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Make baby mobile yourself out of paper – ideas and instructions

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You can make baby mobiles out of just about anything. The easiest materials to use are paper, wood and felt. We’ll show you how to get one Tinker Baby Mobile yourself can with the cheapest material of those already mentioned – paper. When setting up, you should pay particular attention to the balancing points, especially if you are using an uneven number of hanging objects.

Make baby mobile yourself with origami cranes

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When using paper or cardboard for a mobile, you have more freedom for errors due to the low price of the materials. You can draw and cut out your own shapes, or find a few popular designs online and print them out. These objects can be flat or glued together to create a three-dimensional effect. Punch holes in the top of the objects to hang them up with string, thread, thick wire or transparent nylon thread. A metal or plastic ring in the desired size, wooden sticks in X-shape or a branch are perfect as a base for your mobile.

Tinker Baby Mobile yourself – Instructions

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The crane is one of the basic shapes that an origami fan masters. In Japan, cranes are folded as a lucky charm, so this motif is particularly suitable for a baby mobile.

Materials needed


Materials: a large twig, origami paper in the colors of your choice, gold spray paint, needle and gold thread, scissors.

Instructions: Spray the branch with the gold-colored spray paint. Fold cranes out of origami paper. Below you will find detailed step-by-step video instructions on how to create the origami figure you want. Use a needle and gold thread to hang the cranes on the branch at different heights.

Mobile with origami cranes

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A mobile is a beautiful baby toy, a great sleep aid and valuable reassurance when the tears flow. The babies are fascinated by the colorful figures and threads that arouse your curiosity. The great colors and the flowing movement of the figures not only calm the children, but also invite them to reach for the figures. A self-made mobile can be individually designed and of course kept as a nice reminder of this unique phase of life. There are no limits to your imagination when choosing a trailer. The ideas of what you can attach to a mobile are almost infinite. Paper balloons, cut-out figures from construction paper, cute animal figurines such as sheep, owls or butterflies are very easy to make. You can attach the self-made mobile over the changing table or bed and put a big smile on your favorite’s face.

In the first few weeks of life, babies do not yet differentiate between colors and are particularly fond of simple, two-tone patterns. You are welcome to make a cute mobile with sheep that dangle relaxed from the ceiling and bring joy to your little darling. For the cute flock of sheep, the first thing you need to do is cut out some circles from sturdy white paper. Then use the scissors to cut out a wave-like edge. Make a small hole so you can attach and hang the sheep later. If you want to design the sheep with legs, you can make two more holes on the opposite side and thread and knot a piece of yarn. Then cut out the head of the animal with the ears from black or brown cardboard. If you want, you can paint the face, or cut out the eyes and muzzle out of paper. Now all you have to do is attach the thread or wire and hang the cute creature.

Clip different origami shapes


You can also design lots of other cute animals that will impress your baby when he is awake and put him to sleep when the child is tired. You can easily draw birds, fish, giraffes, butterflies or elephants on paper, create stencils and apply and cut them out on colored paper as often as you like. You can find ready-made templates on the Internet that can also be of help to you. If you want to create a colorful swarm of enchanting butterflies, you can easily design the delicate, flying beauty with a simple folding technique. If you want to make a butterfly mobile yourself, you need two paper squares in different colors. Fold the pieces of paper in a zigzag and connect both parts in the middle with some craft wire. You can bend the ends of the craft wire into feelers. Make sure that the mobile is hanging high enough that the baby cannot touch it. For the upper part of the body, fold the paper diagonally to make beautiful wings. You can also create beautiful 3D butterflies from stronger paper. Cut out 3 butterflies at a time and place them on top of each other. Simply tie a piece of yarn in the middle and fold each butterfly upwards slightly. This creates the great 3D effect.

Nice motifs for a happy child


You can also make a great cloud mobile yourself for your little baby. Thick, white clouds, little stars and colorful balloons guarantee exciting moments and a great view in any weather. Sketch a cloud on white paper, cut it out and use as a template to cut out the rest of the clouds. For a cloud, take three cloud parts and bend them in the middle. For the three-dimensional cloud you then have to glue the clouds together on the kinked strips. Make a hole in the cloud with a needle, thread the nylon thread through and knot it. Design the stars, the sun and the paper balloons in bright colors. Finally, attach them at different heights.

Fold pinwheels


Use a wicker wreath for the mobile


Birds in yellow, gray and black


Asterisks in yellow and gray


Shades of blue for a boy


Modern in black and white


Butterflies for girls


Fold origami diamonds


White and cream for a gender neutral baby room


Orange, gray and africa animals

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Cranes Mobile above the baby bed


Colorful 3D hot air balloons








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