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Make beautiful stars with children for Christmas and other occasions

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Stars are great motifs that can not only be used for decoration at Christmas, but also look great on other occasions and seasons. This is why they are so popular as simple craft ideas. Create an afternoon of handicrafts with your children at any time and then try out one of the following handicraft instructions and ideas. Each of them can be changed individually, depending on the occasion you are making the stars with children. For example, if they are intended for Christmas, simply use matching colors such as red, green, white, gold or silver or a winter blue shade. Get the materials you need right away and get started!

Make simple stars with children from craft clay

stars tinker with children craft clay salt dough gold paper glitter pendants

You roll out the craft clay like dough to the desired thickness, after which you cut out the stars with a cookie cutter. This is guaranteed to be great fun for the children. Then add a hole in one of the prongs. You can use a toothpick or a kebab skewer for this. Now work with the clay as described in the manufacturer’s instructions and, depending on the model, let it air dry or in the oven.

If necessary, let the clay cool down in order to finish it off with the gold leaf. Instructions on how to work with this paper when you are making the stars with gold paper should be given on the packaging of the paper. Instead of gold paper, glitter can also be used. To do this, spread liquid glue on the star, sprinkle it with the glitter and then let it dry. Then just shake off the excess. Thread string through the hole and create a loop. Now the star can be hung anywhere.

Make stars out of toothpicks with children for Christmas

star tinker with children toothpick wood simple christmas tree decorations deco

Christmas tree decorations and decorations made from natural materials are very popular. And if you then also use materials from everyday life, nothing stands in the way of a spontaneous afternoon of handicrafts. You can make such a pendant for the Christmas tree from simple toothpicks or kebab skewers. Wooden sticks from the shop can also be used. However, if you are going to take a walk before doing the handicrafts, you can also consider twigs. Five toothpicks or twigs are required per star.

These are now glued together in a certain way, which you can see in the instructions above. Use washi tape or any kind of glue to attach the toothpicks together and then decorate a Christmas bouquet, window or Christmas tree with the finished star. If you are making several stars with children, you will get a particularly inexpensive decoration that you can use for Christmas every year.

Make stars for the window with children

stars tinker with kids party paint colorful pompons ice cream sticks

If you want to make stars with children, popsicle sticks can also be used. And whether the stars are suitable for Christmas, a children’s party or as a decoration for the children’s room depends entirely on the color scheme. Also, get bobbles in the colors you want and have glue ready. The popsicle sticks are painted with paint and then attached to each other as in the instructions above, only this time you use glue. Let it dry. In the meantime you can make a few more stars with children.

As soon as the star is ready, it’s time to decorate. The pompons you got are great for motley or monochrome designs. However, other decorative elements such as buttons, rhinestones and the like can also be used. For a winter look, shades of blue and why not some glitter accents are great.

Make stars out of paper with children

stars tinker children bread paper sewing gluing gift wrapping

These paper stars are not just a unique decoration. They are also ideal as packaging for gifts. You can make the stars with greaseproof paper, but other types of paper are also suitable. There are two crafting options. Depending on which one you choose, the little ones will certainly still need your help. You can make the paper stars by gluing or sewing them together. Take the paper and cut out two different sized stars. They should therefore not be of the same size, so that when they are glued or sewn together, a cavity can be created in the middle in which the gift can be stowed.

Now place the two stars on top of each other and make sure that the edges of both coincide exactly. The larger star is raised a little. Now start to glue or sew the edges together. Just don’t forget to leave a large enough area to put the gift inside. Instead of a gift, you can also use cotton wool or some other filling material if you are making such original 3D stars with children. You can then close the star completely.

Tinker star in a button

star tinker children head decoration ribbon yellow make Christmas tree decorations yourself

This button with a star is very easy and quick to make. Use any size button that has at least five holes. Thread or a nice ribbon is then threaded through these holes in such a way that a star shape is created. Tie a knot in one of the ends and put the string through the first hole. Now you can move on to an opposite hole or choose the hole next to it. Just experiment to get different looks!

Fold the star

stars tinker children colorful colors fold video instructions tinkerels

How about a homemade origami? Then you don’t need any other materials apart from paper when you are making stars with children. Craft paper is first cut into strips for such three-dimensional stars. The wider the stripe, the bigger the star becomes.

You can take a closer look at how the paper strip then has to be folded in the video instructions above. First, show the children how it works. Surely you will quickly get the hang of it.

stars tinker children pendants ornaments christmas beads wall decoration window decoration

You can then use the finished stars to create a wide variety of decorations. Distribute them on the banquet table at a party or for Christmas, hang them on the window or combine them with pearls as in the example above to make pretty Christmas decorations that you can then hang up. It is also advisable to use suitable Christmas colors or beautiful paper with Christmas motifs.

Christmas crafts and craft ideas for Christmas with tissue paper

stars tinker children beautiful decoration do it yourself diy paper artificial snow

You can also fold beautiful stars with the delicate tissue paper. The instructions for making stars with children look a bit complicated at first glance. But once you get used to it, you will quickly and easily receive paper poinsettias that you can use for decorating and that your children in particular can be very proud of. You will need a square piece of paper for crafting.

stars tinker children origami tissue paper light blue instructions

If you don’t have tissue paper, you can also use plain craft or origami paper. You can even work wonderfully with paper napkins. So you are still looking for nice accents for the table, call your children together and let them help with the design by folding the star napkins yourself. Use any color.

stars tinker children fold napkin idea simply decorate

You can see the individual steps in the instructions. It is advisable to prepare one or even several stars for the little ones before they can continue on their own. You will see that this idea is also very suitable if you are making stars with children. You are welcome to add string to the finished stars and use them for hanging.