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Make cherry stone pillows yourself – 10 great and creative ideas & suggestions

Make cherry stone pillows yourself rabbit-fabric-jute-fir cones-cinnamon sticks-rope-roll-ears-paw-filling

There are always exhausting days after which you feel tired and tense. The neck hurts and you feel uncomfortable. In this case, heat pillows can help and relieve tension. You can also make a cherry stone pillow yourself, put it on your neck and simply relax with the pleasant warmth and think about nothing. We will show you how you can make a soothing and warming cherry stone pillow at home without much effort.

Make cherry stone pillows yourself – application

Make cherry stone pillows yourself wicker basket-fabric-checkered-napkin-purple-cherry stones-dried

The cherry stone pillows can either be used for warming like a hot water bottle or for cooling like the ice packs from the refrigerator. The kernels of the cherries are ideal for a heat pillow because they store the heat in their kernel and slowly release it again. Put the cherry stone pillow in a plastic bag or box in the freezer for at least 15 minutes if you want to use the cherry stone pillow for cooling. The cherry pits store the cold and deliver it to the desired location.

Make cherry stone pillows yourself – easy to use

Make cherry stone pillows yourself with a fox-filling-microwave-heating-warming-healing-beneficial-effect

In a few seconds you can warm up your homemade cherry stone pillow. Just put it in the microwave for 50-90 seconds, depending on its size. If you have something in your oven at the moment, you can make optimal use of the residual heat or warm the pillow wrapped in aluminum foil for around 10 minutes at 80 degrees. You are also welcome to warm it up with the heater or fireplace switched on. Turn the pillow over regularly so that it is evenly warm and be careful not to get too hot, otherwise the cherry pits will burn.

Make instructions for the cherry stone pillow yourself

Make cherry stone pillows yourself bowl-metal-cherry stones-wash-water-vinegar-liquid-remove pulp

Please always test its temperature before using the cherry stone pillow, preferably on the inside of the wrists. Making a cherry stone pillow yourself is actually not that difficult. Apart from enough cherry stones, of course, you only need cloth, needle and thread. If you have collected the cherry pits yourself, you must first clean them properly and remove the excess pulp before you put the cherry pits into the pillow.

Sew cherry stone pillows yourself in any shape

Make cherry stone pillows yourself sewing-cloth-filling-black-pattern-colored-warming-cooling-small

To do this, take pure water and boil the kernels for 10 minutes or clean them with kneading movements in the water. Let the kernels dry out well so that they do not get moldy or unpleasant smells arise. There are countless shapes in which you can design your cherry stone pillow. Whether square, rectangular or triangular, heart-shaped or in the shape of a cute animal, you can decide for yourself according to your mood.

Suitable fabric for cherry stone pillows

cherry stone pillows-make-fabric-pieces-patterned-table-box-cherry stones-cooling-warming

If you make cherry stone pillows yourself, you have to do without synthetic fibers when choosing fabrics. Use 100% cotton or linen for your pillow. If you only want to use your self-made pillow as a cooling compress, you can also use artificial tissue. Remnants of fabric, trouser legs, jute bags or tea towels can be used as material.

Make cherry stone pillows with just a few materials

Cherry stone pillows-make-yourself-sew-fold-fill-container-kernels-table-man-needle

Choose a pattern and cut the fabric to the size you want. If you have decided on a square, rectangle or triangle and want to save a sewing step, take a longer piece of fabric and fold it in half. Otherwise, cut out two halves, turn the fabric inside out and sew both parts together on three sides. Then turn the bag over to the nicer side of the fabric and fill it halfway with the cherry stones. For the filling you need 300-500 grams of cherry stones, depending on the format.

Uses of the cherry stone pillow

Cherry stone pillows-do-it-yourself-large-small-filling-fabric-checkered-cherry-pattern-satin-red

Now fold the edge inwards and sew it as close as possible to the edge. If you want, you can sew a decorative seam around the end by hand. The soothing warmth of a cherry stone pillow not only loosens tension, but also relieves stomach and ear pain, helps with rheumatism and simply warms you up. When cooled, cherry stone pillows relieve bruises, bruises or toothache.

