Craft ideas

Make christening gifts for guests: With these ideas you can make original guest gifts yourself!

After you have celebrated your child’s baptism, you can give the guests a small token of your gratitude with a gift. Guest gifts can of course be bought ready-made – there are numerous online shops for this. With a little skill, however, beautiful baptism gifts can be made for guests, which are on the one hand cheaper and on the other hand have a personal touch. Let the following ideas inspire you!

Make candles as baptism gifts for guests

DIY christening gifts for guests candles in jars

Whether for a wedding or a baptism, candles are always a good idea for the party favors. They look beautiful and can also be used by guests. We will now show you how you can make these candles yourself with pretty, ecclesiastical accents. First, get the materials:

  • candle wax
  • Candle wick
  • double-sided adhesive dots, transparent
  • Hot glue gun
  • white satin ribbon, thin
  • Scattered crosses
  • small glasses
  • Clothespin
  • Cardstock and artwork

Christening gifts for guests make themselves a candle in a glass

First, melt the wax in a water bath over medium heat. While doing this, stir with a metal whisk until it is completely melted. Let the wax cool for 10-15 minutes.

While the wax cools, put a dot of glue on the bottom of a pre-waxed wick and stick it to the bottom of the jar.

Once the wax has cooled for the allotted time, fill the jar with it. If necessary, use a clothespin to hold the wick upright. Let the wax cool and harden, then cut off the wick.

Tie a piece of white satin ribbon around the neck of the mini glass jar. Use a small blob of hot glue so that the tape overlaps in the middle. Glue a small cross where the tape overlaps.

Print out our free template (see below) for gift tags on white cardboard and punch out the round tags with a paper punch (or just cut them out by hand). Attach the labels to the glass with adhesive dots.

Present your self-made christening candles on a decorative tray so that every guest can take this sweet and sentimental souvenir home with them!

Template for printing

Thank you label template for printing

Make candles with a photo as baptism gifts for guests

Candle in a glass with a photo as a gift for a baptism

Make christening gifts for guests with flower seeds

Lavender seeds in organza bags with label DIY

Flower seeds as a gift for a wedding or christening are currently very much in vogue. The idea behind it is simple: After the party, the guests should plant the seeds and take care of the growing little plant. Such a gift is environmentally friendly, practical and always goes down well. And the ideas for decorating are as good as infinite.

Pack the flower seeds in cloth bags

Make christening gifts for guests yourself and pack flower seeds

Since flower seeds are a sustainable gift, it would be advisable to also package them in an environmentally friendly way. For this, scraps of fabric are an excellent idea. Check out the steps in the following picture guide.

Wrap flower seeds in fabric as a baptism gift for guests

First, cut out a square piece of fabric with pinking shears to make the edges nice. Then put a small square piece of paper in the middle that will serve as the base for your seed sachets. Sprinkle the flower seeds on top, bring all the corners of the fabric together, and tie them together with a piece of yarn. If you wish, you can also add a label with the guest name or a small thank-you note. You can find another interesting idea for this gift below.

DIY baptism favors in a glass

Thematic baptism gifts for guests make a cross in a glass

You can use miniature glasses not only for homemade candles. You can also use it to make a decorative gift by filling it with white pearls and attaching a cross under the lid. With a piece of lace around the glass and a small gift tag with the name of the person to be baptized, the cute gift is perfectly rounded off.

Flower seeds in a jar with a nice saying

Christening gifts for guests Flower seeds in a jar with a message

Small cork jars are also perfect for the flower seeds as a gift idea for the guests of the baptism. An original lettering also fits. Here’s an example:

“Thanks very much!

Please scatter on my behalf

those little flower seeds.

If they bear flowers – innumerable pieces,

think back to my baptism. “

Add the name of the person to be baptized and the date and your personal gift is ready.

Small picture frame with photo as a guest gift for the baptism

Picture frame with photo of the person to be baptized as a guest gift for the baptism

Not only the relatives will be happy about a photo of the person to be baptized. This nice and personal gift will be well received by all guests and will remain as a nice memory of your child’s baptism. First, choose a nice photo of the child or take a photo especially for it. Then insert the photo in a suitable picture frame to give away to the guests.

