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Make cupcake toppers yourself – How to make very individual decorations!

Make your own cupcake toppers for children's birthday parties out of colorful straws

Cupcakes are muffins that believe in miracles! Topped off with a delicious glaze, these mini tarts are an indispensable part of the sweet world today. They can be designed and decorated to suit every occasion, every season and celebration! The icing on the cake is the cupcake toppers. These are decorations that you stick to toothpicks or similar wooden sticks and then stick on cupcakes. Today we will show you how you can make such small plug-ins yourself to make your delicious muffins even more beautiful.

Make your own cupcake toppers for a children’s birthday party

Cupcake Toppers Instructions Tissue paper and straws

There are so many creative things you can do with paper straws! And these birthday candles are the perfect decoration for a colorful celebration! They’re so easy and quick to make that you could even make 100 of them for your grandmother’s birthday.

What you need:

Paper straws (the choice of color and pattern is up to you)

Tissue paper (here in yellow)


Sugar confetti

Cut out squares from yellow tissue paper and shorten the straws

So that you can imagine the size of the birthday candles, just cut your straws in half. Then cut squares with a side length of 8 cm from the tissue paper. If you wish, you can decorate the edges of the paper with glitter to give your candle a little shine!

Make your own cupcake toppers for children's birthday parties using straws of tissue paper

Take the first square of paper and just crumple it around the center to form a flame. Then put a dollop of glue on the tip and stick it into the straw. This is how the first birthday candle is made!

Make cupcake toppers birthday candles out of straws

Make birthday candles out of paper straws and tissue paper

Make your own cupcake toppers for children's birthday parties with vanilla muffins

Balloon cupcake picks

Make your own balloon cupcake topper instructions

In addition to pies, cakes and cupcakes, balloons should not be missing at any party. So how about paper balloons as cupcake toppers? This idea is also perfect for a baby shower! Simply adapt the colors of the balloons to the occasion!

Instead of toothpicks, colored paper clips are used for the inserters. These can be easily bent and shaped so that the balloons look really impressive at the end. As if they were being carried by the wind!

Make cupcake toppers yourself Instructions for colorful paper clips

You need:

Cardboard (e.g. in pink, white and blue)

colorful paper clips


Double-sided tape

It is recommended that you wash the paper clips in hot water before using them on this project. You can also wrap the lower end of the paper clip with tape for added security. Whatever, keep in mind that this is for decorative purposes only and should be removed from the cupcake before consumption.

Use colorful paper clips for handicrafts

First you need to straighten your paper clips and use them like wire. Then wrap it around your finger a little to form a curve. The wire should look like the string on a balloon.

Cut out balloon template from pink paper

Cut out a small balloon template from a sheet of paper and use this as a template to cut out as many colorful balloons as you need. Note that you will need two for each topper.

Stick a colorful paper clip to the balloon shape

Apply small pieces of double-sided tape to the inside of one balloon shape and secure the top of the paper clip as shown. Leave about 1 cm from the edge.

Make a balloon out of pink paper and attach it to a paper clip

Then place the second paper balloon on top of the first and gently squeeze both of them together. When doing this, try to press the edges and not directly over the paper clip, otherwise an unsightly crease may arise.

Make your own cupcake topper baptism children's birthday girl boy blue pink

Cupcake toppers for children's birthday parties or christenings for girls or boys

Pompon cupcake toppers made from tissue paper

Make cupcake toppers out of yellow tissue paper

These pompom cupcake toppers are not only fun and festive, but also super easy to make!

You need:

Tissue paper (in a color of your choice)

Circular punch (5 cm in diameter)

Sewing needle

Thread (preferably in a color that matches the tissue paper)


Lollipop sticks (10 – 12 cm long) or wooden sticks (cut to size)

Double-sided tape

How to make tissue paper pom poms Instructions

Fold or layer the tissue paper so that there are between 8 and 16 layers. Then punch out circles with the craft stamp. You need about 30 circles per pom-pom topper.

Double thread the needle, tie the end and pull the needle through the center of a stack of 30 tissue paper circles. Sew the paper circles as tight as you can and cut the rest of the thread.

Use scissors to cut the circle into 8 equal parts, leaving a distance of 0.5 cm from the center.

Glue tissue paper pom poms to a toothpick

Attach the circles to a wooden stick up to 12 cm long with double-sided tape. First wrap double-sided tape around the end of the chopstick and then carefully tuck it between the layers of paper. Don’t glue the double crochet too close to the center or it will be difficult to fluff up the pompom later. Use your fingers to pull the individual layers apart and unfold the pompom. With this topper you can make your cupcakes more festive in no time!

