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Make baby shower gifts yourself – 6 ideas with instructions

Baby shower gifts cupcakes-basket-make-yourself-light-blue-pink-yellow-baby sock-bows-bows-decoration

It’s easiest nowadays, Baby shower gifts order online or buy them at the local gift shop. It would be much more pleasant, however, if you make these yourself for a beloved, new mom. We present 6 wonderful gift ideas with instructions with which you can inspire your friend at the baby shower and beyond. The required materials are baby clothes in matching colors depending on the gender of the baby, diapers of the smallest diaper size, bows, muffin molds, craft cardboard. We’ll show you how you can easily stage bibs, rompers and baby socks with a few hang handles.

Baby shower gifts – homemade means ‘with love’

Baby shower gifts instructions-cupcake-pink-rompers-do-it-yourself-baby-socks-girls

When it comes to do-it-yourself baby shower gifts, the cupcakes remain total favorites. The instructions above show you how to fold a romper and roll it up in the middle with a pair of baby socks. Turn the rubber edge over and secure the cupcake. The tip of the sock can be seen from above as the decoration of the little tartlet.

Pastel tones are preferred for baby shower gifts

Baby shower gifts box-cupcakes-do-it-yourself-white-pink-romper suits-baby socks

The romper cupcakes look like the real thing when you pack them in a box with a window.

What do we use when making the cupcake box  

Baby shower gifts cupcakes-shaped-light-gray-pink-rompers-baby-sock-bow

As described above, these beautiful gifts are made from rolled rompers and baby socks. The tip here is to place the ‘tartlets’ in muffin tins.

Step-by-step instructions for romper cupcakes

Baby shower gifts cupcakes-do-it-yourself-foermchen-pink-rompers-baby-socks-roll up

Choose matching pastel colors with delicate patterns for the muffin tins.

Loops for a noble touch and more festivity

Baby shower-gifts-cupcakes-box-do-it-yourself-light-gray-pink-romper suits-baby sock-bow

Sushi motifs are also trendy for baby shower gifts

Baby shower-gifts-sushi-set-baby-clothes-do-it-yourself-tinker-white-baby sock-wasabi-green-bobble

For this creative gift idea you need 4, 6 or 8 white rompers, a corresponding number of baby socks in salmon, light yellow and light green and a black disposable plastic plate.

Creative gift idea sushi set – this is how it is created

Baby shower-gifts-make-yourself-sushi-set-white-rompers-baby socks-handicraft materials

To imitate nori sheets, use strips of black felt. Small pompons in the green color of the wasabi give your project the real sushi design.

Baby play mat with sensing elements

Baby shower-gifts-play-blanket-sew-your-own-idea-colorful-flowers-sun-butterfly-bee-3D-clouds

This is an idea for anyone who wants to come to the baby shower with practical gifts. With its cheerful colors and cozy softness, the 3D baby mat can also become the newborn child’s favorite toy.

Tips for the baby play blanket

Baby shower-gifts-play-blanket-sew-it-yourself-idea-colorful-blue-flowers-plastic-foil-beetle-3D

You can sew funny felt figures of small animals, bees and butterflies onto the play mat. Fill the clouds with volume files. In the flowers, you install circles made of clear plastic film – it must be thin and transparent. All babies like to listen to their adorable sound when they play with it.

Collect all baby gifts in a diaper figure

Baby shower-gifts-diaper-figure-pink-motorcycle-do-it-yourself-cuddly-bear-baby-clothes-girls

The diaper motorcycle is a more interesting alternative to the ordinary diaper cakes from the babyshowers.

The baby things you need for the diaper figure

Baby shower-gifts-pink-baby blanket-washcloth-baby sock-cuddly toys-teething ring-baby bottle-girl

If you would like to wish a newborn girl a nice trip through the world with this baby gift, choose baby blankets, bibs, baby socks and wax lobes in a soft pink color and a teething ring in a matching contrasting color.

Tinker diaper wheel yourself – step by step

Baby shower-gifts-diaper figure-diapers-diaper cake-do it yourself-strainer-elastic-pink-loop

Here the tip has been explained how to achieve a perfect, round shape for the diaper tires of the engine – using a strainer. Secure the bundle with elastic and decorate it with a pink bow.

The construction of the diaper motorcycle

Baby shower-gifts-diaper figure-pink-motorcycle-do-it-yourself-baby-clothes-instructions

Roll up the baby blanket and pull it through the middle of the two diaper wheels. Secure the two ends of the blanket with pins.

The front part is adorned with a funny motif from the bib

Baby shower-gifts-diaper figure-pink-motorcycle-do-it-yourself-instructions-laetzchen-baby-dresses-girls

Again using pins, cover the front wheel with a folded bib. When giving diaper figurines as a gift, always show the baby’s mother the places where it has been attached so that needle sticks are avoided.

This is how you make the handlebars of a diaper motorcycle

Baby shower-gifts-diaper figure-pink-motorcycle-do-it-yourself-instructions-pink-baby-shoes-girls

The handlebar of the motorcycle is made from a rolled baby blanket. So that they are stable and point correctly to the left and right, fold two profiles made of corrugated cardboard of the appropriate length and insert them into the two ends. Design the handlebar grips from baby socks.

Cuddly toy on a diaper motorcycle – gift idea for a boy in matching colors

Baby shower-gifts-diaper figure-motorcycle-cuddly toy-monkey-baby blue-beige-baby clothes

Diaper babies greet the newborn baby with ‘Welcome’

Baby shower-gifts-diapers-babies-DIY-baby-blue-white-babysoeckchen-loop

This idea is easy to implement if you want to make gifts for the baby shower yourself, but are short on time.

Folding diaper babies yourself: as easy as 1-2-3

Baby shower-gifts-diapers-babies-DIY-waschlaeppchen-white-babysoeckchen -schleife-felt pen

After you have completed the 6 steps of the instructions, put the baby diapers together with other gifts such as baby bottles, baby rattles, baby combs and cosmetics in a beautiful basket and use your imagination to design in matching colors.

Baby blanket turns into a giant lollipop

Baby shower-gifts-lollipop-white-baby blanket-do-it-yourself-light yellow-cellophane-ribbon

If you fold a baby blanket lengthways and roll it into a circle, you get a huge ‘lollipop’. Attach a white plastic broom handle to the back and wrap with cellophane and bows. Now it’s off to the baby shower!