DIY colorful picture frame magnets

You can also present the photo as a gift in the form of small fridge magnets. If you can find suitable mini picture frames, you can also make the magnets yourself without much effort. You still need small round magnets, printed photos of the child in small format and glue. If you want to paint the picture frames in a different color, then acrylic paints are best.

Make christening gifts for guests from salt dough or polymer clay

Napkin ring and gift in a cross made of salt dough

Various small figures are also very suitable as guest gifts on different occasions. They may not have any practical value, but they look quite elegant and round off the decoration wonderfully. Church motifs such as crosses and angels go best with a baptism, but white doves and lambs are also popular. If you want the favors to be homemade, you can make the figurines yourself instead of ordering them.

Make angels out of salt dough and decorate baptism gifts

Salt dough is the ideal material for making small figures. It’s quite cheap and easy to use. You only need 3 ingredients to make salt dough – salt, flour and water. A dough is kneaded from this and then shaped as desired. Alternatively, you can of course also use white Fimo modeling clay.

We recommend using a cookie cutter so that all figures look the same. To do this, roll out the salt dough or the modeling clay and simply cut out the shapes with the selected cookie cutter. Then let the figures harden in the oven or in the air. If you want to attach a pendant, don’t forget to make a small hole while the material has not yet hardened.

Small christening gifts for guests packed with salt dough figures

The white figures also look beautiful as they are, but you can decorate them further if you wish. With a pen or a thin brush and paint you can add a few decorative elements or write the name and the date. Pretty cellophane packaging would also be recommended so that the christening gifts for guests have a perfect look.

Classic christening gifts for guests: packaging christening almonds

Christening almonds in bags with pinwheel decoration as christening gifts for guests

It doesn’t get any more classic than christened almonds. This proven guest gift for baptism is always well received and has a special symbolism. Usually five sugar-coated almonds are given away, each representing love, success, longevity, happiness and God’s blessing. Once you have decided on this classic gift, you can get creative again and make the packaging for the christening almonds yourself. Below is a simple do-it-yourself idea.

Make a wind turbine out of felt

Make a pinwheel out of felt Instructions

Pack the christening almonds in a small organza bag and decorate it with a homemade pinwheel. For this you need blue or pink felt (neutral is also possible, just match the color to the decoration), hot glue and a small wooden handle. This is how it works step by step:

  • Use a pen and ruler to draw a square with a side length of approx. 7 cm on the sheet of felt and cut it out.
  • Cut the square again with scissors diagonally from the outer corners towards the center. Don’t cut the felt all the way, leave about 2 to 3 cm to the center of the square. So make 4 cuts for each vertex.
  • Take one end of the square and fold it by joining the corner to the center point of the square. Glue them in place with a dot of hot glue.
  • Repeat for the remaining 3 sides, always folding each side in the same direction.

Instructions make a windmill out of blue felt

  • Glue all 4 corners in the middle of the square, take a button (or other decoration of your choice) and glue it with hot glue on the intersection of the corner points.
  • Take a wooden stick and glue it to the back of the pinwheel.
  • Tie or glue the organza bag with christening almonds to the stem and your baptism gift is ready.

Homemade cookies as christening gifts for guests

Cross cookies as edible christening gifts for guests

Instead of making the christening gifts for guests, you can simply bake them! Yes, the homemade cookies are always a good idea when it comes to favors. All you need for this idea is a good cookie recipe and matching cookie cutters. Of course, crosses go well with baptism, but angels and doves are also good.

Wrap homemade cookies in cellophane

If you stick to a certain theme for the decoration for the baptism, you can of course decorate the biscuits appropriately. The best way to do this is to use egg white icing (still known as royal icing), which you can color with food coloring. As soon as the glaze has dried (ideally wait 24 hours), you can wrap the cookies in cellophane and decorate them with a pretty bow. So they are better suited to take away.