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Make autumn decorations with children using different materials – garlands, figures and lanterns

Make autumn decorations with children - ideas for garlands, lanterns and pumpkin figures

Children are particularly proud of their handicrafts when their parents set them up or hang them up afterwards and use them as decorations. For this reason we show you some ideas with which you can make great autumn decorations with children. Whether garland, lantern or autumnal figures made of different materials, our craft ideas are not only super beautiful, but also easy to make. And in this way, of course, the handicraft projects are even more fun for the children. So if you want to make a simple autumn decoration with children, take a look at our instructions, get the necessary materials and get yourself and your little ones in the right autumn mood with a creative afternoon!

Make autumn decorations with children – fold simple pumpkins with paper

Make autumn decorations with children from folded paper for autumn pumpkins

  • Craft paper in yellow and orange tones and green
  • scissors
  • double-sided tape
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue
  • Sticks
  • Package cord

Gluing and folding with children

Make autumn decorations with children - instructions for folding and gluing paper

For each DIY pumpkin you need 5 strips of paper, which you cut out of the yellow or orange construction paper, as well as two green leaves. They should all be about three inches wide. For the lengths you need approx. 7.7 cm, twice 22.8 cm and twice 28 cm. The values ​​can also vary a bit, that’s not a problem. If you can, you just need a sheet for the strips on. Now the paper strips have to be folded. Since no complicated folding techniques are required for this, even smaller children can do this without any problems. Simply use paper folding techniques that fold the strips like a harmonica.

Then shape each strip into a ring and tape the ends together with adhesive tape. So in the end you will get 5 rings. Then take the smallest ring and glue the opening in the middle with the help of the hot glue, so that a kind of medallion is created. Next, the rings and locket are stacked on top of each other. Take one of the medium-sized rings, attach the large rings to it one after the other with the glue and finally the medallion that you made from the smallest ring. Now glue the leaves, a stick and a piece of yarn in the middle. Complete! In the same way, you can also make other fruits as autumn decorations with children, such as apples, pears or an eggplant.

Make autumn garland out of leaf fairies with children

Make pretty autumn decorations with children's garlands made of artificial or real leaves

  • real or artificial foliage
  • Wooden clothespins
  • Hot glue and gun
  • scissors
  • black fine marker
  • Package cord
  • red felt pen, crayon or lipstick

Make autumn decorations with children from real or artificial leaves

DIY garland made of leaves and clothespins as a simple craft idea for children

This autumn leaves garland looks great with both real and artificial leaves. If you use real ones, you should dry and press them beforehand. Since hot glue is used for handicrafts, these instructions are more suitable for older children. But you can also use other glue and use it to make autumn decorations with children so that there is no risk of burns. All you have to do is use the leaves to create the hair and skirt by sticking it to the clip (the hair on the back of the closed side and the skirt around the open side) and trimmed if necessary. Finally, all you have to do is draw the faces with the marker and, if you like, add red cheeks with felt pen, crayon or lipstick.

Make a linen garland as an autumn decoration with children

Make fabric garland yourself with apples as a stamp

  • Linen fabric
  • Stencils for the garland elements
  • An apple
  • green and red fabric paint
  • Foam brush
  • Cardboard box, wooden board or container for the paint
  • black marker pen
  • document
  • Metal rings for hanging or glue

Simple instructions for making autumn decorations with children

Handicrafts with natural materials and colors for a window decoration

The stencils can have any shape. It all depends on what shape you want your garland to be. Draw the desired motif on paper, cut it out, transfer it to the fabric and cut out again. Repeat this until you get the amount you want. Cut the apple in half. Now put paint on the boards (the cardboard box or in the container), pick up paint with the brush and coat one half of the apple with it (the other half with the other color). You will now use the apples as a stamp to transfer the color onto the linen fabric.

Do-it-yourself and children's handicrafts with linen and fabric paints in autumn

With the marker pen you can now draw the stem and cores. Then let the paints dry. Put rings through the fabric and thread through the thread to hang the fabric. A suitable adhesive can also be used instead of rings. Of course, you can also hand-paint other motifs and use other colors if you are making this autumn decoration with children.

Tinker with children in autumn

Tinker lantern or lantern for the lantern parade in autumn

  • white sheet of paper
  • Parchment paper in any autumn color
  • Crayons or crayons
  • Foliage leaf as a template (real or printed)
  • double-sided tape or glue
  • scissors
  • carton
  • pencil

Instructions for folding paper with flaps

Beautiful lanterns and lanterns are particularly popular in the colder seasons and when the weather is cloudy and rainy. For this reason, you can make the perfect autumn decoration with a lantern or a lantern with children. The children can first paint the paper as they want. Whether it should be a jumble of lines as in the example or a different pattern is of course up to you. The main thing is that autumn colors are used. Then the sheet is folded on the two short sides. A 3 to 5 centimeter wide strip is sufficient.

Adults help children with autumn handicrafts with paper and parchment

Then cut into one of the longer sides with the scissors to create flaps. They should be long enough so that they overlap when the paper is rolled up (see instructions below). Finally, fold the other long side as well. Now you need an opening through which the candlelight can be seen later. To do this, use the template to draw a sheet in the middle of the sheet and then cut it out. Glue a small piece of colored parchment paper to the back.

Paper into a cylinder shape for an autumn lantern as a decoration

Put glue on one of the short folded sides, roll up the paper and glue it in place. You can also use double-sided tape. Now use the side with the flaps as a template to cut a circle out of the cardboard. Put glue on the tabs and roughly glue them together. Put a little more glue on it, as well as on the circle and stick it on the tabs. You can press this into place inside the lantern. At the end you only need a piece of paper (alternatively you can use thread or pipe cleaner), which you attach to the inside of the lantern as a handle. It is best to use an LED candle to avoid fire.