Make a simple pennant chain

homemade cupcake topper pennant chain baptism silver simple

Add a little sparkle to your cupcakes by making this cute cake garland in small format! All you need is a piece of glitter paper, toothpicks, glue stick, tape, and string. Aside from the glitter paper, you will likely have all of the other things at home. And if you have a daughter between the ages of 4 and 16, chances are that there will be a lot of glitter paper on hand too.

Make a cupcake pennant chain out of glitter paper and string

Cut out small rectangles from glitter paper

On the back of your glitter paper, draw four or five rectangles that are 1 cm wide and 3 cm long and cut them out.

Place the rectangles with the white side up and apply some glue.

Place a piece of string across the middle, then fold the rectangles in half over the string.

Make cake garland yourself silver instructions cord

Use the scissors to cut the ends of the pennants to make a triangle shape. Cut the string and tie each end to a toothpick. Insert the toothpicks into your cupcake and check that the length fits. If you have too many flags, you can always cut one out and re-tie the string.

Make a pennant chain out of glitter paper in silver

Make elegant cupcake toppers for a wedding yourself

Make your own chocolate cupcake toppers and decorate the glaze with sugar pearls

Of course we love cupcake pricks, but sometimes the occasion might call for something a little more elegant. We love using these super light chocolate decorations on cupcakes and cakes! They are so easy to do!

All you have to do is:

  • print out this template,
  • then place them under a piece of waxed paper
  • and trace the contours with melted chocolate!

You can also use pink chocolate if the color goes well with the occasion. Once the chocolate has set, you can stick the decorations in the buttercream.

Make your own template for printing out chocolate cupcake toppers

Wedding cupcake toppers made of chocolate colored pink

Cupcake toppers baptism wedding pink chocolate muffins vanilla icing

Make your own cupcake toppers for a princess party

Cupcake toppers made of white chocolate baby shower children's birthday princess

If you are organizing a party with the motto “princesses” or “fairytale wedding”, then these Krone cupcake toppers are the right thing for you. Red velvet cupcakes, cream cheese frosting in rosé and white sugar pearls of different sizes go perfectly with the fairy tale feeling!

Make little princess crown yourself out of white chocolate and decorate with sugar pearls

To make the little tiara, first wrap a couple of small bottles with wax paper. Then use a vanilla-flavored sugar stick to draw tiaras on the bottles. To make the crowns even more beautiful, add a few more sugar pearls. Once the sugar decor cream has dried, carefully remove the decorations from the bottles.

Mini white chocolate crown as a cupcake topper

Redvelvet cupcakes and pink icing crown of white chocolate

Princess children's birthday cupcakes pink icing sugar pearls and crown as a topper

Feather cupcake toppers made from fondant

Make feathers yourself from white sugar paste

Feathers are so irresistibly beautiful and are very popular as decoration right now. Other pluses: they’re not difficult to make and don’t have to be perfect! They also leave a lot of space for artistic interpretations. So just give this idea a try.

What you need:

Fondant (white)

Optional: feather cutter

Modeling stick for fondant (veining tool)

Powdered food coloring (gold and coral)

Pure alcohol (70% from the pharmacy) or vodka

paint brush

Baking sheet

Bubble wrap or cling film

Roll out the white fondant on a surface lightly covered with powdered sugar. It should be about 3mm thick. Cut out feather shapes with cookie cutters or by hand.

Use the modeling stick to make a notch in the center of the nib. Do this gently so you don’t cut the feather in half. Next, stroke both sides of the feather in an upward motion. In this video you can see how that should be done exactly:

Don’t worry if the lines aren’t perfect. The nibs will look more realistic if they are irregular.

Place the feathers on a baking sheet covered with bubble wrap or plastic wrap. You can also use something else as a base. The main thing is: the fondant feathers should be placed in a natural, curved shape to dry. Cover the surface where you are letting the fondant dry with a layer of powdered sugar to prevent it from sticking.

Let the fondant feathers dry overnight or longer until they set. Then remove the bubble wrap and carefully flip the feathers over and let them dry on the baking sheet for another day or two, until they are completely dry and not soft at all.

Spice up feathers made from white fondant with gold food coloring

Pour half of a 2g can of gold luster dust into a small mixing bowl and add 1/2 teaspoon of alcohol. Mix together until there are no more lumps. The consistency should be like cream and not watery.

Dip a paintbrush into the luster dust mixture and decorate the feathers while gently holding them in your hand. Then let the feathers dry on a tray. When the golden color thickens, add a little more liquid as needed.

Just before serving, place the feathers on top of the cupcakes. Do not store the fondant feathers in the refrigerator as the moisture can make them a little soft.