Design cherry stone pillows in various sizes and shapes

cherry stone pillows-make-yourself-round-angular-lavender-kernels-jute-initial-inscribed-warming-cooling

Depending on the intended use, you can sew the cherry stone pillow in different sizes. Mini cherry stone pillows are particularly suitable for babies or toddlers, as they are light and barely noticeable. Larger pillows, for example, can be used as shoulder and neck pillows.

Large cherry stone pillows with chambers for even warmth

Cherry stone pillows-do-it-yourself-quilted-chamber-neck-pain-woman-fabric-patterned-chair

With pillows like this in particular, the filling collects in one corner. Simply sew multiple chambers so that you can use the full size of the cherry stone pillow. Divide it into vertical, equal-sized chambers, fill the first chamber so that there is some air and sew up the transition to the next chamber. Fill and seal the remaining chambers in this way.

Soft warmth for the little ones

Cherry stone pillows-make-yourself-baby-boy-girl-stomachache-warmth-stars-pink-flower-fabric

The warmth of the cherry stone pillows can undoubtedly provide some relief for flatulence and three-month colic. Put the heated pillow in the stroller so that your baby is cozy and warm outside in the stroller even in winter. A lukewarm cherry stone pillow placed on the tummy also helps with annoying hiccups.

Make stuffed cherry stone pillows yourself

Cherry stone pillows-do-it-yourself-instructions-sew-cut-out-wadding-cherry stones-stencil-brown-blue

What do you think of sewing a very individual cherry pillow in a cute animal shape yourself? With the help of stencils made of cardboard, which you prefabricate and place on the fabric, you can cut the fabric and make a soft, cute bunny yourself. Its small body is filled with the warming cherry stones and its head, ears, paws and tail with soft cotton wool.

Make a personalized cherry stone pillow

cherry stone pillow-make-children-fabric-cat-button-filling-colorful-sewing-flowers-dotted-soft-felt

The cherry pit pillow is also a cute cuddly toy and looks just cute on the little baby bump. Do you have friends or relatives who are new parents? A personalized cherry stone pillow with the child’s name on it is a great gift idea.

Animal cherry stone pillow with separate filling pillow


If you want to make a cherry stone pillow for your baby yourself, it is worth sewing a fluffy flannel cover into which the actual cherry stone pillow is inserted. So you can wash the cover over and over again and dry it quickly if necessary.

Original warmth stuffed animals

cherry pit pillow-do-it-yourself-bear-children's-cover-fabric-colored-white-fill-cherry-pits-sew-fill

When it comes to the selection of animal figures, there are of course no limits to your imagination. You can easily and inexpensively make your favorite animals out of colored fabric yourself with the right pattern. A bear, elephant, owl, mouse or other warmth stuffed animals are unique and individual, and undoubtedly bring restful sleep with them.

Creative, handmade giveaways 

cherry stone pillow-do-it-yourself-individual-animal-owl-sew-felt-bowl-glass-cherry stone-filling

Let your creativity run free and, depending on the occasion, decorate the self-made cherry stone pillows with different fonts, messages or nice nicknames. For example, sew on a football emblem and give a real football fan a present.

Lavender in the filling for a pleasant fragrance 

Cherry stone pillows-do-it-yourself-sew-ladybug-fabric-gray-patterned-individually-soft-warm-fill

Even with fabrics with different motifs and a little imagination, you can create pretty gifts for young and old that everyone will be happy about. You are welcome to add dried lavender flowers to the pillow filling. The medicinal plant has a calming effect and the mix of warmth and fragrance provides double relaxation.

Make cherry stone pillows yourself in no time

Cherry stone pillows-make-yourself-socks-patterned-colored-tie-tight-filling-rice-corn-spelled-warm

If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can cut a cotton cloth bag to the size you want and insert the cherry stone filling. All you have to do is sew up one side. If it goes very quickly, you can make an improvised cherry stone pillow yourself out of a sock or a washcloth. Tie the opening tightly with thread and enjoy the warmth.

Alternatives to the cherry stone pillow

Cherry stone pillow-make-it-yourself-sew-introduction-needle-thread-roll-rice-bowl-fabric-fill-warming

Heat cushions can also be made with other fillings, such as rice grains, corn, spelled or grape seeds, rapeseed or linseed. These natural fillers are heated quickly, give off heat for a long time and are relatively light.