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Make bats for Halloween out of paper and felt with instructions

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Since Halloween is approaching, the topic of handicrafts is certainly already quite topical for you. If so, you might feel like making some funny bats with your kids. Then this article is just right! Here are some ideas on how you can make a bat out of different materials to decorate the house or simply to please the children. You don’t need any special things for the ideas. Everyday materials and handicraft utensils, which you usually already have in the house, are sufficient.

Make a bat out of paper

bat tinker paper-circles-fold-wings-instructions

If you want to make this funny bat out of paper, you need craft paper in black color. First cut out two circles: a large one for the body and a smaller one for the wings. You also need two triangles for the bat ears. You can buy the eyes ready-made, use googly eyes or make them out of paper. Fold the smaller circle like a fan. When folded, cut it in half. You already have both wings that you glue to your body. Then fasten the ears and eyes. You can use a white marker or white crayon to paint the mouth with teeth.

Make a Halloween bat out of a bread bag

bat making bread bag-just-make-yourself-halloween-handicrafts

Would you have thought of using a bread bag to make a bat for Halloween? As you can see, there is really a lot that is suitable for handicrafts! Use black paint and a brush to color one side of the bread bag including the bottom black and set it aside to dry. In the meantime, you can cut wings out of black cardboard. The best way to do this is to prepare a template out of white paper, which you will use to draw the wings on the cardboard. Cut out two triangles for the teeth from the white paper and the ears from the black paper. Once the bag has dried, you can make the bat. To do this, glue the wings to the sides and wiggle eyes to the area of ​​the bottom of the bag. You can draw on the mouth with a white marker and then glue the teeth on.

Make a bookmark bat

bat tinker bookmark-paper-origami-book-decorate

By folding a bat, you can also get a handy bookmark. You can see the exact steps in the instructions. You will need black origami paper that is gray or white on the other side. Also, get black cardboard for the wings and eyes, as well as ordinary white paper. After you have followed the origami instructions, you can cut out two larger circles from white paper and two smaller ones from black paper to make the eyes. Then add the teeth and wings and this funny bookmark is ready. The children are guaranteed to have a lot more fun reading.

Make a bat garland


To decorate, you can also make a pretty garland with a bat out of felt. It gets even livelier if you also use colored pompons and a colored cord. First, prepare a bat stencil again by drawing a bat on white paper. This does not have to have the same shape as in our example. You are welcome to come up with something of your own. So that both halves of the bat are the same, it is best to fold the paper for the template in the middle and draw only one half on the crease. If you then unfold the paper after cutting it, both sides will be identical. With the help of this template and a pencil, draw the bat outlines on the felt and cut out the bats. This way you can make as many bats as you want.


Now prepare the string. With the help of a needle, thread the cord alternately through a bat and then through one or more pompons. The pompons can not only have different colors, but also be of different sizes. You can make the garland as long as you want. It can be used to wonderfully decorate any room. Use it for the wall, the banister or for the window, so that you can also enjoy it outside.

Halloween craft ideas – tinker hanging bat


These cute bats are no less likeable. At first glance, they also look extremely real. You will also need felt for this project. If you want to make such a bat, you will also need black faux fur and hot glue, as well as a few branches to hang the bats on. The instructions for making a bat are anything but difficult. Cut wide strips out of the fur. The width depends on how big you want the bats to be. Then roll the strip up and tie a rubber band around it to hold the roll in place.

Cut out the shape shown from the felt. Put the fur roll in there. A sufficiently large piece of the fur should protrude. This is the bat’s head. As a precaution, you can fix the fur to the felt with a little hot glue. Now fold the wings over so that the fur is “embraced” by them. The other two pointed elements represent the feet that you use to hang up the finished bats. You are also welcome to make such a bat and then give it away or decorate any other area with it instead of a branch.

Simple handicraft instructions for Halloween – make your own bat lantern


If you would like to make a bat with children, a lantern for a lantern parade or for Halloween is also a great idea. And it is also done quickly. Fold a piece of black paper in half lengthways. Use a ruler to measure the same distances and draw auxiliary lines that will be used for incisions. The incisions start at the fold and extend to just before the end of the paper. Now unfold the paper. Glue the other two ends together and you will get a lantern. All that remains are the small elements such as eyes, ears, wings and teeth. You can easily cut these out of white or black and red paper and simply stick them to the lantern. A handle should not be missing to complete the Halloween lantern. If you can find suitable punches, you can use it for the small elements and make it easier for the children.