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Make Christmas cards with paper cutting – ideas, instructions and free templates

tinker abstract christmas cards with paper cut fir tree motif

Paper cutting is a popular art form in which filigree images are created on paper with scissors or another cutting tool. The art has been known for decades and should have its origin in China. Today paper cuttings are used to decorate windows, cards or gifts with popular motifs. And since we are in the run-up to Christmas, we will deal with the topic of making Christmas cards with paper cutting in today’s post. Let yourself be inspired by the ideas and make original Christmas cards yourself.

What are the options for paper cutting?

tinker christmas cards silhouette motifs

Paper cutting is usually understood to mean both the classic silhouette and the popular fold-cutting technique that children learn in kindergarten. Another variant of paper cutting are the complicated pictures with many elements that are cut out with the help of a template and a stencil knife. You can use all three options for paper cutting when making Christmas cards and conjure up really creative designs.

tinker christmas cards with original paper cutting ideas

Complicated paper cuts with many small elements require a little more skill and are more suitable for experienced craft fans. First of all, you need a nice template with the desired motifs to cut out. Below you will find free paper cutting templates that you can use to create beautiful Christmas cards.

christmas tree silhouette tinker christmas card filigree

The Christmas tree, for example, is one of the most popular motifs for making Christmas cards with paper cutting. There are many options to choose from, depending on the level of difficulty. The fold cut technique is also a cool craft idea that children can also do very well. In this case, the corresponding template is first folded and then trimmed. After unfolding the paper, the desired motif emerges.

tinker christmas cards with paper cut reindeer motifs

With paper cutting, abstract patterns and motifs can also be depicted, which are perfect for modern cards for Christmas. Whether an abstract Christmas tree, a reindeer or a snow-covered house, everything looks wonderful in the paper cut.

silhouette christmas winter snowflakes diy

Another option would be to make pretty snowflakes with a paper cut and then stick them on a double card. In this case, make sure to use contrasting colors so that the snowflake really stands out.

Tinker Christmas cards with paper cutting – simple ideas with instructions

3d christmas cards tinker paper cut simple idea

The paper cutting shouldn’t always be complicated when making Christmas cards. Even simple ideas can be implemented effectively and amaze the recipient. For this 3D Christmas tree, for example, you only need to make a few cuts in the middle of a folded card and fold out every other strip of paper.

make original christmas cards simply silhouette

You can also design double cards with cut-out figures so that you can see the inside of the card. While this is not a complicated paper cut, it looks very creative and original.

Easy to make christmas cards with a silhouette

For example, you can sketch a circle with the compass and then cut it out. Now glue a suitable piece of patterned paper on the inside directly under the cutout. Then use a black pen to shape the circle like a hanging Christmas tree ball and the Christmas card is ready.

Tinker abstract Christmas cards with paper cutting

tinker modern christmas cards with silhouette motifs

If you want to surprise your friends with a modern Christmas card this year, you can use this technique to conjure up really creative designs. An abstract Christmas tree, for example, is definitely a success if you have a suitable template.

Paper cut instructions to tinker Christmas cards

In addition to the template, you also need construction paper in two different colors, a stencil knife and a cutting mat. First, place the template on one of the cards and cut out the motifs. Then glue the other card underneath and the design is done.

tinker abstract christmas cards with paper cut instructions

Alternatively, you can also try this idea in which the small triangles are not completely cut out. In this case, just cut along the two legs, leaving out the base. Then unfold the triangles so that the second piece of paper is visible underneath.

diy idea christmas card silhouette wreath

However, not only triangles can be designed in this way. You can also draw a simple wreath on the card and partially cut out the leaves. There are no limits to your creativity.

Popular motifs for a paper cut

Make Christmas card tannenbaum yourself

If you are not very good at using the stencil knife, you should opt for simpler motifs that can also be used with scissors. So if you want to make Christmas cards with paper cutting, then you can design pretty Christmas trees without a template. Simply draw a simple Christmas tree on the card and then cut it out. It’s that simple.

tinker christmas card rudolf reindeer silhouette

With or without a template, a reindeer is always a great design idea for the Christmas card. Rudolf not only delights children and can be reproduced in different versions. The idea from the picture above is really funny, don’t think so either?

Christmas card tinker paper cut stars Christmas balls

Christmas tree decorations in every shape, size and color are also well accepted as motifs for the Christmas card. The variants are particularly diverse. The balls can be decorated on the inside with various symbols and patterns, which you then simply cut out. In this case, too, original cards are created that are sure to bring joy to the recipient.

Paper cut Christmas cards with lettering

christmas card paper cut lettering christmas motifs

When making Christmas cards with paper cutting, lettering is also a way of making pretty card designs. Such a card requires a little more skill, as letters cannot be easily cut out. It is therefore advisable not to opt for long lettering, but only for a single word.

Christmas card tinker lettering paper cutting instructions

You can find an example in the picture. Many people associate the word “Joy” with Christmas and is perfect for the Christmas card. You can put a colorful picture underneath or why not a photo of you and your loved one / your family?

Free paper cutting templates for Christmas

template paper cut christmas tree abstract

Here you will find some paper cutting templates with Christmas motifs that you can use for your Christmas cards. Simply print them out in the appropriate size and then give your creativity free rein. We wish you a lot of fun!

Paper cut templates christmas baubles

Paper cut template christmas landscape fir trees houses snow

Paper cut template bells ribbon stars

Christmas paper cut template decorate christmas card

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template christmas tree angel paper cut christmas

christmas template paper cut fir tree children

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