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Make bookmarks yourself with great ideas and instructions

make bookmarks paper vintage pretty dragonfly yarn

An extremely important utensil for every bookworm is the bookmark. It has the useful quality in itself of helping you quickly find the last page you read. But in addition to this advantage, the bookmark can also have a decorative side. Why shouldn’t it please the eye either? You can easily get a pretty one Make bookmarks yourself and in this way create a unique and individual piece. We have put together some interesting inspirations and handicraft instructions for this in the following. We hope this is a great inspiration for you.

Make bookmarks yourself as gifts

make yourself bookmarks felt heart shape office clip gift idea friends

With little money and time, you can make pretty bookmarks as gifts for any occasion. To make bookmarks yourself, you only need felt, from which you cut two identical shapes, as well as paper clips that you sew and glue between the two layers of felt.

Make bookmarks yourself – tassels

make bookmarks yourself tinker tinker elegant inspiration buecherwurm

Classic tassels also work very well as bookmarks. For this you can use any yarn and whatever color you want. To make bookmarks yourself, just follow the instructions below and you will quickly receive a pretty accessory with which you can delight yourself or another burger worm.

Make a tassel yourself with a noble look

make bookmarks yourself cute tassel design salmon color

DIY instructions for the tassel bookmark

make bookmarks tinker instructions tassel pink yarn

Bookmark for the book corner

make bookmarks animals design fox instructions diy

You can use this template to print out and then use the same instructions to make an interesting fox that you can stick on the book corner. You can make any number of other animals this way, provided you feel like drawing. Just give it a try and make reading a particularly fun experience for your child.

Bookmark ideas in the form of other animals

make bookmarks yourself paper figures book corner animals tiger

Simple bookmark idea

Make bookmarks yourself simply office clip ribbon colorful colors

Monster bookmarks

make your own bookmark kruemelmonster tinkering idea corner book

Sketch for handicraft instructions

make yourself bookmarks mass sketch monster tinker purple

You can also see another variant in this article.

make yourself bookmarks handicraft instructions fox paper rings

make bookmarks yourself children tinker paper purple easy

make bookmarks yourself fold figure fox thin paper

make yourself bookmarks diy step entertainment books design

make bookmarks fold instructions funny idea fox animal

make yourself bookmarks adhesive monster craft idea simply imitate

make bookmarks paper monsters teeth points eyes

make yourself bookmarks beads chains elegant idea individual

make bookmarks yourself colorful flowers roses diy ribbon buttons

make bookmarks yourself artificial flower decoration elastic band girl idea

Make bookmarks yourself original adjustable rubber instructions

make bookmarks yourself rubber bands suspenders diy dot pattern

Precise instructions here.

make bookmarks yourself bend wire office clips loop checkered

make bookmarks yourself textile colorful sewing roses idea

make bookmarks yourself magnet flaps flag bike motif