any ribbon to hang it up. Cut out any leaf shapes from the bark. Oak and maple leaves are particularly appealing. To do this, you can look for a template from the Internet, cut it out and use it as a template. Prepare a lot of birch bark leaves. If in the end they are not enough, you can always cut out more.

With the help of the hot glue you can then attach the leaves to the entire ring. If you want some leaves to stick out better, you can also crumple up paper and clamp it under the leaves. If you don’t want to use a tape for hanging, you can simply use a nail in the wall and insert the ring or hang it on the nail.

Make small bowls as decoration in autumn

tinker in autumn bowl bowl of paper mache paper gold color decorate

With small bowls you get a nice decoration, which you can even add to with a few items such as cones, chestnuts and acorns to get a nice arrangement. The whole thing looks especially nice in groups. It is best to make three bowls of different sizes at the same time. For this purpose, you need three ready-made bowls as a template, as well as paper and glue that is suitable for paper mache and cling film.

Turn the bowl upside down. First, wrap the outside of the bowl with the cling film. That way you won’t ruin them with the glue. In another bowl, mix the glue with water. Chop up the paper and put it in the glue. The pieces should be covered well with the glue. Then use them to cover the outside of the bowl that you covered with the foil. Use a pad! Make sure that the entire bowl is covered and that there are no holes left. Then let everything dry for about 3 hours before you do the rest in the fall.

Now turn the bowl over for handicrafts in the fall and use scissors to cut off excess paper along the edge. Carefully take apart the template bowl and the new one. With spray paint you can now color your decorative bowl as you like. Autumn colors are of course recommended. Start with a white paint that you will color the entire bowl with. Let this paint dry for an hour. Then you can move on to the inside. Especially gold and copper are very pretty to look at here. Mask the outside with waxed paper or other paper to protect it. Let this dry too, overnight, and then remove the protective paper. If you want, you can also apply a transparent protective layer at the end. As a precaution, do not use the bowls for edible items or find out whether the paint is also not harmful and poisonous.

Autumn craft ideas – crafting with acorns and chestnuts

tinker autumn natural materials acorns white gold shape door wreath

Use what nature has to offer if you want to make autumn decorations yourself. You can use both chestnuts and acorns for this project. This example uses acorns for handicrafts in the fall, which are really simply designed. Use a brush to first paint the acorn in a white color. As soon as the paint has dried, coat the hat with glue and use a dry brush to sprinkle it with golden glitter. Alternatively, you can simply dip the glans into the glitter. Once the glue has dried, tap off the excess glitter.

tinker autumn instructions tinker ideas easy diy glitter gold

You are also welcome to choose other color combinations. Brown and copper, for example, go very well together. You can now use the finished acorns for various things. Fill the bowl from the project above with them or tie them together in a garland if you want a window decoration for autumn. Or you can create a DIY autumn decoration in the form of a wreath and decorate it with the acorns. You can of course combine different colors with each other for handicrafts with natural materials.

Handicrafts in autumn with natural materials for the birds

tinker autumn bird food pine cones garden decoration idea simple peanut butter

The birds are sure to be happy in autumn when you can find light food in your garden. Decorations like these handicrafts are not only useful, they are also good for the wild animals and can be used throughout the winter. If you want to tinker with this idea in the fall, get a pine cone, peanut butter, twine and bird seed. First, you tie yarn around the top of the pine cone so that you can hang it up later. You determine the length yourself. Use a knife to spread the peanut butter on the pine cone. Fill a bowl with the birdseed and dip the cone in it so the kernels stick to the peanut butter. Hang the practical decoration for DIY autumn handicrafts on a tree where it is visible from the house.

Tinker autumn decorations – craft ideas for adults

tinker autumn lanterns legumes decoration candle colors leaf print

Lanterns, lanterns and candle holders are nice craft ideas for autumn, because they make a gloomy and rainy day much more comfortable and pleasant. These lanterns, which are made from simple mason jars, are also beautiful eye-catchers. If you want to tinker with autumn leaves, this project can be used, because these serve as a template. For the lanterns as ideas for handicrafts in the fall, you also need self-adhesive vinyl, spray paint, filling material such as legumes, candles and, if you like, wire, thread or corn leaves for decorating.

tinker autumn lanterns yourself make decorating inspiration

To make these lanterns in autumn, cut out any leaf shape with a vinyl box cutter (real leaves can also be used). In this case a maple leaf was chosen. You then stick the sticker on the clean glass, after which you can spray it with the color of your choice. You can also get great effects if you apply the paint with a brush. Several layers may be necessary. Then give it enough time to dry. Remove the vinyl.

Now fill the glass with the filling material. This can be dry peas, lentils, peppercorns or a mix of several things. Fill so high that the legumes can be seen through the leaf window. Finally, insert the candle. If that doesn’t work right away, you can add a layer of legumes first, then place the candle on it and fill up the rest until you can see it. Finally, decorate the edge of the glass with ribbons, thread, wire or whatever else you can think of.